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Dogtag pill box mil spec aluminum 29 Oct 2020

I love it! It is one of the coolest necklaces I've ever gotten. Def ordering more for others ! Thank you so much! Great workmanship! Very sturdy and strong ! I'm very happy with it!

Best one yet... 02 Sep 2020

I have several mag-tags, different styles and materials. I have side opening and dog tag styles. Ones made of aluminum, some with the early hydro-graphics, some made out of brass. But before now my favorite has been the original "Bourne Legacy" Chem-case. Until now. I love the anodized version in black and am considering ordering a "distressed" one. These are absolutely amazing. Mike keeps innovating on the designs and I just keep adding them to my collection. I believe that have 6, possibly soon to be 7. I wear the anodized one with certain meds I need during the day and I carry an aluminum dog tag style in my pocket with a couple of acetaminophen tablets in case I need them. Thank you Mike these are top quality and I know they will give me many years of use. God bless you and your family.

Awesome Bourne Legacy Tag ! 31 Aug 2020

Wow! Got my preorder Born legacy Tag today. I love it! It works great and smooth. Very light weight. After wearing the Brass Mil Spec vertical for months, this one is feather light. Great job Mike. I look forward to more for my collection. I have some of your first models when you got started. Thanks bro.

Love my pill box 23 Jul 2020

Made my life a little easier.I keep it filled with my nitroglycerin just pick it up and go. No counting of pills And I feel much more secure knowing I have my medicine in case I need it

Great Piece ! 23 Jul 2020

This is such a great piece ! Mike was so helpful and my and my son loves this !

Very satisfied with quality and design 18 Jul 2020

Very satisfied with quality and design. Easy to use and offers a secure small wearable storage. This one were to small for my needs though so i use the larger one every day, but this one has a real great finish and look i can recommend.

Feedback 01 Jun 2020

Easy steps in purchasing what i have been looking for. I will definitely purchase again.

Review 27 May 2020

Hey! It's a great product, second one arrived and I can't wait to give it to my friend! Thanks for speedy, awesome service

Review 27 May 2020

Nice product, great workmanship and correspondence

Review 27 May 2020

This is a very well made item which could prove quite useful if you should need your medication quickly. I would highly recommend the product and Mike whose communication was excellent.

Review 27 May 2020

Very well engineered product, tough as nails - basically a great idea long overdue. Not heavy or bulky at all - if you're used to tags you'll barely notice it. Great seller, too

Review 27 May 2020

Awesome design. Great place to carry pills when needed. A must have for someone that needs to take pills in places other than your home.

Review 27 May 2020

This is a forever pillbox. It's extremely solid and should last forever if I don't lose it. It's perfect for carrying pills that you need to take during the day. One unforeseen benefit of this pillbox is because it's so thick and solid, yet light, you don't hear pills rattling around in your pocket. I got a different pillbox to keep my pills in my pocket but I can't keep it in my pocket during work because there is a constant rattling around of the pills when I walk. You don't hear the pills like a maracas.

Review 27 May 2020

Excellent quality, quick shipping, great comms! Thanks very much!