Learned a lot of information and techniques!

I learned a lot of information as well as techniques and knowledge on where to find the information I need. Matt is a man who is very knowledgeable on the course information.

I Loved IT! :)

I Loved IT! :) No! And I wouldn’t change the course at all

It was a great class!

It was a great class!

I learned a lot.

Good job. I learned a lot. The classroom style was great for me.

Well worth the time.

I believe the class is well worth the time. The course teaches you how to use available references for the test. The class size I attended was small and I believe that helped a few in the classroom.

Great practice material!

Great practice material that simulates the real test. Change nothing. Seems to be the best possible strategy.

very helpful.

Instructor was very helpful.

Highly recommend!

Instructor was very helpful in explaining the documentation that was presented in class, also made class fun not boring. Will highly recommend class to co-workers and friends.

Very informative and extremely helpful

The course materials and instructor was very informative and extremely helpful in helping me to understand the basics of pipeline construction.

One of the best classes ever!

The class was one of the best classes ever. With one of the best knowledgeable instructors I have had.

Extremely knowledgeable!

This class was very helpful and very intense. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable.

Learned alot!

I enjoyed the class and have learned alot.....

Broke things down and helped with the transition

I feel that the classroom training helps alot. There is alot of information to cover in a short period of time. The instructor helped us to utilize the resources available to us as study material and really helped with the navigation of the information (best way/place to find information). Coming from a survey background I had to take a different learning approach with the information but he really broke things down and helped with the transition. He keeps things interesting and fun which makes for easier retention of information.

VTES has a high pass rate

I feel confident in sitting for the API 1169 exam after sitting through this class. VTES has a high pass rate and I am confident I will pass the exam based on information and training presented. I did learn a lot of new information and found the class fun and entertaining, not the usual daily humdrum of repetition. Thanks Again for all the assistance.

Very well prepared!

Matt did an awesome job, very well prepared in the training content and kelp the class involved. Thanks

I feel confident enough

Before I even started my in classroom training with an instructor I was taking the 90 day online class. I had already recommended VELOCITY to several people because of how good the material was. Once I arrived on Monday, August 13th for my class I started to understand the material better and how to use the references almost IMMEDIATELY. Matt is a very gifted and well educated instructor and was truly able to help me as well as the other students. He knew the material front and back and also had personal experiences in the field; using this knowledge he was able to help paint pictures for us to understand and grasp the material better. I'm taking my exam Friday, August 17th and I feel confident enough that I'll pass it.

Knowledge of API 1169 is unmatched and very helpful.

Matt was very thorough in his instruction and made sure that each question was addressed. His knowledge of API 1169 is unmatched and very helpful in preparing attendees for the certification exam. I would recommend this training for anyone in leadership role or inspection role for the pipeline industry.

I feel better prepared!

The classroom training, I feel is the best way to study for an exam. I had a great learning experience in class. The instructor, Matt, was very knowledgeable and patient with the students. I feel better prepared for the 1169 exam due to the classroom training. I will keep VTES in mind for all my additional future studies.

Very informative.

Very informative.



2X thumbs up!

The instructor was awesome, but the room was too cold. 2x thumbs up!

Class was clear and concise!

Class was clear and concise, to the point. Not too much classroom time that would over work a student.

Feel really confident!

I feel really confident in my ability to now take the API 1169 test due to my experience in attending the Velocity prep course. Matt was a great instructor that was very knowledgeable in the material needed to take the exam.

More knowledge gained

I enjoyed the classes more knowledge gained good job Matt.

It really helped!

Thanks to Velocity Online Training. It really helped me a lot in passing the examinations.

Thank you for your help

The velocity course was a good use of my time and money. Thank you for your help an insight


Matt displayed competent knowledge of the material. He was excellent, and I would recommend this training to others.


The instructor worked well to help those who needed extra help.

Well worth it!

I would say that the classroom and training experience was well worth the price of the course. The instructor was full of information and very helpful on understanding on finding information and how to use the skills needed.



Strongly recommend this class

Matt was great and delivered the material in an interesting and comfortable manner. I would strongly recommend this class to others.

Very informative

Matt is very thorough in discussing material that may appear on the test. And very informative of how to search the documents.

Very knowledgeable

Good course. Instructor was very knowledgeable and willing to help everyone.

I feel more confident and prepared!

It was a great experience for me to take these classes and get a better insight on the API 1169. Matt was very helpful in teaching me, I feel more confident and prepared for my API 1169. Thank You Matt for all you have done to help me.

I enjoyed the class!

