All you need!

This course and time is all you need to pass the API 1169 exam.

Great Assist!

The course provided all material required to successfully complete the API 1169; The practice exams were especially helpful. The course covers alot of material, i have significant industry experience and education but would not have passed without this training.

Just passed!

Trust VTES, they’ll cover everything you need to know to pass the test. The material is thorough, navigable and has all the resources you need to succeed in passing the API 1169.

This course is spot on!!!

I'm so glad I choose this course!!

Classroom training is the way to go

Classroom training is the way to go in my opinion. Would strongly recommend taking this classroom training.

Awesome Instructor

Instructor very knowledgeable, presented fun, laid back yet serious learning experience.

Well worth the money

Instructor was very knowledgeable. Took time to make sure each student understood each subject. If I had questions, he would break it down as simple as possible. I feel confident on taking the API 1169 test following this class. I would highly recommend anyone taking this course. Well worth the money.

Lake Charles Classroom Training

Instructor showed concern in all aspects of the topics and was open to all questions and concerns addressed by the class.

I definitely feel more prepared for my API 1169 exam.

My instructor was very thorough and covered a lot of information in the 4 days we were here. I learned a lot. I definitely feel more prepared for my API 1169 exam.

Great Class!

Great Class! I feel very confident in taking my test tomorrow.

This is a good course to take

The instructor did a fine job in teaching this course. He was very knowledgeable in all areas and did a good job in conveying this to the students.

Great Class!

Great classroom training!

Good Class Training

Instructor very knowledgeable on subject matter and skilled in relaying information to class

I would recommend the classroom training to anyone looking to attain API 1169 certification.

The instructor was extremely knowledgeable with the course material. He was very patient and thorough. He made the class interesting. The review material was helpful.

Good Class Training

Instructor well prepared.

Very Helpful

Good informative class with low stress allowing better retention.

One of the best instructor-led courses that we have attended.

The course was designed well and thought out. The instructor was well versed. Took his time to explain things. One of the best instructor-led courses that we have attended. Coverage of material was excellent.

Energized class!

Great teaching methods to be able to teach, explain and answer any questions asked. Energized class!

Course is Excellent

I received a preliminary pass on my test. Your course was excellent, it helped me achieve the pass.

Passed the 1169

My preliminary exam results was a pass . I found the velocity training program to be very helpful . Thanks for the pre exam info.

Memphis API Training

Very Knowledgeable. Took extra time to explain the questions & answers Passed

Thank you

Thank you so much! Y'all are awesome. I passed my API 1169 exam!

Great API 1169 Prep course

I’d like to compliment you, Velocity Training, for building a great API 1169 Prep course. Cost, accessibility, ease of access and of course the in-depth information pertaining to all aspects of the API 1169 certification. I passed!

Thank you


Wish I chose this course before taking my first API 1169 EXAM

This course was exactly what I needed to get over the hurdle, boost my confidence and personal knowledge and now I feel 100% confident that I will pass the API 1169 EXAM after the third time. I can recommend this course of study with a clear heart to any one. This course is worth it and a must in my opinion. I wish I have chosen to take this course before taking my first API 1169 EXAM. I could have saved myself so much stress. I tip my hat to my instructor who gave a brilliant course. No one can do it better! I passed my exam!!

Lake Charles Classroom Training

Instructor was very thorough and detailed regarding the information and definitely made sure that all students understood what was being explained. The venue was very nice and contributed to the experience. I would without question recommend this course to others. Passed exam!

Good Class

Everything was great Passed

Great Instroctor

Very knowledgeable of the material and explains the content to the student.

Classroom training - Worth it

This is exactly how all instructed classes should be taught.


The training and material covered was exceptional!

Fantastic Training

The instructor did a fantastic job of teaching the material to the group. He was very knowledgeable about the material and the API 1169 test.

Passed API 1169 exam

The instructor was very knowledgeable and knew the material very well. The instructor took his time explaining all the material and answered everyone's questions.

THANK YOU Velocity Training!

