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Great experience 05 Jan 2022

We went on Halloween night and had a blast. It was organized well and the line moved quickly. The display's were awesome and the actors were great. Next year I'd like it to be even scarier!

Great set up 07 Nov 2021

Had a great experience, you could see the hard work and details that went into this event. Even some of the adults were scared.

Great Halloween haunted walk ! 05 Nov 2021

The staff were super friendly and the clown talked to my son as he was first nervous to do the walk through, he calmed my sons nerves by joking around and being a silly clown instead of a scary one. My daughter got a little scared and the staff offered to walk her through slowly. Perfect for walk for a Halloween scare Would love to go again next year !

Really well done! 03 Nov 2021

We took 3 kids to the Brawley Woods Haunted Walk (ages 3 & 6) during the 'less scary' time of day. It was still plenty scary and I can't imagine how terrifying it'd be in the dark and with live actors! It was really well done, with set quality props. Highly recommend this as an event for the kids, and can't wait to try it again next year -- without the kids.

Extremely entertaining and scary 02 Nov 2021

Extremely entertaining and scary . We had such a great time well walking through the woods so much time and detail went into making some thing worth the drive. We loved the actors they were fantastic it was scary had a few jumps and a few screams well done! Love that you could come out of the woods and get something to drink and some snacks that was great. I give this a 10 out of 10.

Amazing experience 02 Nov 2021

we were there this Halloween. Such a thrilling experience. Enjoyed a lot good efforts with such a reasonable price 👌 👍 👏 😀

Worth the price of admission! 02 Nov 2021

The staff was excellent; there was clearly a lot of effort put into the special effects. Great date night. Would definitely go again!

Great Halloween Fun!! 02 Nov 2021

I am a huge Halloween fanatic and have Been going to Halloween haunt for many many years. I think brawleywoods Did an amazing job for their first year. We were very impressed with the props, the location and the actors. We are looking forward to seeing what you have in store for next year and hopefully many more.

Great fun! 02 Nov 2021

We loved all of the “scenes” and special effects. Looking for to seeing it at night when the kids are older.

Great fun! 01 Nov 2021

We loved all of the “scenes” and special effects. Looking for to seeing it at night when the kids are older.

Awesome! 01 Nov 2021

Brawley woods was soooooo creepy but so much fun! Awesome effects and great performances by everyone.

Great local fun with the family. 01 Nov 2021

Our family and I visited on Halloween night. The 5 of us were highly impressed with the organizers and the smoothness of the event. We are happy we can look forward to this next year since we are in Pickering. Had a blast walking through and interacting with the actors. Actors were playful, professional and knew boundaries. Loved every step, can't wait for next year. Thanks to the organizers for putting this together. P.s the skull - face guy was the best *wink face*

Haunted walk in woods 01 Nov 2021

This was a great experience. I normally don’t get scared but this was great. Loved the actors


This was the best experience I ever had ! been to so many it doesn't even compare to Brawley Woods It's was out of this world I screamed so much my throat hurts I can't believe it was only 25 for a ticket 100% better than screamers and all others 100% recommend can't wait till next year

Great Experience!!! 01 Nov 2021

The staff were all very nice. The walk was scary but really fun. Great job to the actors too! It was a great halloween experience will definitely be back next year

Review 01 Nov 2021

I went on Saturday October 30 th with my friend. It’s was amazing will be back next year. The chainsaws scare the crap out me

VERY SCARY 01 Nov 2021

Scared us a lot with all the scene rooms

Brawley Haunted Woods - awesomeness! 31 Oct 2021

Really well done, great effects and lots of good scares from the actors, well worth the fee!

Terrifying 30 Oct 2021

So much fun!! The atmosphere from start to finish is perfectly creepy & sinister. Too many props to count & all are realistic & professional & the live actors throughout are terrifying!! I screamed my throat raw. Absolutely loved it!!

Amazing haunted experience 25 Oct 2021

This was such a fun experience. It won't disappoint. I can't wait to go again next year.

New tradition! 25 Oct 2021

Fantastic fun with older kids (ours range 12-20) Went with a large group of family and friends. Amazing scenes throughout the entire forest-live characters make this a must experience event. Worth every penny!