I enjoyed the class. Without the class, I am sure I could not pass the test.

This is the ONLY way to go!

The Course helped extremely, the instructor was patient with all the students to ensure the knowledge was learned by each of the students. I have taken 2 of the online courses and the in-class course was a lot more hands-on and one on one time if needed, if weaker in on subject more than another. I would highly recommend this class to any inspectors or anyone in the position to need to know this knowledge or how to prepare for this API 1169 exam. This is the ONLY way to go!

Class was everything that I was hoping it would be.

The class was everything that I was hoping it would be after reading all reviews online. Definitely held up to its expectations. I especially liked the size of our class. It gave us more individual time to have 1 on 1 conversations about any difficulties understanding sections of the material.

Very confident!

I feel very confident that I will do well on the test.

Highly recommend!

Very helpful course and training. Highly recommend the class.

Very impressed with Velocity Training!

Very impressed with Velocity Training. Matt took the time to answer and discuss every question he was asked. Feel much more confident about taking the API 1169. Thank You Matt!

Would recommend this class to anyone.

I have enjoyed the classroom training. The instructor was very upbeat. I learned a lot and I would recommend this class to anyone.

Really enjoyed this class!

I have really enjoyed this class. I have already recommended 2 friends to the class.

Very informative!

The course and classroom training experience were great it was very informative, and all questions were answered. I will recommend this course to anyone interested in the 1169 certification.

Most beneficial

The hands-on aspect of the course is most beneficial. Learning to access the regulations quickly was a great help.

I would STRONGLY recommend!

Without going thru the training, being removed from class room setting, as I have been. I feel that it would have been extremely hard to pass this test. Matt was very helpful with total knowledge of information and building confidence with test material. I would STRONGLY recommend this to anyone that is planning to take the API 1169. Great instructor and awesome tutorial.

Most important information needed!

It showed me how to approach the available reference material in a manner that made it less intimidating. The knowledge of actual exam conditions is invaluable. The study information is broken down to the most important information needed to pass the test and be knowledgeable on the process.

Great experience!

It has been a great experience been inside class room taking the exam preparation course! I think it does helps more than the online studying!!!

My experience was great.

The classroom setting is by far the best way to learn the material due to the instructor being able to stop and explain in detail. Having classroom discussion is also a way to retain and learn from others. Overall my experience was great.

Excellent instructor

Matt is an excellent instructor and cares for each of his students in helping them pass the 1169 test. I was pleased with what I learned about pipelines during the class time even if I wasn't doing it to be able to pass the test.

Confidence and knowledge!

I feel that the API 1169 training course has definitively given me the confidence and knowledge that I was lacking to successfully take and pass the test. I WILL be recommending Velocity Training to anyone that I find out that is going to take the test. I am very happy that I decided to take the training course.

One of the best courses!

Excellent course! A white board was missing but it's one of the best courses I have attended. Congratulations!

Very good!

The classroom lessen were very good. Matt was the best!!

Class has opened my eyes!

Class has opened my eyes, I am looking forward to taking the 1169 and feel that Matt has helped in both the knowledge and right frame of mind for taking this exam.

A lot more insight

I am glad I decided to take the API 1169 course. I have a lot more insight to what an inspector really is all about.

Extremely helpful

Matt was extremely helpful and his experience and knowledge of the testing procedures as well as all facets of the material from the regulations is amazing.

Very helpful.

Very helpful.

By far the best classroom training

Our instructor Matt was very helpful, and he made me think outside of my comfort zone and his training method helped me understand more about this program. It was by far the best classroom training I have been in.

Great instructor

Matt Was a great instructor and took his time with the class

Very educated & the overall experience was great.

The class was very informative & well prepared. The instructor was very educated & the overall experience was great. Learned a lot.

Fantastic job

Matt did a fantastic job of presenting the course material and preparing us for the exam. He is very professional and knowledgeable and represented your organization well. You should be proud of him!!!

Very friendly and informative

Matt was very friendly and informative. I was very unsure about taking the API 1169 exam, but I feel more confident after taking this course. Matt was awesome and really got everyone involved with the course material.



Fabulous job

The instructor Matt did a fabulous job of conducting the class. I feel that I have received a great deal of 1169 information. Thank you Matt.

Helped me understand!

This was a great course and helped me very much due to the fact I have no pipeline experience. Helped me understand pipeline inspector responsibility's.





Very good class, very informative.

Very good class, very informative.

Showed a ton of knowledge!

