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Immediate Results! 22 Jan 2022

Tanya was absolutely amazing with helping us train our 5 yr old dog, we saw a huge difference in her just after the appointment! Would definitely recommend Tanya for any dog training!

1st Sleepover 16 Dec 2021

Pepper had her first sleepover at Tanya's with Norbit. Was very reassuring and so nice knowing that we were leaving her in such caring and capable hands! Pepper is an anxious little girl and not very socialable at present but with tips and us sticking to Tanya's 5 golden rules hopefully this will change!

Unbelievably qucik results 25 Oct 2021

Unbelievably quick results just by following the rules! To see the difference in behavior socializing with other dogs and meeting new people without all the stress is amazing. Work still in progress but gives me incentive to continue with Calm Canines approach to a calmer happier dog and owner!!!

Perfect combination of dog training experience and love for animals 25 Oct 2021

Tanya took care of our 2 Irish Wolfhounds while we were on holidays, 3 y.o. Phoebe and more recently 10 months old Aileen. We used to be quite stressed leaving our dogs/pups behind and we have spent quite a long time trying to find the best pet sitter/trainer. And when it comes to Tanya, we think we have found the perfect combination of dog training experience and love for animals. We are from Perth, but the trip to Northam is definitely worth it and we recommend Tanya to anybody who wants to be sure their dog will be in good hands while also having some fun with Norbit, the resident pet

Calmer house all round 25 Oct 2021

Thank you Tanya for your help and advice. Pepper is doing really well - still a work in progress - but the results so far have been amazing. A calmer household all round!

Tanya was fantastic 07 Oct 2021

She showed me the Five golden rules and helped me start putting them in place. This made a huge difference in Archie in only a few days. My mum and I couldn’t believe what a difference it made sooooooo quickly. Thanks Tanya So worth the money and time!

Training worked so quickly 05 Sep 2021

Highly recommend Tanya, it was amazing how quickly Banno responded to her and her skills and knowledge are expansive. It’s a learning curve for both us and our dog, and Tanya’s continued support after her visit has been very beneficial.

Highly recommend for day care or sleepovers 05 Sep 2021

Highly recommend Tanya for her dog sitting services for our Moodle. It’s nice knowing that we can go away and have her treated so well. I’m sure she doesn’t actually want to come home some days! Much rather play with her furry friends.

Nipped in the bud 05 Jul 2021

Tanya came to our home to help out with our over-excited, high energy 2-yr old retriever X kelpie who had recently started nipping. We could not understand why as she was very spoilt, given lots of exercise and fed well. Tanya helped us to understand the dog's mind and showed us some good strategies for feeding, walking and even patting. These have been very useful and showed immediate results. We still have a long way to go but Sox is improving each day. She is walking nicer, is a lot calmer and barking less. Thanks Tanya!

Great loving second home away from home for my dog 11 May 2021

Tanya has been with us for over two years and truely loves my dog...I trust her with my fur child and couldn't imagine leaving him with anybody else. He has medical issues and needs to be medicated twice a day which is all apart of the great service Tanya provides..highly recommend sending your furry friend here.

Aggression solved 08 May 2021

We sought the expertise of Tanya (Calm Canines) to assess and provide assistance to our adopted 4 year old dog who was showing fear and aggression toward visitors. During our in-home meeting, Tanya gave us insight into dog psychology and provided a training plan with a few simple steps to implement. We were amazed to find an immediate improvement in our dog’s behaviour and have continued to see positive results as we continue to follow the training plan. If you need assistance with training or improving your dogs behaviour, we highly recommend you give Tanya from Calm Canines a call.

Bella 01 May 2021

We contacted Tanya to help us with our 5 month old puppy Bella. She is just getting to the age where she is jumping up at everyone and trying to become the boss. Tanya came to our home and spoke to the whole family, giving guidance & demonstrating great techniques. Bella is still a work in progress, but she has made a massive improvement and is much calmer and better behaved already

Slept in his own bed! 11 Apr 2021

Thank you so much for coming this afternoon and giving us the understanding and skills we need to make Clive a happier and more content doggo!! We have already seen a change in him and are excited to see his improvements. All makes perfect senses. You deliver it really well!!. Thank you! First night and Clive slept in his own bed!!

George the Cavocker 11 Apr 2021

Our 15 month old Cavocker - George, would not come when called, and had “white line” fever if he saw a sheep, bird or cat. Tania spent time with the whole family giving us straight forward guidance and a tried and tested set of rules to follow. George responded straight away and we now feel we are in control rather than our dog.

Zac's transformation 07 Apr 2021

Zac has made amazing progress with us following The 5 Golden Rules in just a few weeks. Zac has recall!!

No more stress 11 Mar 2021

We have always had at least one dog and they have all been an important part of our family. Bella is a rescue dog who was very anxious and had been with several owners when she came to us. Bellas' behavior was causing us a lot of stress and anxiety and we didn't know how to deal with it. We realised that we had changed our lives and behaviors to fit in with her. After meeting Tanya and witnessing her calm, authoritative manner with many different dogs, including Bella, we were thrilled to be able to learn the secrets to her success. The methods for training are the best I have witnessed in 30 years of dog ownership, they are calm and gentle and the atmosphere in our home has become calmer as well. We now know what to do to have our dog behaving in a way that is safe and relaxed for everyone. We have the knowledge, skill set and a clear set of guidelines to follow. Within one week we are already seeing positive changes in Bella's behavior. The benefits of having Tanya come into our home to do the training session included seeing how, using a calm and consistent approach to Bella's inappropriate behavior, resulted in a calmer dog.