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Nice little place with good used book prices and a decent selection.

Bibliophile niece from out of town enjoyed browsing, added 2 valuable titles to her collection. Thanks as always, Eric!

The clerk there was very polite, duteous, honest, and patient. He went through about 14 45's and priced them all, I didn't get much cash, but that was fine. They have a large collection of books and LPs that I quickly browsed through. I do recommend, but if you want to sell an item for what YOU think it's value is, please use eBay

Good place

This store had a lot of pretty cool records, the guy who checked me out with the beard was super friendly and nice to have a conversation with. I got some harder to find records there which was great! I will definitely be returning in the near future! Thanks Amazing Books!

Interesting selection of used books, neatly laid out. Very knowledegable staff. A pleasure to visit!

Amazing Books is a treasure! I always find a stack of new books to take home! The staff and especially owner Eric are attentive and helpful. I am so grateful to have this store in our neighborhood and I live the Saturday night shopping hours and frequent parties! Do not miss the chance to visit often as there is always something new!

There's a lot crammed into this little store. I just wish more of the stock could be displayed on shelves. I ended up having a delightful conversation with the owner before I left. I wish him all the best in life and business. Be sure to stop by and buy something to help him support his growing family. :)

(Translated by Google) Always good readings, with good price. (Original) Siempre buenas lecturas, con buen precio.

Nice used bookstore

The shop owner is incredibly friendly and helpful. Great experience.

Truly my favorite bookstore

Great little store with lots to look at and check it. Very friendly staff

Amazing owner and super friendly staff, large collection of the right books. Prices are real low, great atmosphere for book reader

The staff is very friendly and helpful. Great place to find some rare books.

The staff are very friendly and helpfull the store is clean and the price are cheap

Very nice and friendly place !

has great books at great prices come check it out!!!

Nice book store with friendly and helpful staff. Not really big, so selection is limited, but we did find some good books at a fair price.

Fabulous bookstore. Ask about a book and it magically appears. Owner/staff helpful, friendly, knowledgeable... can I say enough good things about this place? In Pittsburgh downtown for a few days and wanted to find a really good bookstore to complete my tour of a great city and this was it. Go!

Great staff that will help you sort through a pretty large selection of books and records to find you what you want .

great finds. love this place.

Been going here since it opened and always finding something new. Good selection of science fiction and history.

Ok it's a second hand book and record store which buys, sells and exchanges the aforementioned. I have sold books and records here and yes sometimes you won't get a lot for what you've got, but they have to make their business work and you don't have to accept their offer. They can be cluttered which is likely down to the turnover of acquiring and selling new stock constantly and having to move it around the store to the correct genre section etc. However they are a gem of a find for university students as they have a huge range of academic titles and even textbooks on current syllabi at CMU, Pitt etc.

Hours aren’t accurate on google. Looks great! Was visiting from NY & definitely going to buy some records. Oh well!

Pretty amazing little bookstore. Lots of records and books if you find yourself with time.

This store has a great selection of books. The atmosphere was welcoming and the staff was very helpful.

Great to have a bookstore on the South Side. The staff are friendly and helpful. They have a huge selection of books,records,gifts, and greeting cards.

Nice place to buy your out of catalogue book, look for old and used long plays records. At my visit they helped me a lot, making some calls to get the correct place to find the book I needed.

I stopped in on Friday, 8/11/2017, and the gentlemen were just that: true gentlemen. They were genuinely interested in me and my interests, they were professional, courteous and extremely kind. It was a pleasure to shop, and not only the books are amazing, the gentlemen who offer this exemplary customer service are too! it is precisely the kind of bookstore I truly enjoy.

They have a huge variety of books! I didnt get the chance to look at their record colection, but I was impressed by the amount of books they had! The prices are also very reasonable. It is a nice place,very pretty indeed, and I was very well treated by the staff.

A great atmosphere and a wonderful selection of new and used books at reasonable prices!

Nice little store. Needs a bit more on the shelves but I dig it.

I've been here a few times and they all have been wonderful experiences. They have a lot of vinyls (when I was there, a big selection of old school country and the Beetles). Newer and more popular vinyls are priced a little higher but it's understandable. They have so many books, and you can buy remarkably older ones for a collection. They also have some neat books in the clear display - some signed and they had an Italian version of a Star Wars book.

Outstanding service and very nice stuff and store. Highly recommend!!!!

It's hard to make money in the used book selling business, and spending lots of money on buying used books (even in excellent condition) is a losing game. Give them a break about this sort of thing. Excellent service, friendly staff.

This store is aptly named. Chuck and Rahmeer are great at what they do. And from what I read of their collaborative writing is mind blowing.

Lots of vintage books and records. They have hard to find stuff.

Great selection

It's so hard to find used book stores anymore, especially good ones! The books in this store are in good condition and are priced reasonably. The staff are very helpful, keep the store organized, and well stocked. One of my favorite stops in Pitt.

Amazing Books is true to its name. Go visit--there's always parking within a block of the store on Murray. The first amazing thing is the variety of books. In a moderately sized space, packed with books from floor to ceiling, you can find a long wall of fiction, an array of mysteries, a remarkably rich section of Judaica, aisles of new additions, a healthy handful of new releases, and hefty shelves full of poetry, biography, lit crit, African-American, music, drama, art, gardening, kids, travel, sci-fi/fantasy, American history, European history, religion, sociology, and philosophy. There are also interesting selections of LPs and DVDs. ***That's the key--the books are indeed well chosen, and the selection is constantly changing.*** Almost all of the books are used, and thus sold at good prices. And the prices are discounted if you buy a handful or join as a member. Used books are bought and sold there all time. The next-to-best thing about Amazing Books is the staff, who are great folks--friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They throw parties about once a month, and the store is always up to something fun and interesting. Finally, I don't want to ignore the obvious. The best thing about Amazing Books is that it exists at all, in a great location, providing Squirrel Hill and all of Pittsburgh with a constantly changing selection of classic, popular, academic, rare, new, and always attractive books. Thank you, Amazing Books, for making Pittsburgh an even better place!

Excellent selection. And what they don't have they can order in. Last week I went in looking for an obscure title and they had it ordered in for me very swiftly. Plus they bought a bunch of books from me for a decent amount! But what I most like about this place is that they're Honest.

Hometown bookstore in the middle of the big city. Great selection; obscure titles; ability to do personal orders. Great customer service; personal touch; passionate about what they do... BOOKS! They host some fun events so check their Facebook page for updates and for sales also. I frequent the store and, if you are a book lover also, I highly recommend that you do the same.

Amazing Books cannot be bound to just one adjective. They're a great store with a lot of heart in the staff. The staff knows what they're talking about and are passionate about books and writing. Their sincerity and love of books shows through their engaging conversation and eagerness to help you find what you were looking for, as sometimes guiding you to authors and world's you weren't even aware of. The prices and selection are great and the atmosphere is phenomenal. The store is one of the few places left that truly appreciates books and conversation about them. Something that's become much more rare and fleeting.