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Review 06 Nov 2019

In March of this year, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Devastated is an understatement. I imagined the worst ahead of me and it was awful. But what a gift when I was introduced to Melissa. My sister asked me if I would be willing to meet with our good friend’s acupuncturist and I was open to anything that would benefit my treatment. Still numb and scared, we met with Melissa. I don’t even know what all I said because the shock of my diagnosis seemed to last forever. But during my consultation, she listened with such tenderness and empathy. She too had experienced how cancer affects our bodies and lives with her husbands cancer diagnosis. I never imagined how much she would help me both physically and emotionally. My anxiety was through the roof so we began immediately . I was told that everything was paid for for the next year. What a tremendous blessing from a friend and sister who knew I would not be able to afford this on my own! I just remember how nervous I was especially during the first few months because of the anxiety. Lying on the table as Melissa asked me how I was, I wanted to lie and just say I was fine. But she knew better. I can’t tell you what a comfort she was when she placed her hand on my fidgety hands as I laid on the table. Melissa was and continues to be a source of strength for me. She knew when my “I’m ok” was true or not. She told me, “You can’t lie to me. I know.” She never made me feel guilty about being scared or feeling weak. She encouraged me to let it all out. When I started treatment, my tumor was 3.8 cm. Once I started chemo, Melissa gave me the Hemp patches to put on the area of the tumor. After about 5 weeks of using the patches and 2 chemo treatments, my tumor shrunk significantly. After an ultrasound to measure the tumor, my breast surgeon actually left to look at my first ultrasound to verify that the tumor had indeed shrunk to a third of the size it was in the beginning. I am convinced that the combination of eastern and western medicine made all the difference. I remember being so sick that I almost did not make it to my appointment with Melissa. Even when I made it to the room, I did not think I would be able to lay there. But after the acupuncture, the nausea went away and I felt so much better. I was amazed! As soon as I started having symptoms of neuropathy, she corrected it. I have no neuropathy in my hands and feet. At one point during treatment, my hemoglobin was so low that they told me I may need a blood transfusion. The day before chemo, I went to see Melissa for treatment and told her about my blood levels and she said, “I can help with that!” The next day I went for chemo. They drew labs once again and when I asked how they looked, the nurse said, “Much better! Looks like you had a transfusion!” Wow! As soon as I started radiation, Melissa give me a Castor Oil Kit. After about 18 rounds, I began to feel the heat. My chest was red and hot. As soon as I got home from work, I put the wool cloth and castor oil on. The next day, the burning sensation was gone and my skin felt so much better. The radiation oncologist’s PA said I looked better then average after 22 radiation treatments. I am so thankful! I would never have even thought to go to an acupuncturist during treatment. The doctors did not mention it so I’m so thankful that my friend and sister did. For me, it has made such a difference. Not only has Melissa helped me manage symptoms, she has helped me emotionally. When I come in, Jenny greets me with the sweetest smile and most tender spirit. What a blessing you are to so many Melissa! Thank you for a safe place to land with all my fears and worries. Thank you for being strong for me. You’ve not only helped me with the awful side effects of cancer, but you are helping heal my heart. God bless you always!

Review 29 Jan 2019

I’ve been seeing Melissa for several weeks and already I feel so much better. We’ve been working on hormone balance and anxiety and I can’t even believe the fast results. Her practice is beautiful and calming and the staff is so kind and courteous. I would definitely recommend Melissa!

Review 13 Nov 2018

Melissa has helped me through two major medical issues in the last 2 years: gastroparesis and cancer. For the gastroparesis, I weighed 90 pounds when we began. She helped me gain 10 pounds, which is a huge achievement. During chemotherapy for cancer, I had brutal side effects that caused an 11 pound weight loss. She kept the neuropathy at bay, and eased the anxiety, nausea, headaches, GI tract issues, chemo brain, and fatigue. After chemo and surgery, my oncologist told me that he thinks if I had not had the acupuncture treatments in addition to the chemo treatments, I would not have made it. I agree with him. I hope the fact that she got me through my major medical issues can encourage you to seek her care for issues both large and small. She is amazing!

Review 10 Jul 2018

Ive only had two treatments so far but my energy level is thru the roof! Ive tried many things since a hysterectomy in 2014 and accupunture and Chinese herbs have made me feel like myself again! Thank you! Thank you!

Review 16 Apr 2018

Melissa Beatty is extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise. Over the years I have visited her for various issues and have had complete success in resolving debilitating migraines and most recently completely resolving an extremely painful issue with my leg that conventional medicine was not helping. I highly recommend her services!

Review 19 Mar 2018

Sometimes the doctor needs doctoring. Especially when they decide to do cartwheels in the sand and re-injure a shoulder they had surgery on 20 years ago. Thank you Melissa at Beatty Acupuncture for fixing me up.

Review 18 Jan 2018

I have seen so many great results from Beatty Acupuncture. I highly recommend her for her professionalism and honesty. She is genuinely invested in her patients well being. ​

Review 17 Jan 2018

MELISSA BEATTY Acupuncture is an absolute favorite place of mine for healing & well-being treatments. My migraines are a minimum of what they were before I started getting treatments from Melissa. She is amazingly knowledgeable in her profession.