Great Instructor. Very clear! THANK YOU Velocity Training! Passed the exam!

Money's worth for preparation

Excellent knowledge, excellent motivation, excellent with helpful hints on using our pcs, showing us test day expectations and pc tips on test day!! Excellent with creating a sense of urgency and encouraging us to desire to persevere! Thorough practices, homework and testing with a guy who has a genuine desire to see you succeed! Doesn't embarrass us or behave in a cocky manner and VERY approachable! Thank you to the instructor for giving me more than my money's worth! Passed API 1169 exam!

Great Training

The class helped me better understand how to take the test exam for referencing questions ,and missing key points of knowledgeable information. I passed the exam

The course is well worth the time and money

Twenty four years of working in the utility construction field, seven of those years as an EI. I feel the course material and the instruction received in the class were of great value. I myself have learned a lot of information, including how to take the API-1169 exam. I feel the course is well worth the time and money, the instructor, (Matt) is of great value. His concern for each and every student is evident, very unique and professional teaching style. No student was left behind, I highly recommend the classroom training. Thank You!!!!! Passed

Appreciate the great training

I felt the class was very informative and appreciated the work load to study the material. I enjoy the different types of study habits the instructor tried to offer to help with retention. I passed the exam.

Teaching style excellent

Communication/ teaching style excellent, pushed us to learn the material and kept it interesting I passed!


It was very informational



I passed!!

Preliminary pass. I wanted to say thank you for a great class. Your way of teaching helped me pass. Thank you once again.

The best Memphis Classroom Training

I just want to thank you guys for a great class and the time that you guys have put into making the study material more user friendly. I could tell that the instructor really cared if I passed and everyone for that matter. That means a lot! I told the instructor that even if I didn’t pass, I didn’t regret spending the money for the class. He was a great teacher. When you can teach from material like that and still keep it from being boring that’s an accomplishment. I have a few people on my job that are supposed to take y’all next class.  If you guys ever teach another type of class in-person, I will sign up immediately. Thanks again!

Tricky API 1169 exam

The wording was so tricky and almost incoherent on some of the questions it was frustrating. I’m glad I took the Velocity course going into this and I will recommend you for anyone I encounter in the future who will be taking the API 1169 exam.

Thank you

Thanks Matt, for all your hard work, appreciate what you do on teaching this class.

Highly recommend Velocity Training

Class training was what i needed. I've been told to NOT take any classes from others that have passed the API-1169 exam. I am glad I did not take their advice. One thing, as a CWI that helped me make my decision to take a class was the 40 PDH hours that will go towards my next 9-year renewal. The last day where the instructor went around the room putting students on spot was actually very helpful for me. I like where the instructor knew the material he was teaching very well. He could give you directions to the answers where he found them. Great class. Thanks for the knowledge and I will highly recommend VTES to other inspectors.

Great course!

Great course! Really learned and understood the material.

Informative instructor

Very informative instructor and willing to work with students that needed help on computer. Thank you very much



Very Helpful

It really helped me understand the material, and how to locate it in the Standards.

Lake Charles Classroom Training

I just took the API 1169 prep class last week and passed the test on Friday. Matt's instruction with the prep was absolutely awesome and one of the best courses i have ever taken.

Great classroom training

I just wanted to thank you again! I have told all the inspectors I know about you all!!!!

Good Class Training

Great discussions, instructor & info. I passed..

More confident in taking API 1169 exam

Before I had a hard time understanding where to find the material. I feel ok finding it know I’m a little more confident, thank you. I passed my exam!

Very confident

The instructor was a very good! He has helped me feel very confident about passing this test. I will definitely recommend course to others. I passed!

The class is very good

The class is very good. I'm glad I picked this class. I feel as if I will be able to pass the 1169 exam. The instructor is very good at what he does. I passed the exam...

Excellent course

Excellent course. I passed the API 1169 exam.

Extremely Impressed

Extremely happy with the instructor in their teaching methods. I usually have a difficult time learning in classrooms, It was very easy to learn when teacher knows, wants you to learn, and succeed. I passed! Thanks!

