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Review 25 Mar 2021

Sharon has alleviated pain I thought was just a way of life in the first session I had! I have continued visits for upkeep & improve flexibility & longevity to continue in My chosen career. I couldn't recommend Sharon & Warren enough.

Review 24 Jul 2019

sharon is amazing went in with sore shoulders and lower back pain from an epidural and blogged disc walked out feeling relaxed and rejuvenate thank you sharon

Review 23 Jun 2019

A big thank you to Sharon who gave me a 30 minute massage after the Wondai Country Running Festival in her temporary tent. She was spot on with her pressure and found all the little spots that were bothering me. Highly recommend her for a sports massage. Looking forward to seeing her in her clinic.

Best gift voucher ever 14 Oct 2017

My husband and I each received a voucher for a remedial massage as gifts. My husband had his hour massage and felt it was the best relaxing massage that he requested to pay for an extra half hour. I requested a remedial massage as I had pain in my shoulder/ neck, Sharon was excellent and worked on the area and I have had very little pain since, after just one massage. Sharon certainly knows her stuff and I have sent quite a few people to try her massage and only had good comments.

Review 13 Oct 2017

My daughter's shoulder was injured during a beach footie game and we didnt realise initially the extent of injury. She complained of pain while playing her Cello and Basketball. After doctor's visits I asked Sharon Seeto if she could help and Maddy is finally on the mend! Sharon is doing a great job with our girl and we are very happy with her progress. Sharon also has a vey calming presence which put Maddy at ease right away. My mum is also a regular client and very happy wiith the great job Sharon does. Happy to recommend her services!

Review 12 Oct 2017

I have personally had this massage. I have bad frozen shoulders. I find it very hard to brush my hair. Simple things in life is hard at times to do. I go to the hospital for physio therapy. I have found that since I have been seeing Sharon Seeto it has made a big difference in my life. It has made a improvement in my life also! I'm still seeing Sharon so I can get the full movement back in my arms & shoulders which is very painful at the best of times, very hard 2 sleep with this condition as well. I would recommend this 2 anyone I know that has any issues with pain. Please try this it is well worth it!

Review 11 Oct 2017

Have been going to Sharon for back, shoulder, and chest pains. My shoulders have been very inflamed and sore that I found I started to get chest pains. With Sharon working on my chest, pain came from my back and shoulders, having had a few massages it has help with the chest pains quite a bit. Still have to work on my shoulders but they are getting better, but I know it is going to take a few treatments to fix my problem. Very happy with Sharon

Review 11 Sep 2017

Sharon was amazing with my full body deep tissue massage. I was hesitant at first as I had a work injury to my right shoulder, neck and back that has caused me grief for approximately 12 months prior. I had limited movement to my arm in raising it above shoulder height. I had spoken to her about my injury prior to starting and she kept checking in with me that the pressure she was applying was ok. She talked through what she was going to do before doing it. Her communication was spot on the whole time. She was able to help me feel relaxed by working on other muscles first before massaging the "sore spots". I found with just the initial session that I was able to lift my arm above shoulder height without too much pain. I didn't require pain relief to get me through the rest of the week (or month to be exact). I've since had another full hour massage more recently where Sharon worked predominately on my back, neck and shoulders, again with a positive effect. I now see Sharon for massage to help maintain movement and flexibility to my shoulder. I'm looking forward to the day (hopefully soon) where I can try out the relaxation massage. Sharon is knowledgeable and professional at all times. She knows her "trade" and I am very happy to recommend Sharon at any time. Keep doing what you do Sharon!! Thank you

Review 06 Sep 2017

I came to Sharon for a treatment in deep tissue massage. I had torn my tricep on my right arm from the bicep. After one treatment in my 6th week of rehabilitation. I had gained not only strength of around 20% but had eliminated 80%-90% of inflammation. The inflammation had now occurred over the next two weeks at the end of my day of intense physical work. But the best part was I had full rotation of my shoulder which was restricted by pain in between the bicep and tricep without cringing. I followed up with another treatment the following week and I was then back into the swing of work, confidently exerting myself till I could feel my limits. This was also complimented by a good balance diet and supplements to help give the cells the right nutrients to repair the tissue while resting. I have followed up with several treatments for my hand and fatigued muscles. And most importantly my back because being a Tiler it gets abused. I would recommend seeing Sharon for any health challenge that is demoralising. She has been practising medicinal health for over 20 years and has a vast wealth of knowledge that would be very helpful to anyone needing help or some advice. Regards Simon Ahnon Tile Artisan