So Much Fun! 25 Oct 2021

Very well done! Lots of space for social distancing, spooky visual displays and great actors. They got me every time! LOL

Brawley Woods Haunted walk 25 Oct 2021

Lots of fun for everyone.

Best Halloween attraction EVER! 25 Oct 2021

Very scary, super well organized! AMAZING! Would highly recommend you go, don’t miss out!!!

A must see in the Halloween season 25 Oct 2021

It was a great time and great scares! If you’re looking for something fun to do in the Halloween season don’t look any further!

Fantastic! Must see!! 25 Oct 2021

Absolutely wonderful time! It was so much fun and scary. Props and actors are FANTASTIC!! Would definitely recommend.

Spooctacular!!! 24 Oct 2021

I’m going again it was so much fun. I’m 64 years old and I screamed 3 times!! Very authentic. A true masterpiece!’ I highly recommend this to everyone even if you don’t care for Halloween. Best night I’ve had in a long time

Brawley Farm 24 Oct 2021

I can honestly say that this was an amazing experience as I go to all Halloween outings throughout Ontario, especially for their first year they did so good! Attention to detail and great scares! Highly recommend!

Review 24 Oct 2021

Caw Cawed 24 Oct 2021

This was the most amazing experience! The actors are on point- they separate your group so none of the jumps are ruined for you and the actors are on point. I loved the atmosphere- they’ve spent a lot of time making the schemes look authentic. My friend made a comment that one of the actors masks looked like a bird and he managed to find us through the entire walk and jump out to terrify us! We will be returning- Had so much fun!!! Highly recommend you come and try for yourself.

Great time and amazing props! 24 Oct 2021

The props used were absolutely amazing an the actors were all super! Highly recommended to anyone who wants to visit a haunted walk!

Amazing night witch friends! 24 Oct 2021

SO much fun and very scary! The crew is also very kind!

Yup was great! 24 Oct 2021

So yes I must say it definitely got me, fucked with my head to point I was breaking down crying ....yup crying I kept hearing stuff thinking someone was behind me

Brawley Farm 24 Oct 2021

I can honestly say that this was an amazing experience as I go to all Halloween outings throughout Ontario, especially for their first year they did so good! Attention to detail and great scares! Highly recommend!

Review 24 Oct 2021

I am a huge fan of Halloween and this was the best Halloween walk I’ve done ! Better than Screamers and many others ! So spooky and well done! Highly recommend

Review 24 Oct 2021

great haunt! clearly a lot of work went into it. I highly recommend!

Review 24 Oct 2021

Amazing this place is way better then screamers in Vaughn I highly recommend this place it lives up to its hype

Review 24 Oct 2021

Took my kids and their friends. They had a great time and got some good scares!

Review 24 Oct 2021

absolutely amazing!!!! sooo scary!! displays were incredible! I cannot wait to come back next year!!!!

Exceed expectations 23 Oct 2021

I’m not easily scared but was legitimately spooked more than once. Highly recommend it

Great experience! 23 Oct 2021

We went Friday to the Haunted Woods and had a good time. The lightening and scenes were set up well. My 10 year old was very scared of the chainsaws. I wanted to go earlier in the day so she didn't have a frightening experience but they open at 7.

Fantastic experience 23 Oct 2021

Our family visited last night and had the best time. The whole experience was awesome!

Review 23 Oct 2021

the best scare I have ever had !!! would go again in a heart beat Great job guys!!!

Review 23 Oct 2021

Amazing event!! 100% recommend!

Amazing haunted forest walk 22 Oct 2021
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So many spooky props. Best part is the chainsaw guy.

Fantastic evening 22 Oct 2021

Such a wonderful and spooky experience. Had a great time watching the teens I was with screaming and jumping. It was a great activity for us to all get out and enjoy together.

Great day time haunted walk 22 Oct 2021

We went during the day to have a family daytime scare. The scary walk was really entertaining with a lot of animitronics and scary scenes. The walk was carved out through a real forest giving it a real creepy vibe. The walk was about 25 min. Kids that love Halloween will love this!

Very spooky 22 Oct 2021

Loved every minute of it! We got scared and the tweens were screaming!!! Good decor and gore!!