I give the Instructor 2 thumbs up and 5 stars.

The Instructor was very informative, patient and in tune with the class. This course helped me extremely in the resource department. It helped me to understand where to look up information and how to detect items in the correct forms. Assigning the homework was a plus as well as it was an extension of the course that keeps the mind working. This course was very helpful. I give the Instructor 2 thumbs up and 5 stars.

I learned ALOT!

I learned ALOT!

Awesome Instructor

The instructor was Awesome! He delivered the information in an interesting and patient way. Held the attention of all of the students which is hard to do in the oil field. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking for an 1169 certification.

Very knowledgeable

The instructor was very knowledgeable on all aspects of the training. He is an excellent instructor who knows how to explain the course material in an easy-to-understand method.

10 out 10!

Instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable 10/10

Classroom Training so helpful

I personally like that the instructor not only knew the material but also was involved in test taking and changes in the test itself. He was very helpful and I would definitely send like-minded professionals to this course.

Best Training

The instructor was very good at what he taught no question. One of the best training I have been to

So helpful

The class was very helpful! the Instructor did a very good job and took the time to make sure everyone understood the material.

Very Helpful

Helped understand the material provided on the test

Awesome Instructor

The instructor was an awesome and truly cared about his students and their success.

High level of knowledge

Classroom time was very good also Instructor understands what he was teaching with a high level of knowledge.

Good experience

I liked the class, the instructor broke it down and kept it interesting. it was a good experience

Good Class Training

Instructor took time to answer and help with problem areas and made it interesting.


Just let you know; your course was very good. I passed my API 1169 course!

Recommended it to everyone

Velocity's training was very helpful in preparing me for the exam. I have recommended it to every other inspector I have spoken to about taking the 1169 exam.

Top notch!

Thanks for the material! Top notch!

Great Class


Impressive Classroom Training

The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to bring "real life examples" into the classroom. I also appreciated the fact that he did not allow students to spend time telling "war stories". The class was straight forward, and he was able to help those individuals with little experience in the pipeline world.

Awesome Classroom Training

AWESOME instructor. He takes his time and explains it in a way that everybody can understand. You can tell that he cares if people pass or not.

Excellent instructor

Excellent instructor. Gathered a lot of knowledge I feel will be valuable on the test.

Great Training Experience

The instructor and the course VTES provides is very informative and was extremely helpful in preparing me for the test. I would suggest those that sign up for the class be prepared to spend a lot of time studying. In my opinion excellent course.

Very Helpful

The course was great, and the instructor is tremendous.

Great Instructor

The instructor was very professional in material and presented it a excellent manner. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

Awesome Training

Instructor was awesome. Overall, I thought the training was great and I'll recommend to others.

Recommend this class

This class was beneficial and helped prepare me to take the exam. I am glad I chose to take the class and feel I will have a better chance of passing the exam because of the class and the instructor. The instructor was organized and very knowledgeable of the material. I would recommend this class and the instructor to anyone who is wanting to take the API 1169 exam.



Wonderful Class

The instructor knew all information prior to bringing it up on the screen. He did a wonderful job on the training session.

Very Impressive Classroom Training

I thought all material and information was presented very well and time to explain was helpful.

Quizzes very helpful

Information provided was great. Quizzes were very helpful.


Keep up the good work.

Great classroom environment

The course material and the instructor were great. The classroom environment was fun & interesting.

Great Course

Great course.

Very Helpful

The class was very thorough of information needed to take test.

Great Class

Very interesting course and instructor was very knowledgeable of material.

Thank you so much!

Really appreciated the instructor and the way he conducted the studies of the class. I really feel like he helped me to be not only prepared for the API 1169 exam...but I feel confident, that I will do a great job when I take my test.

Great class!

Great class!

Great Class

Instructor was knowledgeable, engaging and presented information in a way that was easy to understand as well as being able to apply it to field use.

Good Job Teaching

The instructor did a very a good job teaching the class. Glad to have a instructor that has had field experience.

