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The Best Character Development & Marketing Tool

We have been using Black Belt Excellence for over a year now. Our families have turned this incredible tool into a MUST for their children in our Martial Arts program. We even use it when prospects come in as a way of showing how serious we are at our Character Development intent. We have more people saying YES to our academy as a result of this tool.

We have never looked back. Thank you BBE.

Black Belt Excellence is the cornerstone of our children's curriculum. From the time we passed them out, until now, we have never considered any other program. The most convenient way to teach and keep our children learning. thank you for all you have done and been to the growth of our dojo.

Great life Skills System

We have been using the Black Belt Excellence Program for a couple of years now and we love it. The Newsletters have just the right amount of info for all age groups. The Mat Chats work great and the way Master Silva teaches us to incorporate them into our classes sends the message home. The students love the achievement charms and the younger students love the coloring sheets also. This is a must have system for any Martial Arts School.

I have a lot of wristband collectors!

I have a lot of wristband collectors! This means at the beginning of each month I have a line of excited students at my desk waiting to collect the newest excellence sheet. For some students they are in competition with each other to see who can collect the most. For others it’s a badge of honor and something to be proud of. For those VIP’s ( Very Involved Parents) this is a priceless tool that brings the martial arts lesson home and it helps all members of the family relate Black Belt attitude to everyday life. Mark does a great job with the stories and life lessons. It’s modern, up to date and relative to today’s kids. The excellence sheets are high quality and will give your school a professional look and feel. Valerie provides excellence customer service and will make sure you get what you need when you need it. I highly recommend this life skills and character development program!

We Love the Black Belt Excellence System!

We have been using the Black Belt Excellence system in our three schools for more than a decade. It offers a great continuity from the instructors on the floor, to the student, and to the parents. And it is a positive feedback system that supports our ability to make a big impact on the people we teach in multiple aspects of their lives. The lessons relate to the students' both in and out of the martial arts school. The reward system is top notch. Our students look forward to the start of the month (beginning a new theme) and the end of the month (receiving the reward). The well designed messages that are a part of the program really make a positive difference to retention. We love the BBE System.

Black Belt Excellence is a must!!!

Having Mat Chats are a very important part of our classes. Not only does it better our students, but the parents love it and it adds huge value. Using the sheets and reward system is something that our students love doing and is a great reminder of the words of the cycle. Thank you GM Silva and Get Students for making it so easy to share our love for the martial arts. 

Black Belt Excellence Still Rocks

I have been using the Black Belt Excellence system in my teaching, as I learned it from Grand Master Greg Silva, for over 15 years. It was great then and it is great now. The only difference is that it is so easy to duplicate now! The system of worksheets, lessons and cool rewards that Get Students has created is awesome! I highly recommend this system for everyone who teaches kids and believes that what we do is about more than just kicking and punching.

Black Belt Excellence System = AWESOME

Must Do!

If anyone is not doing this system, it is a must do. It is awesome. I have teens and kids.. you heard me right - teens - wearing their bands, not one of them but all of them. Some kids have many, many of our bands on their arms. Kids are asking what the next theme is and color of the band. This has created a positive momentum for the Black Belt Excellence sheet lessons and stripes.. Like I said - a must do!

Great quality!

If you're teaching life skills then you NEED this! Best way to show parents the value of your Martial arts program.

System Made Easy

Many schools claim they teach life skills along with physical skills but often lack the system. The Black Belt Excellence system is an amazing way to duplicate teaching benefits from teacher to teacher and class to class. The students benefit from the lessons, parents see results and your school becomes a true balanced martial arts facility.


Great tool to teach kids life skills and make your school the place to be for education and fitness.


This program is a must have in your school!!!   It sells our program before our intros ever walk onto the mat.  The parents in our school start asking for the sheets the week before the next month is even here.  They completely see and believe in the power of the System.  DON'T WAIT TO IMPLEMENT IT!  DO IT NOW!!!!! 

Great Product!

These are a must have for a successful, benefit driven Martial Arts studio!! Kids look forward each month to earning the reward and parents love the way it drives home the message of the month. Take your studio to the next level and stand above the competition with these Black Belt Excellence news sheets.