He's quick, efficient and extremely detailed.

Wayne Bisard was my Captain before he retired and started his investigation company. He's quick, efficient and extremely detailed.

I knew the minute I heard the professionalism in Wayne's voice, I had chosen the right place.

I'm writing to share my experience with WB investigations LLC. I had been looking for a good investigator to help me with a possible scamming issue I had been dealing with. I heard their add on Google, and when it mentioned they covered my area here in Michigan. I thought I'd give them a try. So I called their number from their add and left a voice message. Within 30 minutes I had a call back from Wayne. I knew the minute I heard the professionalism in Wayne's voice, I had chosen the right place. Wayne was very patient and kind and listened to every word I had to say. I never once felt that he didn't believe me when I finished. Wayne gave me his expert opinion of my situation and how to handle it. I was very impressed with his knowledge, his years in law enforcement and military background. I took his advice and right away put it to good use. It worked! If I ever need to seek out a investigator again Wayne at WB investigations LLC will be my first choice! Thank you Wayne.

I cannot recommend Wayne Bisard Investigations enough!

My company had an issue arise that required expedited services and we chose to hire Wayne Bisard based on his proven track record in law enforcement and at the recommendation of numerous members of law enforcement. We had an issue and needed a prompt, thorough, and expedited investigation completed. When I first spoke with Wayne he reassured me that our deadline (1 week) would not be a problem. Short of 30 hours later, the investigation was completed and we had a very thorough report that was completely digital, including reports and video. I cannot recommend Wayne Bisard Investigations enough!

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I am extremely grateful for Mr.. Bisard. I was looking for someone for over a year without any luck, got a referral for Bisard and he had her found in 10 minutes! My heart was so full and she was was looking for me too! God’s timing and he was the one to find her. My life is forever changed

I randomly selected Wayne Bisard Investigations. That was a lucky choice!

I live in California and was needing some information about an issue in Michigan. Not knowing anyone in Michigan, I randomly selected Wayne Bisard Investigations. That was a lucky choice! Mr. Bisard was prompt, he was intelligent and grasped my situation immediately. His investigation returned information which would have been impossible to find on the internet and only someone with local knowledge and connections could have found such information. The amount of money I spent was a tremendous value for what I received. I recommend Wayne Bisard Investigations, without hesitation.

He is efficient and thorough in his investigations

I have used Wayne Bisard on several cases. He is efficient and thorough in his investigations. His experience and background in law enforcement are valuable in recognizing what is missing in a case and what is critical to successful litigation for our clients.

Custom #1: Criminal Defense Attorney

Prompt, Thorough and Professional

Wayne has done great investigative work for me. He is prompt, thorough and professional. I highly recommend his services to my fellow lawyers.

Custom #1: Ference & Ference PC

Boy Was I Impressed

I am a Criminal Defense Attorney that is always looking for investigators that can assist me in my case. Wayne's name came across my desk at the referral of another attorney, and boy was I impressed! He responded to my initial email promptly, and after spending a few minutes talking about the case with him on the phone, I knew he was the person I was going to hire. With his extensive law enforcement background, to the client portal he uses, you won't be disappointed. Wayne's use of the client portal made communication with him a breeze. I was able to leave messages for him, upload and download documents, and it was all in one location. The report he generated for me was promptly done, concise and had lots of information I was able to directly use in my case. Highly recommended!

Went Above and Beyond

I hired Wayne to do some work relating to a criminal case and he was EXCELLENT! He went above and beyond, even getting me more information than local law enforcement had obtained. He was very professional and did the work in a timely manner. I would definitely hire him again.

Peace of Mind

Thank you for your professionalism and accessibility I do feel that the information you provided will help and what I wanted was accomplished through your services.