Good instructor

Good instructor.

Very thorough and very knowledgeable

I thought class was very strong and prepared me for test. Instructor was very thorough and very knowledgeable.

good job!!!!!

good job!!!!!

Worth the time and money.

I felt the instructor was well versed on the subject and the class worth the time and money.

Great Training Experience

I enjoyed the course very much. I think without having this classroom led training, I would not have the same study habits and explanations for the material. Sr. Tech Specialist (Inspection Management) - 6 yrs.

Class was great.

Class was great. Commissioning Spec - 25 years

I enjoyed the class

The instructor is very knowledgeable of all materials with a passion to teach material in a way that people retain and become better stewards of the profession of inspection. Pipeline Superintendent - 43 years in the regulated industry

Would recommend everyone

Our instructor did a very swell job, he was very helpful to answer any question myself or others had about question pertaining to the study document or past experience. He was very good at giving analogies to help break down the understanding. Would recommend everyone to take the practice exam

Great Instructor

Great class. The instructor was a wealth of knowledge.

Great Help

Look forward to taking the test and passing. Thanks for the help

Thumbs Up

All Good!

Very Helpful

Everything about the class was helpful and informative.

Feeling Confident

It was a lot of information in just a few days, but the instructor was very helpful. I feel confident that I can pass after taking this class.

Course was Helpful

Course was helpful.


Class was full of great information.

Would highly recommend this class.

excellent instructor, can be scary at times but is very well versed in the material.

Feeling Confident

Excellent course, looking forward to taking the exam!

Greatly Appreciated

Instructors insight on test questions asked and experience with taking the test is greatly appreciated!!!

Extremely helpful

Great class. Extremely helpful.

I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for API 1169 certification.

The instructor is a wonderful, with extensive knowledge of the content and how to prepare for the exam. He truly cares that his students are learning material in a useful manner and is eager to help those who are struggling. Even when asked about questions outside the body of knowledge, the instructor uses his experience to help students understand. He is kind, courteous, and professional.

Good Training

Good training, a very good instructor.

Very Helpful

The course content was good and the exam taking techniques discussed were very helpful.

Knowledgeable Instructor

What made the course a real benefit was the knowledge of the instructor and the study material.

Thank you all for all the help in preparation for this test

Class and instructor were just plain awesome. It was the perfect amount of joking around and professionalism to make the class fun but also get the point across of what’s needed to be known to be successful on the exam. Thank you all for all the help in preparation for this test, it was a huge help! I’ll definitely recommending you guys to others!

Excellent course

Excellent course. well delivered. Good mix of instruction and knowledge testing

Instructor was excellent

Instructor was excellent

Good Prep

Great class, good prep for the certification.

Very Helpful

The instructor was very knowledgeable on the material.

Good Format

Good format. Instructor was good. Course was good prep to take test.

Great Experience

The instructor was very well prepared, demonstrated tons of industry knowledge and experience. He also gave us ample breaks and time to finish the quizzes and homework.

Enjoyed the Class

Good presentation skills and thorough knowledge of material. I really enjoyed that it was not just slide reading and was interactive with quizzes and learning modules.


I thought the instructor was knowledgeable and personable and took time to get to know each of us and to address our questions and concerns.

Great Class

The course and classroom training experience were great it was very informative, and all questions were answered. I will recommend this course to anyone interested in the 1169 certification

Very Helpful

The hands-on aspect of the course is most beneficial. Learning to access the regulations quickly was a great help.

STRONGLY recommend

Without going thru the training, being removed from classroom setting, as I have been. I feel that it would have been extremely hard to pass this test. The instructor was very helpful with total knowledge of information and building confidence with test material. I would STRONGLY recommend this to anyone that is planning to take the API 1169. Great instructor and awesome tutorial.

Great Class

It showed me how to approach the available reference material in a manner that made it less intimidating. The knowledge of actual exam conditions is invaluable. The study information is broken down to the most important information needed to pass the test and be knowledgeable on the process.

