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How Melvin Turned Around My Business in 60 Days! 18 Nov 2019

I met Melvin by reaching out to him on LinkedIn one day, not knowing that he was a Kingdom believer like me. We met by divine appointment! He is my prophetic mentor and I’m honored to call him my friend. When I think about challenges I face, there were numerous times Melvin shared messages of biblical encouragement that somehow aligned with what I was thinking at the time, without me ever telling him what I was going through! My business was going to the pits nearing $0 in revenue. When Melvin officially became my prophetic mentor, in 60 days my business became a six-figure company! Why? Because he saw more in me than I did with myself. I thank God for sending Melvin my way to help me fulfill my purpose in my life. He is a true prophetic voice of our time!

A life that is better than good! 17 Nov 2019

Do you long to experience a life that is better than good? If so, Melvin has practical keys to enable you to do so. My personal and professional life have been shifted into a new plateau and will never be the same. Melvin’s insights are not just theoretical but practical applications that bring transformation. Thank you Melvin!

The 1% 16 Nov 2019

My 13 year old son was sharing a story with me today about how “that’s just what everyone does and says,” to which I replied not everyone, there are those like Melvin. Melvin is a man who will has had tremendous impact not only in my personal life, my marriage as well as our family. A man overflowing with hope and filled with more than man’s wisdom. Melvin carries the wisdom of God and shares it with such precision it will hit the bulls eye in your life time after time bringing the lasting transformation you desire for any area of your life! Looking for the “real deal”, look no further! Melvin is the man of God, filled with faith for you and your business. Breakthrough is hear now...reach out to Melvin today!

Transforming You and Your Business Through God's Wisdom 15 Oct 2019

Seek and you shall find. Melvin sought first God's companionship, then expert knowledge of the scriptures and wisdom. His quest and lasting obedience has taken him to all corners of the globe to deliver God's wisdom to rulers, business leaders, workers and peasants alike. So many times, I have personally seen him share wisdom with individuals and then watched the results in their lives over many years. He doesn't miss the mark. I can only hope you get the opportunity to experience his passion for God and and your business. The wisdom he will share with you will transform the way you look at both forever.

The Real Deal 13 Oct 2019

Melvin is one of the most authentic, kind, generous, and trustworthy individuals you'll ever meet! He masterfully brings the Word of God alive through his teachings, and has brought spiritual clarity to many individuals. But one of Melvin's greatest talents is teaching people how to do business God's way, not man's way. (Hint: God's way is much easier than man's way, and it produces much greater results.) So, if you're looking for something more, then your search is over. Reach out to Melvin now, you'll be thankful that you did!

A True Difference-Maker 12 Oct 2019

Melvin has been a true difference-maker for me... in my business and in my life. My whiteboard session with him was a profound experience that literally changed things in me. And over time, he has given me important words that couldn't have been more perfectly timed. If you ever have the opportunity to speak with Melvin, you owe it to yourself - and to those you influence - to do so!

Look No Further for the Secrets of Success! 10 Oct 2019

Melvin has spent years mining and curating God's "Secrets of Success" and testing them in the laboratory of his own business and life. The result has been infectious joy despite the season of life, deep compassion and reverence for God displayed in his integrity and dealings with people, and a teaching and impartation style that ANYONE can learn from and go forth with to succeed. Trust him as I do, and he will help you breakthrough!