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Kristine was incredible at helping me with my long term gut issues which led to skin problems!! Thank you!!

Loved her program!!!

Kristine knows her stuff! She was able to assess my situation and give me some awesome guidelines to help heal my gut issues. After having Covid twice last year, I had some serious long hauler issues. She and I worked together for several months and I am starting to feel human again! Thank you so much for everything!


Loved our interactions and her constant support during a difficult time in my life. Not only did Kristine help me with staying physically healthy, but she supported me emotionally when I thought I was at my wits end. Thank you thank you!

One on one!

I cant say enough about how Kristine has helped me, even from far away! She has made me feel validated and always seemed to know what I needed. She took a lot of time to get to know me, lots of emails and texts later, I had a great new meal plan designed just for me and my needs! Thank you so much!

Suffering no more

I suffered from low self esteem and anxiety. After my sessions with KRistina, I started to realize there was hope. As a wife and mother I always felt overwhelmed to 'do it all'. Now Im learning to be gentle with myself and take more time for me. Thank you so much. I love talking with her and I always feel empowered afterwards.

Relief finally!

Kristina made me feel like I was her one and only client. She addressed my issues one on one and always seemed to be there for me no matter what time day or night. Not only did I learn some valuable lessons for long term health, but I gained a new friend!


I suffered with major back pain where several times a year I could barely get out of bed and was taking pain meds for it. After getting on Kristine's plan, and sticking to it, I no longer need medication, I hit the gym and am lifting heavy weights up to four days a week and I've never felt better!!! I highly recommend her!!

Feeling great!

I had stomach issues for years and Kristine helped me tremendously! My gut issues are no longer!