Awesome Class

It has been a great experience being in the classroom setting taking the exam preparation course! I think it does help more than the online studying!!!

Confident About Passing

The instructor is an excellent instructor and cares for each of his students in helping them pass the 1169 test. I was pleased with what I learned about pipelines during the class time even if I wasn't doing it to be able to pass the test.

I WILL be recommending Velocity Training

I feel that the API 1169 training course has definitively given me the confidence and knowledge that I was lacking to successfully take and pass the test. I WILL be recommending Velocity Training to anyone that I find out that is going to take the test. I am very happy that I decided to take the training course.

Excellent course

It's one of the best courses I have attended.

Experience was great.

The classroom setting is by far the best way to learn the material due to the instructor being able to stop and explain in detail. having classroom discussion is also a way to retain and learn from others. Overall my experience was great.

Good Course

All the info that was given to me in the class I found very useful.

The Course was set up very well

The Course was set up very well, materials were covered in an open class environment. I feel this class should be attended by all who are planning to sit for the API 1169 exam.

Great Instructor

The instructor was very knowledgeable and entertaining. Was never a dull moment in his classroom which enabled all students to take this seriously but at the same time relax!

Helped With Retaining Information for Exam

The instructor was very knowledgeable about the content and presented the material in a way that was easy to retain and reference.



Great Training Experience

The class brought awareness to where to find the regulations for different construction related activities.

Very Useful

Informative class, knowledgeable instructor.

Instructor exhibited in-depth knowledge

The instructor exhibited in-depth knowledge of the course material and presented a well-organized presentation. He took time to explain topics that were hard for some to grasp and did it in non-condescending matter. I'm confident I now have the ability to take and pass the API 1169 exam.

Good Classroom Training

Instructor created an atmosphere that helped to learn and maintain the material.

Very Helpful

I got a preliminary pass. Your class was very helpful, and I will recommend to anyone wanting to pursue the API 1169 certification.

Instructor was great

The class was very well laid out, the instructor was great.

Good Class

Very informative and the instructor was thorough covering the material discussed.

Very Helpful Course

The instructor was very engaging. The material is quite dense, but he did a very good job of maintaining the studious environment and maintain the concentration of the students. He was extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter. Overall this was a very helpful course and would be highly recommended for anyone planning to take the API 1169 exam.

Thank You

Great prep course....understand much more about what to expect from the test

Great Prep Course

Took the API 1169 today and got a preliminary pass. Just wanted to say thank you for the course. You all have done a great job with prep course.

Very Helpful

I don't think I would have passed the exam without this class.

Class Far Exceed My Expectations

I would like to say that the presentation of the course has a lot to do with the acceptance of the material presented, Matt from the onset of the course showed and administrated his knowledge of the subject matter, which I must say would be nice if a lot more instructors would demonstrate. In my experience it was indeed a pleasure to be put through such a rigorous ordeal of intense bombardment of knowledge and still come out a sane man. Thanks to all for your patience and support. To the VTES training and MR. Matt, I would definitely recommend this training and under Matt's instruction. QA NACE 3 Inspector, at Sasol LCCP (Lake Charles Chemical Project) – 4 yrs.

Thumbs up

it was informative 510/570 inspector – 6 yrs.

Good Class -- Good Exercises -- Good Instructor

I started in this industry in 1971, in the NDE field and have worked pipeline, nuclear, aerospace, refineries, combine cycle simple cycle power-plants, and compressor stations, all in the inspection field. Before coming to this class everyone asks me why I was taking this course, that I was very knowledgeable in all aspects of pipeline inspection. Well at first, I thought well yea maybe I should just take the test, but I do not like tests, I am not a good test taker and did not want to spend weeks picking up the wrong book to study for something that I hear from different people, my test was all welding or my test was all environmental. I decided to take the class. From the first day of class, it was very refreshing, and I was going over things I have not used in years, in fact there has been a lot of revisions of some things. One big thing right away was the fact of keeping records for the life of the project or facility. It used to be 7 years, but I can remember back when a pipeline project was completed, they threw all the radiographs and reader sheets in the ditch with the backfill. Instructor Matt covered a lot of material in a short few days and going over material, spending extra time with students as needed, giving all 20 students in the class the confidence of not only passing the API-1169 exam, but to make them a better inspector. I always like to make sure that all my inspectors have the right tools (specs. codes, alignment sheets, permit books, etc.) to do their job and be part of the inspection team and the API-1169 certification opens their eyes of what they need. As long as there are instructors like Matt Wearsch instructing this course, there will be a lot better inspectors in the field. Thanks Matt!!! Chief Inspector Sunoco/ETC Mariner East Spread 3 – 48 yrs.

