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Exceptional Training and Partnership

We had very high expectations for vendor training at Rackspace and Consigas delivered exceptional training and exceeded our expectations. Consigas was willing to work with us to understand our needs and tailor the training inside course framework to stress on stuff that we use in our daily operations. This helped our resources who were attending the training to get in-depth knowledge of features they would use every day. Dom was an excellent technical resource, he was knowledgeable and was very insightful recalling his own experiences with specific feature sets. Lab were very well put together and both the labs and the course being available on-demand for an year after the class added a lot of value to the training. I would also like to express my gratitude for providing the best practices configuration and CLI references, checklists that we can build upon for our deployments.

Optimizing Firewall Threat Prevention (EDU-214) by Lars Meyer

Hello, I would like to share my great appreciation of the course delivered on PAN technology by Lars. First the course itself is well prepared and documented. The lab was reliable and flexible enough to replay specific scenarios or to reproduce personal use cases. In addition, Lars was a great instructor, demonstrating an advanced field experience that gave an answer to any of our questions, but also gave a concrete background to this course. Which is for us, security professionals, the most valuable exchange you can get beyond technology. Looking forward to another course with Consigas. Sincerely, Eric-Marie

Optimizing FireWall Threat Prevention (EDU-214)

When it comes to networking security there are loads of technologies. Palo Alto is a next generation firewall and nowadays having knowledge of how to use this power in the most granular form is a plus for you and every company. I had the opportunity to learn from Lars Meyer and I have to say it was one of the best professional experience. Excluding the training material you will benefit for a lot of options to test your ideas and as well you will learn from real life example techniques. Going through Consigas for every kind of Palo Alto training it will be a significant "upgrade" from knowledge point of view!


The presentation and material were very good organised and to the point. The training was based on best practice from their past experience which makes it very interesting. Although I already had some experience in Paloalto, still gained a lot of knowledge.


I've completed the Advanced troubleshooting course with Dom from Consigas. The course was excellent, we really got into the nuts and bolts of how the Palos work and how to effectively troubleshoot a multitude of issues. The way the course is structured this not only prepares you for the examples covered but gives you sufficient insight into the available tools to troubleshoot issues not directly covered by the course. Virtual classroom training worked really well and Dom presentation of the material was very thorough and demonstrated an excellent understanding and technical competence in the area. I've already recommended Consigas and this course to others.

210 Essentials - much deeper than we could imagine

The title of 210 says "Essentials". It could be true, but not with Consigas trainers :-). We took this course after nearly 2 years of extensive management of multiple PA, including 7K series etc., multiple migrations from different platforms, with extensive firewalling and networking knowledge of our team. So someone can say "why the hell they need essential configuration and management?" I can say only this - I wish I passed this course at least one year sooner. Consigas has elite trainers, very knowledgeable, and independent as well (so not everything is shiny with PA :-). With them we discovered deeps of PA, we understood most of the WHYs, where PA is different from other FW platforms. It was definitely much more than "you configure NAT or XYZ in this way" :-). In addition to it, a really high added value, was sharing of best practices, with detailed walk-through of multiple small details. It is an old truth, that Evil is in detail. All of my guys, regardless if L3 or L2, enjoyed and valued this course to the maximum. I can recommend it to anyone, regardless of your previous FW or networking experience. You will simply love it :-) Domagoj, Lars, great job! Thank you! PS: A small comment to Palo Alto Education guys - merging of 3 and 2 days course into 5 isn't the best. Last two days are difficult even for highly motivated people, due to the amount of information.


Great training, great instructor (Lars) and lots and lots of additional content based on real world experience. Also, the ability to revisit the lectures after the training is a very big bonus. It has really helped me to provide my customers with the best possible solution.

Fortifying and Expanding Knowledge

The overall training was exeptional, but I would put accent on the lecturer that gave perspective to every topic by explaining it with whiteboard drawing example.The lab is very helpful and the best practise tips are priceless. They gave me practical knowledge how to change the existing environment.

Manage Cyberthreats (EDU-231)

Manage Cyberthreats (EDU-231) by Consigas was a very insightful and interesting course. From the knowledge learnt we have several recomendations to increase the security on our Palo Alto Firewalls. Looking forward to the next course.