I learned quite a bit from Mr. Matt as he showed a ton of knowledge from API material to all the regulations and terms. He made the classroom experience really laid back and didn't make anyone feel embarrassed to ask any questions. He treated everyone with the upmost respect and I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to take a course for the 1169 test.

Recommend it to anyone!

Enjoyed the class and will recommend it to anyone preparing to take the API 1169 exam.

It was a fine course.

It was a fine course. I learned what was going to be on the exam and what to study.

Recommend Velocity

Mr. Matt is a AWESOME instructor that makes the class fun, to the point that I wanted to absorb all the information that he was teaching. I have taken several in classroom training's and this one has been the most enjoyable. I have already recommended Velocity to my coworkers and friends who are pursuing a API 1169 certification preparatory class. THANKS, Lynn Unger

Overall great!

The training was very helpful. The material and feedback covered was helpful in retaining the information that was gone over during the class. The modules were very helpful in understanding the processes, great for listening to at night for extra homework. For the people that didn't get signed up for the test window during the class window, the modules need to be available longer for study references. Overall great class.

Very informative!

This course was very informative.

Very knowledgeable!

Matt was excellent. I felt he really cared about my training. He is very knowledgeable on all parts of the API 1169.


Matt has good understanding of the subject, and also makes every effort to connect with the individuals in the class. I noticed this on the first hour of the first class session, when Matt learned each student’s name and continued to use first names the entire course. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to participate in this training.


The course was very helpful. The assistance with learning how to navigate the material available for reference was invaluable. The assistance with learning what to expect at the testing center was helpful as well.

A lot to learn in 3 days!

A lot to learn in 3 days!

Good review!

Good review and refresher of the industry standards. I have forgotten more than I remember.

Good Job!

I feel like the training did a good job of teaching the class the appropriate way to take the API 1169 exam. Understanding the Body of Knowledge is important, but it is also important to know which resources will be available during the exam, and what resources to consult for specific questions.

Very informative

I feel the course was very informative and instructor did excellent job interacting with class and covering required material.

I’ll definitely recommend VTES to others!

For being as intense as it was, as it had to be, the training was methodical and thoughtful and very well structured. As mentioned, I’ll definitely recommend VTES to others. Regarding the instructor, Matt was great -- kept code interesting, endured to some light-hearted ridicule and grief, and certainly returned the challenges. He was appreciated by all of the students.

Had the knowledge we needed.

Instructor was cool and had a great way of making sure we had the knowledge we needed.

Very knowledgeable!

It was very informative. The instructor was very knowledgeable.

Boost my confidence!

Instructor worked with us personally and helped boost my confidence.

Very educational!

Very educational, lot to absorb but we had a great teacher, thank you.

Good Class!

Good Class.


Matt was very knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to attend training with. One of the best Instructors I've taken with any Certification course. GREAT JOB!

Professional presentation!

Very knowledgeable and professional presentation. Instructor took the time to answer all questions and explain discrepancies. As enjoyable of a class as I have attended.

Designed to help understand!

This class is clearly designed to help understand the criteria of the testing. In addition, it highlighted areas that each inspector could identify as a lack of knowledge at a personal level. This information will no doubt benefit our Companies pursuit of due diligence and excellence in the construction world. The take away is knowledge and learning of rules and Regulations the side effect is the team will excel on test day. Great class!

Very knowledgeable!

Matt was very knowledgeable and had a teacher’s heart. Was patient with those (me) who struggled with some of the material covered and was very engaging. Kudos for memorizing every student's name, this enabled him to better interact and relate to the class.

This class is a must!

This class is a must for me to be able to pass.

More confident!

Class was a great help, made me feel more confident in taking the test.

I got a lot out of the class!

The class and classroom were great, I got a lot out of the class and Matt was great helping me get to where I needed to be!!!!!

Very knowledgeable!

Over all the class helped me understand guidelines that must be followed in the oil industry. Trying to understand and follow some the train of thought on how questions were developed on the test was extremely frustrating. This course hopefully will allow me to be successful on test day. Our instructor overall was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and tried to give us hints on how to prepare for test day.

Very helpful!

This class was very helpful for studying for the API 1169 test. The instructor was very knowledgeable about what he was teaching. The instructor had a good sense of humor and made the class enjoyable.

I highly recommend this prep course.

Before this class I felt very stressed and doubtful of passing the test. With Matts help, I feel that I can walk in knowing what to expect, how to use my references, and my eyes were opened to great resources that I wasn't aware of before. I highly recommend this prep course.


Video modules are excellent!

Exactly what I need it!!!