Good Classroom Training

I think it's all on point couldn't really ask for anything better! CWI Inspector – 9 yrs.

Awesome Instructor

He was an awesome instructor. I was unable to pass API 1169 due to not knowing what material to study before taking this class. He gave material and his teaching abilities helped me retain a lot of information. Coating Inspector – 8 yrs.

Enjoyed the Class

I enjoyed the class. it was very informative. The whole experience, including the hotel, gets an A+ rating from me. Matt is AWESOME! COATING INSPECTOR – 7 yrs.

Very Knowledgeable

The instructor was very knowledgeable and explained the test where you could understand and very helpful in using the computer. ASSISTANT CHIEF INSPECTOR – 8 yrs.

Great Class

The class taught me a lot about inspection and hope I can learn all I need to know. The instructor did a great job. Teamster - 12 years in pipeline industrial

Very Good Job

The instructor is very good at presenting the material. When completed, we all walk away with a better understanding, of what is expected of us as Utility Inspectors. 3rd Party Utility Inspector – 10+ yrs.

Top notch

Very informative. Well laid out and instructor very knowledgeable. ROW Agent – 12 yrs.

Very Impressive Classroom Training

Class was interactive and engaging. Instructor had a wealth of knowledge I wish that I had at this moment. lol Thank you Matt!!!! CWI, Instrument Tech, BTJ Steam fitter – 34 yrs.

Great Instructor

The Instructor was very helpful as well as knowledgeable of the test and materials. All in all was a good experience for me to take this class and learn more about referencing. Utility Inspector – 8 yrs.

Great Instructor

Instructor had great knowledge of the course. Environmental Inspector – 14 yrs.

Great Training Experience

Great class and teacher Coating Inspector/ROW Supervisor – 14yrs.

Very informative

Instructor stuck to the plan of training for the test. He did not run of course with personal stories unless it was related to the class. The expense and time I put into this class was worth it. Chief Inspector – 23 yrs.

Very Helpful

This class was very helpful, and I would refer to other people.

Thumbs up for class training

Hands on use to the references was a real plus in understanding the references and what are in them. Focus on how to take the test with a "plan" has instill confidence.

It was a great class

The instructor did a great job getting the information across to all of us. Making us feel comfortable and positive on taking this exam. I think this class was done in a professional and timely manner covering all the basis needed to pass the test.

Great Class

Ihe instruction was very good. The instructor took the time to make sure every student was comfortable in the material. Great class. I liked the structure of this class. It worked for my learning style very well.

Highly Recommend Using This Training Class

The instructors style of teaching was perfect for our class was able to make sure we all knew how to look up and retain all learning material. Would highly recommend using this training class and teacher for future classes with our company. I feel fully ready to take and pass this test with some more studying in the areas that this training showed that I was deficient in.

The Best Structured Training

Having been in the industry for 20yrs, I have been through a lot of training. This has got to be the best structured training I have ever been through and the instructor is top notch. Material and instruction were on point.

Instructor was very knowledgeable on API 1169

The class instruction and class material were presented in a very professional manner.

Great Training Experience

The instructor was great at picking up on individual needs and suggesting ways to address those needs. Very knowledgeable.

Great Class

The instructor knew the material in and out. The style of presenting was the right mixture of learning and then testing that teachings.

Excellent Class, Highly Recommended

The instructor was great, very engaging, a wealth of knowledge.

