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I did this analysis with Dr. Jay a couple of years ago now and it has been a valuable help to me in figuring out some things to avoid, action items on things to include, and gave me a much better peek under the hood vs. 23andme (for example, I have all the FTSO genes which 23andme doesn't even mention). Knowledge is power and using epigenetics to influence the expression of your genes is a game changer.

Game Changer!

I’ve been on a personal health & fitness journey for the last 6 years. I’ve tried just about every type of fad diet; I’ve done just about every type of exercise & fitness routine. I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, & chronic pain (diagnosed as fibromyalgia). Every step of my journey has taught me more about my health and more about my body. But, the most helpful & significant progress I’ve made has come from having my DNA analysis done by Dr. Jay. I wish I could have done this 6 years ago. It would have told me things it took me years to discover on mine own, & it also provided me with a wide spectrum of new life changing information about my unique DNA optimization. I’ve already made several personal recommendations to friends & family… encouraging them to have this analysis done. So, if you’re considering it, I’d strongly recommend it. It’s a game changer!


I went to my therapist, Josette, today and told her about how I felt like an anvil has been lifted off my chest as a result of my meeting with you! You are a breath of fresh air!!! I think you went a long way towards healing my lifetime medical trauma and frustrations. Josette pointed out that for once I was heard and not meant to feel crazy. You listened and I finally enjoyed tremendous value from a health convo with a brilliant doctor. I’m so happy. I just can’t thank you enough! She said I don’t have to go back unless there is a problem in the future. I’m hoping to get my daughter to meet with you as well. She’s afraid to know scary things. I’m trying to assure her. You did an EXCELLENT job of assuaging my fears with that paragraph about it being most important to not stress or be a hypochondriac. LOL. Everything about you was reassuring — even your voice. So much gratitude!!!!


When Dr. Jay analyzed my DNA health code from 23andme, I saw first-hand his ability to upgrade athletic performance. Like he says, applied knowledge is power. Dr. Jay confirmed various strengths and weaknesses I knew I had based on my years of training. But Dr. Jay also went way beyond things I know. He also made everything simple and actionable. I highly, highly recommend him