Exactly what I need it!!! I think, and I am very sure we will all pass!! Thanks a lot.... regards

I am glad I took this class.

Once you sit in the class room you realize that the text isn’t about your experience out in the field, I am glad I took this class.

Very beneficial learning experience!

Very beneficial learning experience. I came into this not really knowing if I could pass the 1169. I have learned a lot and go for my test tomorrow with the utmost confidence of success.

Very informative

Very informative, good presentation.

Was very helpful!!!

Was very helpful!!! Thanks


The class was well organized with open forum. The amount of material was overwhelming at times. Matt did a great job as an instructor and no way I would try taking the 1169 without the class. Confident I can Pass!!

Thank you!

Thank you! I would have never passed it if it wasn't for the study materials you provided.

Very helpful and has prepared me!

The class is very helpful and has prepared me for the 1169 test.

Very informative!

Great class and very informative on codes and locating material on computer.


I thought it was good. The class needs to be offered in all states.

Great class!

Great class

Referring velocity training to others!

Will be referring velocity training to others interested in taking the 1169 exam

Highly recommend!

Was a great class. Would highly recommend this to anyone. I feel confident about passing my exam after going through this course.

If you're looking for a class, this is it.

If it wasn’t for Matt I don't think my chances would have been that good. He keeps the class fun and going. He gives you the information that is needed and gives you another way to look at all you study material. If you're looking for a class, this is it. Thanks

If you're looking for a class, this is it.

If it wasn’t for Matt I don't think my chances would have been that good. He keeps the class fun and going. He gives you the information that is needed and gives you another way to look at all you study material. If you're looking for a class, this is it. Thanks

highly recommend!

Great class highly recommend

I am comfortable

I was nervous about taking this test at first due to stories I've heard about the test. However, after this classroom course and a few more days before test day, I feel that I am comfortable with taking the exam.



I learned a lot!

I learned a lot in a short time

Very patient and knowledgeable!

I now feel very confident in taking the 1169 test, just know how to navigate through all the material is going to help. The instructor very patient and knowledgeable, he took as much time as needed to answer all questions, while staying on task.

Thanks VTES for the help!

The in-depth strong vocabulary words similar to the AWS CWI course. Once I complete this course one more time in the next 7 days I should have no problems or hang-ups on my test that I will be taking in 10 days. Thanks VTES for the help.

Class was enjoyable!

The class was enjoyable, felt comfortable in asking instructor questions regarding materials. Quizzes & modules were helpful for retention.

Really Helped!

The test really helped. Matt was good at showing us how to look up codes.

Enjoyed the class!

I enjoyed the class and the instructor very much!

I am very confident!

I wasn't sure what to expect. I have 22 years’ experience in the field and I have the API 1104. However, I don't believe I would have passed this test without the class. I am very confident that I now possess the tools necessary to pass.

Made me aware.

Strongly challenged, needed it, made me aware of my short comings. Had to look over work harder on material.

Very Pleased!

Very pleased with the class and the instructor.

Very Confident!

I was very impressed with the course work. I am very confident I will pass the actual exam on Jan 29.

The instructor was great!

The class was very well laid out, the instructor was great.

Helped Tremendously!

I learned a lot and the class helped tremendously with being able to navigate through the test.

Great Great!

Matt's a great great instructor!

Very Helpful!

Very helpful.

I got a preliminary pass!

I got a preliminary pass. Your class was very helpful, and I will definitely recommend to anyone wanting to pursue the API 1169 certification.

Got a preliminary pass!

Took the API 1169 today and got a preliminary pass. Just wanted to say thank you for the course. You all have done a great job with prep course.


Instructor created an atmosphere that helped to learn and maintain the material.

Great Prep Course!

Great prep course.....understand much more about what to expect from the test if I choose to move forward with the exam.

In-depth Knowledge!

Matt exhibited in-depth knowledge of the course material and presented a well-organized presentation. He took time to explain topics that were hard for some to grasp and did it in non-condescending matter. I'm confident I now have the ability to take and pass the API 1169 exam.(Oklahoma City, OK Classroom)


Informative class, knowledgeable instructor. Very useful.

Related activities!

The class brought awareness to where to find the regulations for different construction related activities.(LGE-KU Classroom)

Excellent Job!

Matt did an excellent job preparing our group and was extremely knowledgeable of the course materials.(LGE-KU Classroom)

Class was informative!

Learned some things I didn't know. Class was informative.(LGE-KU Classroom)

Full of Knowledge!


Highly recommended!