Very Impressive Classroom Training

Excellent class. Instructor was very knowledgeable of the subject matter. Instructor was also very well versed in learning theory which set this class apart from similar test prep classes. Very well done and impressive.

Everyone Needs to Sign up for These Classes

This course compared to the other I had taken was the equivalent of driving a Pinto and then getting a Porsche. The material from the teacher to the computer modules was excellent. I feel I have been given the tools I need to successfully pass my exam. I will be telling others this is the course they need to sign up for. I think the time was right and the instructor offered to go above the time if anyone was lagging or needed help.

Great Training Experience

The Instructor was very knowledgeable API 1169 and provided a great training experience with amazing take home study and exam preparation practices. I felt the duration fell in line with my learning style

Classroom training helped a lot!

Teacher is very knowledgeable on all test questions

Great Class!

I learned a lot from this class. I thought I knew more than I did. By the end of the week I am confident that I can pass my test. The quizzes helped. The exercises and shortcut to navigate through the references helped. It's a ton of work in a short time. I wish it could have been longer. Thanks for all the help.

Thank you, Matt, for being an Instructor.

Matt was great with reference & knowledge of the course material. Helpful is covering & assisting on ways to look at the materials covered. I would recommend this lass to people looking to complete this API 1169 Course. Thank you, Matt, for being an Instructor.

Classroom training helped a lot!

Extremely engaging and knowledgeable instructor. Course material was very comprehensive.

I would definitely recommend velocity to others.

I came mainly for the course material and to get more familiar with overall pipeline work (apart from my background). I feel the course exceeded my expectations in this regard and although I do not necessarily need the certification, I am confident the course prepared me for the test. Because most other people in the class are dependent on passing the test, I appreciate the amount of time Matt took ensuring their exam readiness. Assuming that other courses are run similarly, I would definitely recommend velocity to others.

Classroom training helped a lot!

Matt was awesome! Took the time to make sure everyone understood the material

Great Class!

Great course! Great teacher! Left me highly confident in my abilities to complete the API 1169 without fear of failing miserably. Big Thanks to Matt the Velocity team!

Great Class!

Great course! Great teacher! Left me highly confident in my abilities to complete the API 1169 without fear of failing miserably. Big Thanks to Matt the Velocity team!

Great Class!

Great instructor and will be recommending this course for many others.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your support! You guys were such great help. I'm 100% satisfied and happy with your course you guys provided.

Great Class!

I've had many instructors of 39 yrs of service in the Houston Texas Fire Dept, Nace certification, and this instructor not only instruct, but teaches a way you can understand the material, he was very knowledgeable of the course material

Learned a lot!

I would recommend this classroom training to everyone.



Showed a ton of knowledge

I found this course to be very informative. The instructor did an excellent job keeping me focused on the subject at hand.

Great Class!

Instructor took time to accurately explain and answer every question asked patiently.

I learned a lot

Definitely gave me the confidence to take the API 1169 test. I learned a lot.

strongly recommend the VTES API 1169 study course

I strongly recommend the API 1169 study course if you want to pass test on first time around, very educational, all questions answered and beyond Matt showed a lot of professionalism his duties as a training instructor.

Learned a lot of information!

Instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable. I feel that this class well prepared me for the test.

Learned a lot of information!

Course was great, lots of information and Matt was very informative.

Learned a lot of information!

The instructor was very knowledgeable in the subjects that pertained to the 1169. I feel confident taking the exam after attending this class.

Enjoyed this class

I strongly enjoyed this course, Inspector was knowledgeable and gave us sufficient breaks and not so much homework to overload us like some courses given.

Great Class!

I thought this was a great preparation class for the API 1169 certification test, whether you are new to the industry or have many field years of experience. The instructor did a great job of helping understand the proper study skills and techniques needed for a successful outcome. There are many regulations and study documents and he did a great job of helping us understand how to read the test questions and determine which tool we need to use to be able to answer the questions correctly.

Very informative!

