The best way to get to know Dresden

Saxony by Seema deserves top honors! Seema is a fantastically knowledgeable and incredibly insightful tour guide. Though some guides may have spent more time living in Saxony, I consider it a bonus to view both the beauty and tragedy evident throughout Dresden, as filtered through the experience of someone who came to the city later in life. Certainly she shows the key sights (the Zwinger, the castle, the opera, the Brühlsche Terrasse) and discusses what makes them special. But what sets Seema apart is her background in psychology. She can quickly read the mood and interests of her clients, and tailor the style and pace of her tour accordingly. For our group of international visitors, she provided a unique balance of humor, pathos, facts and trivia. She encouraged questions and answered them adeptly. In short - Even as someone who has lived in Dresden for years, I learned new things, and enjoyed myself immensely. In fact, I'm excited to take another tour with her - and try one of her "Psychology writes History" walks soon!
Brian Von Rueden | Aug 2019 | Dresden