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She has too many wonderful qualities to list! 09 Jan 2017

Amy worked for me for several years watching my five out of six kids. She is an amazing person. She's very nurturing, patient, honest, trustworthy and at the same time, energetic and fun with the children. There are truly too many wonderful qualities to list! My kids always enjoyed having her come to watch them. She is very calm and at ease with babies as well. We all miss her here in Seattle area.

Amy is a baby whisperer! 10 Jan 2017

Amy helped me as I adjusted to being a new mom after my daughter was born. She is a baby whisperer!!! She taught my husband and I many tricks to soothe baby. Her advice was offered in a helpful way without sounding superior. At all times she was available to help out with whatever I needed. She is highly skilled and competent.