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Post Baby Body! 06 Oct 2020

It has been the BEST experience working with Kaie for the past 3months. I had a baby in Dec. and my body is better now than it was pre-baby. She designed an entire workout plan based on the goals I wanted to achieve and I can honestly say, IT WORKED! My husband is probably even more happy with the results than I am. Kaie was on time for every workout, brought her own equipment (cleaned b4 she left), and always had a positive attitude. There were days my body felt fatigued, but she found a way to keep me encouraged through the entire workout. I look forward to what the future holds working with Kaie. Kaie, thank you for all that you do.

Workouts with my Kids! 06 Oct 2020

Great workouts with Kaie. My son, daughter and I love the sessions and are in great shape because of her. Kaie is a great motivator and very positive. She is full of healthy tips and is very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks Kaie!