Best haunt I've been to in years 21 Oct 2021

It's small ad you can tell they are just starting out but this place has the potential to be the go to place for Halloween and a good scare in durham region great place great atmosphere and a good scare and I am NOT easy to scare

Amazing! 21 Oct 2021

The walk was a great fun evening out! The spooky/scary rooms were amazing, the props were very lifelike along with the volunteers who definitely added a good scare. No fear of getting lost but you do get lost in the moment! Would guarantee another visit!

Cant wait to come back 21 Oct 2021

My family did it twice it was so great

Great experience 21 Oct 2021

A lot of fun. Making it a tradition for halloween

Super fun 21 Oct 2021

Extremely realistic like the movies!! Very well done and food was good too

Absolutely Amazing 21 Oct 2021

So much effort has been put into this and it truly shows! This is 100% the best Halloween event that we have EVER been to. Well worth the money.

Lots of fun! 21 Oct 2021


unbelievable. amazing. a must-see. 21 Oct 2021

I'm not going to be overly wordy to try and convince you. Simply put, if I could give this attraction (if that's what it's called) 6 stars, I would. A must go for the Halloween season.

Brawley Woods 21 Oct 2021

An awesome time!!!

Frightful & delightful 21 Oct 2021

The walk was excellent! It's not short, took about 20 minutes for our group to walk through. Props, decorations and actors were fantastic and you can tell the owners put alot of work into creating this experience. I can't wait to see it again next year!

Lots of hard work! 21 Oct 2021

Great experience! Lots of attention went into every scene. We walked as a group of 4 and we were all spooked! Start of a Halloween tradition

Review 21 Oct 2021

This was an amazing experience! My Kids and I are halloween/horror enthusiasts and have very high standards for scares. This place lived up to the hype and was worth every penny! Everything from the drive there (its in a secluded area) to the long walk through the woods alone following the lighted trail. The walk through the woods was scary and fun and the characters were very interactive and the scenes set up were amazing to see!

Great time 21 Oct 2021

Despite the rain the event was fantastic. The scenes set up were awesome and stealthy actors who managed to sneak up on you to give you a fright we’re awesome. Looking forward to next year

Brawley woods 21 Oct 2021

Fantastic and very scary!

A lot of fun 21 Oct 2021

Two of us went on the first night a sit was a great time. Loved the animation and the forest was definitely scary.

Great experience 21 Oct 2021

20 min walk, very well decorated and was super fun.

Brawley Haunted Forest Walk 21 Oct 2021

As soon as we pulled into the driveway we could hear chain saws and people screaming!! We got so excited and were not sure what we just signed ourselves up for 😳 We had a great time! It had exceeded our expectations. We will definitely go again next year:)

Amazing experience 21 Oct 2021

We loved the passion that was obviously put into the displays. Although we went during the daytime for a light scare (pun intended) we were not disappointed, my 7 year old was terrified! Great unique exhibits. Thanks!

Amazing! 21 Oct 2021

Well done! These folks have done an outstanding job! From the moment you walked into the forest the displays were creepy... and the sense that someone is watching was what was most scary. Well done! Highly recommend. We'll be back again next year.

Review 17 Oct 2021

Wow!! 5 star I haven’t been that scared or screamed that loud in a long time!!! Scary walk through the woods, lots of very real props and freaky people throughout. Can’t wait to go back for more. Picnic table, snacks & cold/hot drinks available. Amazing job!! *Tip- Google maps takes you to the wrong location. Keep West on Brawley and look for the green street sign #1320. It’s a long driveway in to a parking area

Review 17 Oct 2021

Absolutely recommend! I'm a huge scaredy cat, and this got my heart going! Love Love Love!!

Review 16 Oct 2021

Did not disappoint even in the rain Hope to see you again next year.

Review 11 Oct 2021

We loved it! Props and actors were awesome! Will definitely be returning before Halloween! Great job!

Review 10 Oct 2021

Come and check out this adventure! Support loca!!

Review 09 Oct 2021

Amazing and very professionally done! This is definitely an event you do not want to miss. The actors and props were amazing. It’s a real Hollywood style event in Whitby. Well done everyone. We look forward to a return visit soon. Melanie