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My Architect

Master Silva was the catalyst to me making the Martial Arts not only my passion, but my profession. From understanding how to be a professional instructor to business basics that yield proven results, Master Silva was integral in laying the groundwork for me being the person I am today. His years of experience and care in our industry make him a true Master for Martial Arts Professionals... Thank you sir for all you have done and continue to do!

Showed Me How to Keep Kicking

Thank you

Sir, you have been instrumental in helping our dojo reach the level of professionalism and quality of service and character that we have become known for.I love your empathetic approach combined with many years of knowledge and your ability to understand the issues and patterns that come up in running a successful martial arts school.You're always willing to jump right in where we are and help us tackle the variety of challenges and to seize any opportunity to help grow and support our dojo and it's students. Many many thanks for years to come for your guidance Sir.

Receive Without Forgetting

I was overjoyed when I was asked to write a testimonial for Master Silva.  I appreciate the opportunity to be given the chance to share, and celebrate the impact that my friend, instructor, and metor - Master Greg SIlva, has had on me.  It was in 1992, I was only 24, when Master Silva took me "under his wing" and started teaching me "the business".  I use the term "business" very loosly, becase what he actually taught me was how to become a great instructor.  Sure, there were things I needed to learn in order to organize by business, which helped us to grow.  And yes, he's exceptional at marketing.  But, he really taught me how to take care of my students.  There is not a week that goes by that I don't hear myself repeating the lessons he's taught me over the years. He has a sharp marketing mind, and a keen sense for the wants, and needs of our students.  I was once taught to "give without remembering, but to receive without forgetting."  It my pleasure to write this testimonial to a man who has had one of the highest level of impacts on my life. It's been over 27 years since we've been friends, and I'm looking forward to many more. 

An Incredible Mentor and Friend

We had been in business for over 12 years and we seemed to be "stuck" at 200 students. Once we began to use Mr. Silva's consulting and coaching systems and followed through with his system--our school exploded. In 2 years we grew from 200 students and a student value of less than $100 to 350 students and a student value of close to $200! His passion for helping people succeed, his knowledge, sound business advice and experience are unmatched in the Martial Arts industry. Our karate family would like to thank Mr. Silva and his organization for their dedication and his help in making our school as successful as it is today AND for what it will be in the future. We are excited to be on this journey with him!

Risk Manager/Martial Artist

I met Mr. Silva when I was a child at his East West School in Coral Springs Florida. As a student there I learned many things from a physical standpoint. However the life lessons that were tought to me on the mental and spiritual level are what stayed with me and helped mold me into the man I am today. Mr. Silva hired amazing instructors and created a wonderful program dedicated to child development that changed the lives of many in the South  Florida area. His unique way of building a family environment within the school and providing multiple training programs assured a student wouldn't phase out at at an early age. That was something I didn't really understand as a child but now having owned a few businesses I see the genius behind it. Mr. Silva had a way of bringing out the best in people. He was my first instructor, he gave me my first part time job and became my first boss, and he was the first person outside of my family to tell me he believed in me. I am forever greatful to Mr. Silva and his instructors Kai Blackstar, Paul Garcia, Chris Russo, and Roger Krahl. Every success in my life is somehow achieved from a combination of their teachings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

The man, the myth, the legend

I first met Greg Silva way back in 1970 something-- in Connecticut--while looking for a decent Karate school for my first wife.  Right off the bat, you are impressed with his professional and intelligent manner on how he conducted himself--not being arrogant or boastful.  I had gone to other schools to check them out; naturally I signed her up right away.  As she began her lesson, I became intrigued and soon I joined along with my daughter.  It was a great journey, training with the class and becoming fast friends along the way - with him and the rest of the class (it was more like a family then).  As we continued to train, we traveled to many adventures in tournaments and destinations, meeting so many notables along the way - Ed Parker Sr. and Ed Parker Jr., Superfoot Wallace, Billy Blanks and a number of different school Masters and owners.He made an impact in so many lives of the students who walked through his doors.  There was an amazing camaraderie with the students becoming friends.  When he decided to move to Florida, I decided to relocate as well (having gone through a divorce) and it was the beginning of one of the biggest schools under one roof (East West Karate in Coral Springs) having between 1400-1500 students. Other schools in the area could not compete with his programs and methods of motivating and inspiring students of all ages, bringing in different Martial Artists along with notable individuals from the area.  As we walk through life, he will always be a bright light in so many people's lives. He made a huge difference in my life (marrying me to my second wife Angel on the beach in Florida) and to the different business that he either helped or started:  like EFC, Deskmasters, United Professionals, from getting his Pilot's license to organizing tournaments, to helping anyone who needs a hand.  I could go on and on about the number of different times he has been there for me and others but there is not enough space or time to do it.  Just he is one hell of person.

Mr. Silva is the MAN!

I've had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Silva for almost 20 years. He is a phenomenal instructor that is constantly trying to improve the martial arts industry. He is responsible for the success of some of the top schools around the world. He has brought a lot of success and professionalism to my school and is always willing to help. I am so thankful I was introduced to him years ago. He has so much to share with everyone and  I try to attend his events any chance I get. Thank you for everything Sir!

Life Changing Transformation

Over the last 20 years, the relationship I have had with Mr. Greg Silva has been instrumental in transforming my life.  When I met Mr. Silva, I was a sport karate competitor with 50 students and working another job.  In the last two decades of having Mr. Silva as my consultant, mentor, and friend he has helped guide and coach me to having two schools serving over 1200 students.  I have been a beneficiary of his unmatched expertise in the field of martial arts business and his passion for helping other's succeed.  Mr. Silva has impacted my life, my families, my team at East West Martial Arts and his impact has transcended into the lives of thousands of people through out my community.  I am truly grateful for having Mr. Silva be a part of my life as my coach and friend over the last two decades.      

