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Hip and Back pain 28 Aug 2018

I sought out Mary's help to heal a hip and back injury that had me in crippling pain and unable to work. We have been working together for a few months clearing away trauma that I have carried around for lifetimes, trapped within my body. The hip pain is nearly gone and we are currently releasing emotional stress that has kept me from moving forward in my life. Mary is a truly gifted and compassionate healer. I also love the beautiful jewelry that she makes.

Releasing Burden 11 Nov 2017

I love the lightness I feel in my heart and body, after each session with Mary, knowing that events of the past now hold less power over the present and future. These sessions came into my life during a very pivotal moment, my first pregnancy. Through these sessions I was able to connect with my baby in a very specific way that is not otherwise possible. The detailed information Mary could provide me regarding my body, spirit and mind and bringing the three into a healthier balance brought a peace of mind that was priceless to me. The possibility of these past burdens being released from my future children, the lessening of pregnancy symptoms (including morning sickness) and releasing trauma from my dog were an added bonus. Thank you Mary for the healing you have brought to me and those that are dear to me!