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Couples Kizomba

"We have had the absolute pleasure of getting to know Andrea and Noel by enrolling in their Kizomba dance classes. Not only are Andrea and Noel beautifully talented and inspiring dancers, they are amazing dance instructors as well, even for the most novice of dancers like us. They break things down in a variety of different methods, so no matter your learning style, you can find a way that works for you. All the while ensuring you are having fun. Thanks to them, my husband and I are now able to handle ourselves on the dance floor. " - Lindsay and James ​

A Passion for Dance!

Andrea and Noel are two wonderful and passionate people. As dance instructors they have a passion for dance that is infectious and inspiring. I love to watch them dance as well as partake in their classes. Andrea is able to demonstrate the steps or moves in a manner that is easy for me to follow and learn. Their classes are fun, I feel comfortable and at ease with both Andrea and Noel which is very important to me being as self conscious as I am learning something new. Both are professional, respectful and fun loving in their approach to teaching dance. I have developed some new skills in my salsa dancing as well as corrected some errors which have made my dancing smoother and not so awkward. I highly recommend their classes whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned dancer.