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SJ is great at connecting people!

In the summer of 2019, SJ reached out to me because he saw my flyer at CoHatch. He was interested in learning more about my parenting workshop, so we met at CoHatch to learn more about each other’s businesses. At the end of the meeting, SJ promised to make a few introductions to people he thought I might be interested in meeting who are interested in similar mission – helping parents transform their relationships with their kids. One of the people that SJ introduced me to was Terry Manrique. Terry and I connected and over the course of the next few months became partners in her business – Working with Parents. Fast forward to today, we have a great partnership and are off to an amazing 2020 with exciting goals for this year! All of this wouldn’t be possible without SJ’s introduction. He is wonderful at knowing who and how to connect people together. Both Terry and I are very grateful to SJ!

The great connector

SJ has been a godsend. He has the uncanny ability to connect the people that need to be connected. He has introduced me to so many high value contacts, I wouldn't know what I'd do without him in my life. SJ is simply the best.