The instructor was very engaging. The material is quite dense but he did a very good job of maintaining the studious environment and maintain the concentration of the students. He was extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter. Overall this was a very helpful course and would be highly recommended for anyone planning to take the API 1169 exam. (LGE-KU Classroom)

Very helpful!

My job title is not an inspector but something I would like to pursue in the future. So it was nice to have more information on a possible future career path. Very helpful.(LGE-KU Classroom)

Very knowledgeable and entertaining!

The instructor was very knowledgeable and entertaining. Was never a dull moment in his classroom which enabled all students to take this serious but at the same time relax! (LGE-KU Classroom)

Very valuable class!

I really enjoyed Matt and how he handled the class. I believe this was a very valuable class for our Pipeline Inspection Group at LG&E and helped us gain a better understanding of how LG&E standards and procedures related to industry regulations and best practices. (LGE-KU Classroom)


Thanks to Matt, he did a great job. (Oklahoma City, OK)

Very Informative!

Very informative and the instructor was thorough covering the material discussed. (LGE-KU Classroom)

Very knowledgeable!

Matt was very knowledgeable about the content and presented the material in a way that was easy to retain and reference. (Lake Charles, LA Classroom)

Set up very well!

The Course was set up very well, materials were covered in an open class environment. I feel this class should be attended by all who are planning to sit for the API 1169 exam. (Lake Charles, LA Classroom)

Very Beneficial!

The course and classroom training experience were very beneficial. It covered a broad array of material that was found to be very useful for test taking purposes as well as real-world experience. (Lake Charles, LA Classroom)

Very Confident

Enjoyed the class. I usually suffer from severe stress & anxiety when it comes to taking exams... But I actually feel very confident in my knowledge & skill in retrieving the information. Thank you.

Highly Recommended!

Extremely good job on the course! I was very unsure of what to expect coming into this a bit hesitant and nervous. This class removed all doubt. The fact that the instructor wasn't boring made it much easier as well. Highly recommended! (Lake Charles, LA Classroom)

Very Useful!

All the info that was given to me in the class, I found very useful. (Lake Charles, LA Classroom)


Thanks! Preliminary pass! I was nervous! I followed training recommendations, I did fine. I felt great on 80 quest, marked 20 for more review.

Learning how to navigate through the test!

I learned a lot and the class helped tremendously with being able to navigate through the test.

Thank you!

As requested I completed the API 1169 examination yesterday and received a preliminary pass at the end of the examination. I want to thank you and your firm for the course that I took as I do believe it was a great help.

Extremely helpful!

The class was great. Extremely helpful, couldn’t have done it without you guys, my test was intense on situational questions, really had to think about your answer. Our instructor did a great job on preparing us on that particular aspect. (Memphis, TN Classroom) (Second Review)


Great training! After taking the course I feel confident that I will pass the API 1169 on my first attempt. (Memphis, TN Classroom)

Well worth the price!

Course material and instruction was excellent. Good interaction with students. I felt more empowered to take the Prometric test. The class was well worth the price of admission. (Memphis, TN Classroom)

Excellent atmosphere!

The instructor created an excellent atmosphere for learning and was very patient with all students. He was very knowledgeable about all test material and procedures and gave outstanding test-taking advice. (Memphis, TN Classroom)

Great job!

The instructor is very smart about all the information in this 1400 page document, and does a great job of getting to things we need to have in our mind, and where we can find in references. (Memphis, TN Classroom)

Professional, informative and accessible!

From start to finish the instructor was professional, informative and accessible. This course has a wide variety of information, the presentation was honestly the best I have ever had. Topics of conversation remained class topic based, the instructor seemed to understand each individual's weaknesses, then would curb his training direction to ensure all questions were answered in a manner easily understandable. The class had humor, interaction and built my confidence in preparation for test day. (Memphis, TN Classroom)

A lot of help!

Everything good. A lot of help. Matt is a good instructor. (Memphis, TN Classroom)

1st review

I thought the class was extremely thorough and helpful. Matt does an awesome job teaching and making sure each student understands the material that is given. Going into the class, I was doubtful on my ability to pass the 1169 exam. Upon leaving, I feel very confident I can pass the exam. (Memphis, TN Classroom)

Highly recommended by me!

I will recommend to everyone that I know to take this course!! The instructor has great teaching skills and doesn't leave anyone behind. Highly recommended by me. Thanks for all the all the help. (Memphis, TN Classroom)

Very educational!

I enjoyed it. I thought it was very educational and will recommend it to others. (Memphis, TN Classroom)


I believe this course will help me pass the exam. (Lake Charles, LA Classroom) far the very best...

