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There was a foot and a half of water in my basement and I needed HELP--FAST! 05 Mar 2010

I never planned to have J&S Cleaning and Restoration work in my basement. I never carefully chose them in preference to other agencies. There was a foot and a half of water in my basement and I needed HELP--FAST! Until 5 pm, on March 15, 2010, I had proudly stated that my basement NEVER had water---but I went downstairs that evening just to see if things had become a bit damp. There had been five days of heavy rain but, even after hearing tales of flooded basements from neighbors, I had remained confident and smug about how dry I was. When I finally looked into my basement, I was stunned! There in “my dry basement”, the floor was totally covered with water! In complete dismay and disbelief, I walked down the stairs like a zombie, continuing down even when water covered my foot on the second to last step. When I stood on the floor, the water was mid-calf and miscellaneous books and toys and games formed a flotilla on the ‘sea’ in front of me. Neighbors who had been pumping out their basement for two days already had immediate advice: Call Jeff at J&S Cleaning and Restoration and thus began one of the most rewarding, consistent and reliable relationships that I have had with service personnel in over forty years of home ownership. Jeff and his crew pumped water from my basement till it was dry—and then they did it again---and again --every day for over a week, keeping in touch with me regularly through the days. They put in a sump pump as soon as things were dry enough to do so- a pump that saved me from further damage when a second major storm arrived 24 hours after it was installed. When the pump was in and the basement completely dry, J&S did not disappear but stayed on and immediately began to work with me on plans to secure and renovate the space. A crew from J&S has stayed with me through the entire process of redesigning and reconstructing my entire basement. Each person who has worked on my project has been completely competent, reliable, professional, knowledgeable and kind. They have been flexible when needed, innovative when necessary and always, always personable and approachable. Mike Kent has been the major contractor on my job and I can’t say enough about the quality of his work, the open-ness of his communication, the friendly affability of his nature and the consistency with which he maintains the schedule that was proposed. If, back in March, I’d had the luxury of spending several days searching for the best service company, I could not have found any that were better than J&S.

This is a company that delivers a first rate service 19 Apr 2011

I have used J&S Carpet Cleaning and Restoration several times in the last couple of years for carpet cleaning in our home. Having 3 dogs and a couple cats our carpets are periodically in need of help. J&S have always provided prompt and reliable service for a reasonable price. The carpets always look like they did when first purchased because of the quality of their work and the experience of this company." "This is a company that delivers a first rate service, come when they say they will come, conscience and professional. I will continue to use J&S Carpet Cleaning and Restoration in the future."