Informative and Well Structured Firewall Course

The Palo-Alto firewall 201 course has been an enjoyable experience and I have most certainly come away feeling more confident about the product, and about using it going forward at my place of work. The topics were well structured and gave a comprehensive introduction to PANos which was easy to follow. The lab guide was very helpful and kept you on track if you hit any problems during the labs. The trainer Dom was very knowledgeable, and presented all the topics in a clear and easy to understand way. He was very pleasant and approachable if you had any questions or needed assistance. The virtual classroom setup worked very well. I was a little sceptical at first but was pleasantly surprised, and allowing you to learn in the comfort of your own home or at work allows for maximum flexibility. A highly recommended course. Well done Consigas, and thanks!

Highlander Computing Solutions

I can strongly recommend Consigas, such a fantastic company to work with.

PAN-EDU-311 Advanced Troubleshooting Training 23.5.2016

Lars held a great course in troubleshooting on Palo Alto. The labs worked well in the virtual environment. Lars has a lot of experience in the field, and that really shows.

PAN-EDU-311 Advanced Troubleshooting Training 23.5.2016

Great course offered by Lars. Learned techniques which were not aware of before. Focus was more on practical aspects rather than focusing just on theory. Looking forward to other courses from Lars as well.

PAN-EDU-201 v7.0 Management Fundamentals 23.11.2015

Training was excellent and trainer was extremely knowledgeable on Palo Alto. Would definitely recommend

PAN-EDU-201 v7.0 Management Fundamentals 14.9.2015

Great course and great instructor. Really enjoyed the format and flexibility online. Only flaw is the final HA lab which leaves 50% students in the lurch, is not conducive to online, and thus leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Fix this final module and everything gets a gold star!

PAN-EDU-201 v7.0 Management Fundamentals 27.7.2015

Great course offered by Lars and his team. I passed CNSE thanks to Dom and Lars

PAN-EDU-231 Advanced Threat Management Course 22.06.2015

The course was very well organised and structured, managed to cover a great deal of material and had time to explore extra. Good balance of theory and practical exercises. The instructor Lars was very knowledgeable, engaging and was able to patiently answered our many questions. The Lars made available substantial amount of course material (docs, video recording, diagrams etc…) and access to the Lab environment was available whole week of training and the following week, which was great for learning/exploring the Palo Alto firewall functionality in our own time and pace. Great experience, I highly recommend both course and instructor.

PAN-EDU-201 Management Fundamentals 25.5.2015

No death by powerpoint here. Hands on is essential and having Dom jump in to help explain and point out mistakes was very helpful. Excellent training. Thanks again Dom.

PAN-EDU-311 Advanced Troubleshooting Training 11.5.2015

Another great online course. Due to the good knowledge and extensive practical experience, which Dom has, gave me many insights to address and resolve problems solid.

PAN-EDU-201 Advanced Configuration Training 13.04.2015

Dom is amazing instructor, very knowledgeable and experienced. He is actually involved directly with ongoing production setups which makes his knowledge even more valuable since it gets multiplied by hands on experience. All of the questions were answered quickly and thoroughly.

PAN-EDU-205 Advanced Configuration Training 23.03.2015

The 5 x half day format works particularly well for me as it enables me to catch up with the "day job" during the afternoon and prevents the usual "lack of concentration" that can occur in the afternoon during all day sessions. The material was well presented, at a good pace, by a knowledgeable instructor - and the remote technology worked flawlessly and easily.

PAN-EDU-201 Management Fundamentals 02.03.2015

Excellent interactive training course with good real world examples and a trainer with passion and excellent knowledge of the material. Would recommend the course to anyone.

PAN-EDU-201 Management Fundamentals 26.01.2015

Great training course, the availability of labs outside of course hours made it easier to practise and explore the system further.The Instructor was very knowledgeable and encouraged participation and patiently answered our many questions.I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get training on Palo Alto firewalls.

PAN-EDU-231 Advanced Threat Management Course 23.02.2015

I had previously attended the PAN-EDU-311 classroom course and was curious as to how an online course would compare. Lars was brilliant as per usual. I was very impressed with his preparedness and the vast amount of topics covered both in and outside the scope of the course. If one student had an issue, Lars was able to share their screen with all other attendees and allow everyone to view the troubleshooting steps. This was a definite advantage over a classroom training course. Lars presented to the class an array of recommended best practices and, more importantly for me, a guide to how to implement these in a live environment.

PAN-EDU-311 Advanced Troubleshooting

Very knowledgeable instructor who was able to relate to real life examples