Great instructor! I am contractor safety representative, I receive training and teach courses as well. You are by far the very best instructor I have encountered. (Lake Charles, LA Classroom)

I would highly recommend VTES!

The course was very informative with Matt being very knowledgeable about the material and previous testing experience. Matt makes the class stay attentive to his teaching style. I would highly recommend VTES for API 1169 and any other training. (Lake Charles, LA Classroom)

Great job!

The instructor was very knowledgeable. Answer every question that was asked. He backed answers up by codes or in black & white writing. Matt did a great job overall. (Lake Charles, LA Classroom)

Easy to ask questions!

Nice, pleasant, comfortable classroom setting. Easy to ask questions and easy to understand the process. (Lake Charles, LA Classroom)

I am prepared!

Matt was very knowledgeable and had indescribable patience while explaining curtain subjects to people that were having a lot of trouble. I feel very strongly that I am prepared to take and pass the API 1169 test. (Lake Charles, LA Classroom)

Class was interesting!

The class was very informative. The instructor took the time to cover all material in detail. He was very knowledgeable about the course and very helpful to answer any and all questions. He took the time to go over things again when students were struggling with certain subjects. The class was interesting and covered a great deal of information. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in taking the API 1169. I was very pleased with the course and glad that I chose VTES to attend this course. (Lake Charles, LA Classroom)


The instructor presented the course in a simple to understand manner; gave invaluable tips on test taking and thoroughly covered subject matter; I feel very confident about taking the API 1169 test because of this class/ course. (Lake Charles, LA Classroom)

Very informative!

The course was very informative and it helped me to not just guess but to look it up. (Lake Charles, LA Classroom)

Great instructor!

Matt was very knowledgeable of the material at hand. He took his time with every student and made sure that the information was easily accessible. Great instructor and great class. (Lake Charles, LA Classroom)

Effective Teaching Style

Great prep course.....understand much more about what to expect from test if I choose to move forward with the exam. I come from the project management side of pipeline and would recommend Velocity Training to others to prepare for the API 1169 exam.

Very useful

Informative class, knowledgeable instructor. Very useful. I am an engineer with 5 years experience and I learned a lot in this classroom.

Current Pipeline Inspector - LGE

The computer-based quizzes helped with retention of the classroom material and the instructor took the time to ensure all students understood the material. The instructor created an atmosphere that helped to learn and maintain the material. I am a pipeline inspector with 38 years of experience.

Thank you!

I wanted to let you know that I got a preliminary Pass on my 1169 this morning. I wanted to thank Velocity for the program as it was a great help with the test. I have told all my colleagues that it is worth it to use your system. 

Very informative!

Very informative, constructive and relieved any doubt about the API Certification process. Matt was very well informed and had great overall knowledge of the material.

1169 - Well put together course material!

API 1169 Prep Course - VTES has a well put together course with professional instructors that take the time to make sure material is delivered in a way that easy to retain and relevant. The instructor (Matt) had alot of industry knowledge and experience that made his delivery of course material bang on!  Also I passed the test.

Well worth the trip!

Instructor rating - 5 starsVenue rating - 5 stars I feel that the online training modules helped with retention of the classroom material and I think that the instructor took the time to ensure all students understood the material. I would recommend Velocity Training to others to prepare for the API 1169 exam.

Great experience for me!!

I feel that taking the in person training from Velocity was a great experience for me.The instructor took his time explaining the material and went over anything that was needed before proceeding with the course. In my opinion it was the best decision i could have made for myself versus taking an online course. Our instructor was very knowledgeable in the 1169 course and went above and beyond to prepare me for my exam. Hats off to Matt - awesome instructor and very patient with the class it was an awesome experience i would and have recommended the in person course to many of my fellow inspectors. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just passed my 1169 today with the help of Velocity Training. I will recommend this training to anyone taking the exam.Thanks

API 1169

Best! I recently passed the API 1169 with the help of Velocity Training's course. I found it excellent and extremely well presented and the fact I had access to it at any time was very convenient. I have no trouble recommending it to anybody thinking of taking it. Best wishes, Noel   

Not only is their API 1169 prep course the best out there, they're a great company!

I'd like to give a huge shout out to Velocity Training! Not only is their API 1169 prep course the best out there, they're a great company. I wouldn't recommend wasting money anywhere else. If you want top notch quality training from an awesome company, call's that simple!

A reputation for high quality courses!