One of the best in the biz!

I met Mr. Silva in the early 1990's. At that time we, like many martial arts schools around the country, were stagnant in our growth and stuck with a student population of around 85 members. We joined UP and immediately saw the benefits and growth. He helped us grow to over 150 members in a very short time. This was largely due to the leadership of Greg Silva. He is a dynamic instructor and a caring, compassionate leader. He is a shining example of what many so called "gurus" lack. He is dedicated and committed to helping our industry grow and still provides insight and coaching to hundreds of schools. We are proud of our association with Master Silva. 

Huge impact

I took my first intro lesson with Grandmaster Silva in 1975. I knew then that I found my calling. GM Silva taught me karate, how to teach and how to run a MartialArts school. There are so many awesome memories from my time in the East West organization that I could write volumes. Suffice to say that Master Silva had a huge impact in my life. 

Mr. Silva

I learned under Mr. Silva at East West Karate in Coral Springs, FL.  In the time that I attended the karate school, I learned discipline, respect, and teamwork.  I also formed valuable friendships because Mr. Silva created a school atmosphere that promoted the feeling of community and promoted us to help others.  In addition, it was through my experience with S.W.A.T. (Special Winning Attitude Team) and assisting in classes that I found my passion for teaching and helping others.  It has led me to a career in Special Education where I still use the leadership skills I learned from East West!  I am forever thankful to Mr. Silve for starting me on this path!


Worked for East West with Mr. Garcia in Rhode Island when he met Mr. Silva and the rest is history. Traveled to Florida a few times, learned so much about the martial arts world, teaching that I still use today and lessons that I remember him talking about during seminars or meetings. When I was opening my school a few years ago, he was right there for me and my partner - another former instructor from the Early 90s East West days. He showed me way back then and just a few years ago that once you're part of his family, he has your back for life; which is one of the 4 L's of martial arts. It was one of the greatest honors to be able to learn from such a great man in life and martial arts. They don't come much better.

Greg Silva

Mr. Silva changed my life. As a martial artist and instructor he is one of the best. From the business side he showed me how to go from a 150 student school to a 500 student machine with multiple locations. I am grateful to have him as a friend and a mentor.

A True Mentor and Leader

I first met Grand Master Silva at an Instructor College in San Antonio. I was blown away with the information and true interest he took in me, my family and my school. This was before I was a client. After I became a client, he continued to share the wealth of information he has obtained through his years of working in the martial arts industry. Grand Master Silva has not only given great information and tactics to continue growth in the martial arts industry and life but when talking with him he took the time to look up the area I'm operating in to really understand what the culture of the area I serve is. I continue to follow the advice and guidance Grand Master Silva provides and I'm seeing great growth in my business as well as the quality of my business. I highly recommend Grand Master Silva and his coaching!

A great man

Sometimes people come into our lives, tell us how to live, and then disappear…never to be heard from or seen again.  But if you are fortunate, sometimes a few very special people will come into your life, show you how to live, and leave an indelible hand print on your heart that last a life time.  For me, Mr. Greg Silva is that person.  God speed Sir!

I was one of Mr. Silva's first students in Coral Springs

I first met Mr. Silva at East West Karate as he was opening the school in the late eighties. I was practicing martial arts across the street.  After an hour of conversation, I was convinced to buy 4 packages for my brothers and I.  That was the beginning of my Kenpo journey.   Three of us stayed on and now we have 5th and 6th degree black belts under Mr. Manny Reyes.  Mr. Silva always has been innovative and the lead motivator for us and all his students to move ahead. He never hesitated bringing any other knowledge into the school for us to advance.  I remember when our school had 1200 students; one of the leading schools in the country.  He never spared any expense. He never charged for belt testing; even to black belts. It’s directly because of Mr. Silva that now there is Kenpo in Jordan and Egypt.  Now we have members in the IKKA from those countries.  I remember his note on my Facebook saying that Mr. Parker would be very proud after me posting pictures of our classes in Jordan. We’re always thankful and grateful that he is a part of our life.  May God give him the health and prosperity to keep on keepin’ on.

About My Mentor

I met my martial arts mentor, Grand Master Greg Silva, at an Andrew Wood's conference back in 2001 or 2002. I can't remember for sure, but I had been in business for just a year or two, just about long enough to know we needed some help. I actually won a drawing for Grand Master Silva's Universal curriculum and, after watching it, realized I liked it better than the forms we were doing at the time. As Master Silva advised me and I applied his advice over the years, my school grew successful. In the many years since, our relationship has continued to grow. Though I had many martial arts teachers along the twenty plus year journey before opening my school, I look at Master Silva as one of the most important ones that helped me become the Master Instructor, businessman and martial arts professional that I am today. As I set forth for our next evolution at Krav Maga Martial Arts, stretching forward and realizing the full potential of the mission statement I wrote some 16 years ago, I am grateful that I still have Master Silva as a mentor, friend and strategic partner today.

My success with Greg Silva

Cornerman transformed my school

More than a name

Anything this man puts him name on is more than just a name. His research and his knowledge and experience is one of the purest gifts known to man. I know this man to never take a break and he is on 24/7. I bet you he even dreams what he thinks daily. I never asked him of His dreams but I have spent time with this man. One of these gifts given to us we should always respect and cherish and at most do our best to be part of. This man I'm speaking of they call him Greg Silva. Sincerely yours, Carl Barber