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Very Happy 03 May 2022

My son (8 yrs old) had a different teacher for a year. After switching to Mrs Michelle, he advanced more in 4months than that whole year. My son now loves going to piano class and does not complain at all about having to practice during the week. Mrs Michelle is very kind, patient and knowledgeable. She knows just how much to "push" the student to encourage growth without crushing the desire to learn. We are very glad we found her and would wholeheartedly recommend her to others!

Blessed with a wonderful teacher 02 May 2022

My son has been taking piano lessons with Michelle Martin for the last three years. She has been so kind, patient and caring. Michelle is passionate about teaching music and our family is so thankful for her.

The perfect piano teacher 09 Aug 2017

My oldest daughter started taking piano lessons from Ms. Martin since February this year and after 6 months, she became a fabulous little piano player and we're more than happy with the result and the progress our daughter has made under Ms. Martin! Ms. Martin is, what I would call a well-balanced teacher. She's compassionate, kind, caring and funny at times yet she can be firm, strict and serious with her teaching (which my daughter hardly notices because Ms. Martin is that good! ^^). She sets boundaries (expectations regarding practice and requirements) and rewards her student's hard work with words of encouragement and fun reward system. Another thing I love about Ms. Martin is her passion for teaching music theory, which I believe is one of the most important foundations in playing musical instrument. My daughter has learned so much for the past 6 months and Ms. Martin teaches it with consistency, effectiveness and elements of fun. I loved the opportunity to accompany my daughter during her lessons to watch how Ms. Martin teaches! Lastly, Ms. Martin knows how to interact with children so well and I believe her being a homeschool mom adds more to her music teaching. I often joke about how she incorporates math lessons during piano lessons, which is so important in understanding music! ^^ Overall, Ms. Martin is a perfect teacher with much honesty, integrity and effectiveness, not to mention her fun personality! We're very happy and grateful for Ms. Martin and we can't wait to enroll our second daughter in near future!

She deserves The Best Teacher Ever award! 03 Jan 2017

She's taught both me and my daughter and I just can't express in words how amazing she is as a person, as a musician and as a teacher. I started on violin in 4th grade with her and she was my private teacher and school orchestra instructor until I started high school. Even though she was always my favorite, I didn't quite realize what a gem of a teacher she was back then (in terms of the quality of her work), because I was just a kid. But now that I'm older I've had the chance to compare...I went on to meet many other music teachers throughout my teens and also once I started looking for a teacher for my child in my late 20s. None can compare with Mrs. Martin's magical way with kids. She is very patient, but keeps kids focused. She is fun, but teaches them to take their music seriously. I've met so many other teachers who are either too strict for young ones or too lax about the kids learning the right technique. Not the case with Mrs. Martin...she provides the perfect balance of fun and learning. I promise you are going to love her! 

Excellent Teacher 31 Dec 2016

Michelle has been such a blessing for our family. After trying a few instructors who were unable to help my son focus in and learn the violin, we found Michelle, who really understands child development and uses that knowledge in her lessons for fun and motivation! She instills a perfect mix of enjoyment and discipline into her students. Now she is teaching all three of my boys, with various learning abilities and challenges, and is able to tailor the lessons so that everyone makes progress and has success! I can't speak highly enough of Michelle as a teacher and as a lovely person.

Great Instructor. Knowledgeable, patient and kind. 31 Dec 2016

Mrs. Martin instructed my oldest son for 2 years. She was so friendly and welcoming that my daughter decided to take piano lessons with her as well. Mrs. Martin is patient and kind and makes her students feel at ease, even when they make a mistake.

Very Patient and Steady Instructor! 31 Dec 2016

Michelle has provided private instruction for both my oldest and middle child.  Our oldest has gone on to perform in four All-State and five All County Orchestras and has been the principle Violist at his High School all four years.  He has also been co-Principle and Principle Violist for the Young Artist Orchestra.  Our middle child has also been the Concert Master of the Sinfonia Orchestra and a member of the top orchestra at her local high school.  It was with Michelle’s foundation that encouraged them to be the musicians that they are today.  Thank you Michelle for all that you have done...

Testimonial #2 31 Dec 2016

Even if you do not live near Apopka she is worth the drive - Michelle Martin has been teaching Natalie for over 5 years now and has a style and teaching technique that covers it all, including music theory, sight reading, and an inspiring positive attitude !

Testimonial #1 31 Dec 2016

I have learned so much over 5 years, thank you Ms. Michelle for teaching me the violin! Natalie B.