A morning shout out to Velocity Training. I'm not sure where yall have been my whole life, but I need folks like you around me. A reputation for high quality courses, and proof positive in my own experience the most caring and generous folks in any business in any industry. I think Dustin Marshall - Veteran will agree with me on that. Thanks especially to Jessica Krueger, you made my day in one thread of messages this morning. You joined a good team BRET BOLLICH. I'll be seeing more of you all at Velocity. Keep being great.

Exceptional training!!!

Thanks for doing such a good job creating this course.I personally want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication.I received a preliminary Pass. Thanks so much for the exceptional training!!!(Union Gas/Spectra Energy)

Well-prepared and delivered training session!

I would like to inform you that I passed the API 1169 Pipeline Construction Inspector exam yesterday. Thank you Rob for planning, organizing and scheduling an effective and positive results-producing training event at Union Gas in Chatham, Ontario.  I also would like to thank our instructor for a well-prepared and delivered training session, and for his efficient, professional and friendly leadership during the training.

Great study guide

The one I used great study guide, videos and extra material. I recommend this to everybody.

Utility / CP Inspector

I recently took the In Person API 1169 Pre Course in Beaumont, Tx.  I took the API 1169 test one week later and passed with flying colors.  If your concerned about passing dont chance it.  Go into the test knowing your going to pass!   Thanks for prepairing me Velocity, Chad

Real Customer Service

A big thanks to Jessica who helped me immensely whenever I called with a question. It was so nice being able to talk to a real person and get issues resolved. What a blessing.

An Amazing Job!

I would like to take a moment to thank our instructor. He did an amazing job with this prep course. I learned so much, he is a great instructor. I would highly reccomend this course, to anyone interested. Velocity provided us a very hands on instructor, that is accessible  step by step to support you any way possible! 

Velocity API 1169 Class - Highly Recommended

I would highly recommend this class. Thanks to our instructor  in Denver Colorado for all your  help in the class and outside the class with all my questions..I learned alot. Oh yeah I passed the test today!!! Thanks again.

Senior Inspector at TD Williamson

Thank you for your efforts by all staff. At first glance, considering all the codes and material that need to be reviewed , it can seem a bit over whelming, but you kept it in a methodical approach. Thank you!

Very informative!

The classroom training was good, very informative exactly what I expected....Thanks again.

I truly recommend this training class!

I truly recommend this class. We had a great instructor (Beaumont, TX class) and the information he focused on helped tremendously when I took my test. Oh, by the way, I passed. If you call, ask for Jessica (a manager) and tell them I sent ya. 

Preliminary Pass!

I received a preliminary pass on my exam. Thank you!

1169 Training Denver, Colorado, 1/12-14/17

Training was excellent! I received a preliminary pass after the test 1/30/17. Velocity provided an " excellent " instructor and Jessica (the account manager) was very helpful with any questions or concerns.

Helped me tremendously!

I took the test on November 14th and passed. I feel the course helped me tremendously!

Couldn't have passed with you!

I got a preliminary pass. I honestly don't think I would have passed without your training! Thank you.

Course Delivered On All Claims

Balancing a heavy workload (70 hrs/week), and studying entire Codes and Standards for a certification exam don't mix. The VTES API 1169 Prep Course afforded me the option to study at my own pace, according to down times in my schedule. After successfully passing the API 1169 exam, I can say the following: the course's content was relevant, digestible, and current. When you get to the point that you can successfully pass the provided practice exams, you are likely prepared to pass the API 1169. Thanks Velocity!

A Better Inspector

The moment you realize you are a better inspector by taking this class. I enjoyed the attention and passion that was shown to make sure we all knew the material. The instructor was willing to stay late and go over any and all material, that is something you never find. I would recommend Velocity to anyone who is serious about learning and passing the exam. Hands down the best training I've ever been to. 

1169 - In Depth & On track!

Awesome training that was in depth and on track. Great instructor.

Really like the pace!

I really like the ability to be able to go back over the lessons as many times as I want to. A few times I had questions but the chat feature in the courses let me get my answers quickly. I feel comfortable with taking my time instead of feeling all zombie-like after going to a short class plus it really helps because sometimes I don't want to study but know VTES gives me plenty of time. I am doing the 6 month course because I am taking my exam in April next year. Thanks!

API 1169 Course - Excellent!

Thank you to the Velocity training team for proving this excellent course. It helped a great deal with the exam preparation!