This course was extremely helpful, especially for someone with limited knowledge in the field of study. The instructor far surpassed the term "knowledgeable". His understanding with the material and references was far beyond expectation. This course has helped me retain far more knowledge that i assumed it would and i would feel confident in take my exam with the information and training that i have received.

Classroom training helped a lot!

Enjoyed the training and learned a lot.

I feel confident!

Great Instructor and course!

Learned a lot of information!

Very good and very knowledgeable

Classroom training helped a lot!

Enjoyed the class as well as you can for 4 days of cramming all this information in my pea size brain but appreciated Matt's patients ! He was very helpful in training me thanks Steven Sumner GUNTUCKY !!!!!!!

I feel confident!

Believe the course will help pass the API 1169 test.

Great Class!

I was reluctant on taking the training class. I found my instruction to be very knowledgeable and had a way to of delivering the material that actually made it fun. He gave good test suggestions as well as studying practices.

This was an exceptional course.

This was an exceptional course. I have been through many and this material was true to the subject matter and presented in a way that i had no issues understanding and retaining. The test taking tips were spot on for a timed multiple choice test.

I would recommend this class to everyone!

Matt did an exceptional job in his presentation of all class materials; he was very knowledgeable of where the information was in all the reference material from the CFR's

Good course

Classroom was really good

Good Class

The classroom tests were beneficial, everything was good.

Class was helpful and very informative

Thought the class was helpful and very informative. The instructor had a very strong knowledge of the material. Would recommend the class to anyone taking the 1169.

Very Helpful

Very knowledgeable on API 1169 and associated documents. Easy to understand. Very Helpful if one did not understand a section of material.

Very interesting class

Matt has a lot of knowledge of the course, Very interesting class good learning atmosphere.

Very helpful

I appreciate the patience that was shown to each individual student, i felt that the instructor really cared about the success of each student. I felt that the instructor was reassuring to all of the students, which was very helpful because it created a calming atmosphere, and it instilled confidence in each of us.

Overall great experience!

Overall great experience! Quality of instruction was excellent. Would definitely recommend to others.

Great course!

Great course. I was well prepared.

Thank for the Help!

Good Job Matt. Thank for the Help!!!

Classroom discussion was excellent

I think Matt was a great instructor. He gave us the knowledge that he had in a way that we could understand. Classroom discussion was excellent also.

Great Class!

Instructor knowledge the best i have ever seen.

I will definitely recommend Velocity to everyone.

Enjoyed Matts sense of humor and his knowledge of the course subject. I will definitely recommend Velocity to everyone.

Great Class!!

Matt is very knowledgeable!!! Great Class!!

Great Class!

He made sure that everyone understood or at least made the attempt. He knew the subject matter well and tried to get the important points across. He and questions to make sure he was getting thought to us . I think he did well.

Really enjoyed the classroom

Really enjoyed the classroom setting, instructor is very knowledgeable and would explain things in a way one could grasp the questions better.

The class was very helpful.

The class was very helpful. The instructor Matt keep things entertaining while also make sure that the tools needed to pass the test were instilled into us. great class and great instructor.

Very pleased with class!

Very pleased with class. Went into class very nervous & unprepared to take the upcoming exam. Instructor has broken down material exceptionally well. Looking forward to taking the exam & feel confident & prepared.

I will highly recommend this course to anyone.

Matt was an awesome teacher. His knowledge base of the material was right on point. I'm still very nervous test taker, but with his guidance and all of the practice material I feel I have a better idea of what to expect. I will highly recommend this course to anyone.

Classroom course is the best!

Classroom course is the best way to approach this certification. I don't think anyone would do as well on the actual test if they studied on their own or used online course. The trainer is well versed in all aspects of the API 1169 system and helped in so many ways to make me understand what needs to be remembered and where to go to find the answers.

Very informative!

Instructor was very informative.

Classroom training helped a lot!

The classroom training helps in retaining the information provided

Learned a lot of information!

I learned a lot of information as well as techniques and knowledge on where to find the information I need. Matt is a man who is very knowledgeable on the course information.