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Review 30 Jan 2021

The Dental Administration Course was well organized, professionally presented, Course material was in depth and covered a lot of material, but divided up so that it was not over-whelming. You can work at your own pace, which is great if working or have other commitments. Jennifer was very helpful, knowledgable and very quick to get assignments back to the student.

Review 16 Jan 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed the Dental Business Administration program with Evolve. I had no prior experience or education in the dental field, but was able to fully understand all aspects of the course due to the variety of tools they provide during the program (ie. flashcards, practice tests, video tutorials) that set you up for success. My course instructor, Jennifer, was just an email or phone call away when I was unsure about anything. She always gave clear and thorough explanations or feedback that helped guide me through the program. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get started in the Dental industry, or who would like to sharpen their Dental Admin skills!

Review 14 Jan 2021

This was a great course with a lot of information. I feel confident with this new knowledge I can make a smooth transition into the Dental Field with ease.

Review 29 Dec 2020

I really enjoyed this course! Jennifer was awesome and very supportive. I’ve honestly learned so much that I’m excited to put forward in my new career!

Review 02 Nov 2020

This program is very thorough and you learn a lot. The program instructor Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and always quick to answer any questions you may have which makes taking this course a much better experience. Highly recommend if you are looking to enter the dental industry.

Review 23 Sep 2020

This program is thorough and covers all aspects of a dental office. Would highly recommend!

Review 16 Sep 2020

Very informative course, nicely laid out with a flow that makes learning all the information less stressful. You feel prepared to start each new module, and use what you have learned throughout the course. Jennifer is quick to get back your results on exams and assignments, allowing you to complete the course at whatever pace suits you.

Review 10 Sep 2020

Review 20 May 2020

This program has been nothing but amazing! I was pleasantly surprised at how detailed and thorough the units were in covering topics relating to administrative tasks. I've learned new things while doing this program that I haven't been shown yet in my dental admin job now. Jennifer was so quick in getting back to me with marks and responses to questions I had. Anyone looking to take a dental administration program, I HIGHLY recommend EVOLVE DENTAL ACADEMY. It is very accommodating, detailed and very well laid out and easy to follow.

Review 04 Sep 2019

Pleasantly surprised with how accommodating the program was, being able to work part time and complete the program was exactly what I was looking for. Jennifer is an amazing teacher and helped me immensely throughout the course. I would highly recommend the Business Dental Administration course to anyone looking to get into the dental field.

Review 13 Oct 2018

Excellent course.

Review 13 Jun 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Jen is great! I feel adequately prepared to start a career in the dental field.

Review 12 Jun 2018

Evolve dental academy was a great online school which gave me the confidence and skills to pursue a new career

Review 12 May 2018

Taking the dental administration program was an amazing experience. All the course information was detailed, clear and straightforward to understand. The student portal was easy to navigate as it had separate sections for each of the seven units with comprehensive explanations and requirements for the assignments and unit exams. If you put in the work necessary to complete the course you will succeed with honors. I can't say enough positive things about this course as it taught me so many valuable lessons about the dental field as well as what to expect when applying for dental administration jobs and when applying for dental school. The one thing, or person I should say, that helped me through the program is Jennifer. She helped me through everything. She marked my assignments and exams quickly as well as gave a comprehensive review of everything I did correctly and areas where I needed improvement. She was understanding of my schedule as I needed a course extension due to prior commitments and was always there to answer any of my questions. I am forever grateful for taking this course and I greatly appreciate everything Jennifer did for over the past 4 months. I highly recommend anyone wanting to get their dental administration certificate to take this course because it is AMAZING!

Review 08 May 2018

The Dental administration program was very thorough in covering all aspects necessary for this field of work. I enjoyed everything it offered and everything I learned. It was very well laid out and easy to navigate. I feel well prepared to begin a career as a Dental Administrator and I am glad I had the opportunity to complete this program! Jennifer was an exceptional instructor, full of knowledge and insight and always there to explain things whenever I had a question or needed help. She was very responsive to emails. I could tell she really cared about me succeeding and doing my best. Overall a most excellent and competent instructor, whom I am glad I had the opportunity to work with!

Review 07 Mar 2018


Review 31 Jan 2018

Evolve Dental Academy was very realistic and informative. The program instructor was helpful and thorough, All in all It was a positive experience.

Review 24 Dec 2017


Review 24 Oct 2017


Review 27 Jul 2017