What you don't see going on

Its important everyone realize velocity actually is an evolution in progress and always on the hunt to give us a better, more pronounced educational platform to succeed and apply hidden skill sets we have but may not know we possess. They have people working on big things for you constantly. Existing programs get revamped and all the while their focus is laser sharp leaving no one person behind. The tools are there. They are there! The question is are you there? Defining difference in any approach to personal success is YOU! What Velocity does best in my opinion is enhance attributes we have but may not know how to articulate what is going on in our thought process. They add emphasis to "Grey areas of study" that we as students wouldn't be too excited about focusing on nor (let's be honest here) would want to be focused on and it's in that particular function they've proven to me time and time again they genuinely care, passion transformed! And what they put into teaching comes second nature to them. If you are as grateful as I am to Velocity I challenge you to go above and beyond in promoting them to the world and show your appreciation outside of the reviews. Be proactive in your promotion of the brand. The dedication. The care they handled you with but above all think of the career advancement you are on track for and know this---they were there for you and are connected at your hip! My reflections say we are the better for it-Ruben Quartana

Well worth the money!

As a current CWI and NACE I can appreciate this VTES 1169 on-line course. Very helpful training and practice tests. Well worth the money and excellent customer service. I hope they will offer similar training for other certs in the future!


I just finished the exam and have a preliminary pass. The study material covered in the VTES Course is excellent.

Instrumental in passing!

Thank you Velocity Training. You were instrumental in my passing the API 1169 testing. As someone who spent my entire life working other disciplines within the energy industry, this course from basics to studying for the exam was what made this possible for me. The Velocity employees I dealt with were knowledgeable, prompt and helpful.

Preparing To Take 1169 Exam then "Go With A Sure Thing" ( Velocity Prep Course)

I am endorsing the Velocity Prep Course for anyone wanting to take the 1169 Exam. They are a stop shop for anyone that is seriously considering taking this Exam. There pass rate is the highest in the Business and they are also the most affordable. I would not tell you this if were not absolutely the truth . I have never been a fan of 1169 but If you're going to take it then give yourself the best shot at it that you can, Go with Velocity, you won't be sorry.

API 1169

I got "Preliminary Pass". The exam was very diverse, questions from all aspects...As suggested I used the whole time allowed and wouldn't have minded a little more. I'm confident that people that try to pass without study/preparing won't likely pass. I would also say it will likely be very difficult without some practical experience... Good Luck to all, Thanks Velocity Training!!!


I took the 1169 exam on Tuesday 7/19. I passed! Your training course was very helpful.

Ticket to Success!

I just finished the 1169 test and I have a preliminary pass score! The VTES prep course was the ticket for success! Many questions on our practice tests will help you pass this test, as well as the download materials, you just need to pay attention to the test center's wording. Knowing how to use the PDF information will help you (which VTES teaches you to do) and using the entire time allowed to review your test! If you have a shade of doubt, mark it, then review later. Thanks again VTES, your training course is the ticket to success!


I found the Velocity training course very helpful, the API 1169 exam is a very challenging exam, thanks for the tips and advice!

API 1169 - In my own words

I wanted to say a few words of thanks to Velocity Training in preparing me for my API 1169 test and subsequent certification by going above and beyond that of normal training. They focused on the intangibles one normally wouldn't conceive to consider in educating on how to use the Code of Federal Regulations in all facets of the process. In my 19 years of oil & gas work i put alot of emphasis on education and the importance of seeking it out however i also have the pedigree and the resume to promote the experience needed to compliment educational certifications. Velocity harnessed my attributes and was able to "teach this old dog new tricks" when even i didn't believe that possible. In part because i'd gotten stubborn and have been thru the times when the industry has demanded and or dictated to us what we should and shouldn't have to validate us as inspectors. I stand behind Velocity's delivery method and ability to capture anybody's attention, enabling us in preparation for the actual exam. Some would argue you don't need a preparatory class to succeed in certification of the 1169. For some that is true however i cannot get past the retention required to soak it in and maintain it. Hard numbers suggest preparation is everything. To date Velocity has had 26 people thus far as of today who has given their results to Velocity and the numbers are 21 passed, 3 too close to call, and only 1 has failed. These are hard numbers. The numbers do not lie. Affordable, accessible, reliable, and spot on with their consistency and the level of commitment from their staff to get to us the right information without gouging anyone. They GAVE their students the required information needed to study and pass the exam. I dare say Velocity had a tougher exam than API did and i'm grateful for that as the benign questions i had to answer wouldn't have been answered correctly if not for the foresight from Velocity in focusing on the dust covered books regarding the codes and regs API could potentially ask a testing participant to take.

Valuable & Informative!

Training was very informative as well as valuable for getting ready for API 1169 pipeline inspector examination.