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Christmas Present From Spirit 19 Dec 2017

Dearest Sabrina, I would like to submit a testimonial based on the mediumship reading you gave me a few days ago. Not only am I writing in support of you, and your beautiful gift, my hope is that what I share may help someone else decide to have a reading which is also why I am sharing such personal information. You gave me so much more than a reading/messages from my mother, you gave me a HEALING! As we approach Christmas, a magical time of year , being with my son's and daughter in law during the holidays is my joy, my bliss and when I feel the magic of Christmas, it's all the before and after. For many years I have felt broken, a deep inner sorrow, loss, grief and painful memories of the past. If I could skip Christmas I would, and just jump right into the New Year with new beginnings! lol The relationship my mother and I had was difficult at times, I always loved her and still do. One week before Christmas, 22 years ago, my mother age 54 went into the hospital fighting a battle with cancer, she remained there until she passed January 7th. She was so afraid of death, and so afraid to be alone. She was convinced she was going to purgatory (she grew up catholic). I promised her I'd be with her, and desperately tried to reassure her she was going home to a place of bliss and pure love. I was so blessed to have been able to have kept my promise and held her as she took her last breath. Our last Christmas day we spent about 16 hours together, there were few visitors that day, she slept quite a bit but when she awoke the pain was horrific, the meds were at a maximum, and the cancer had spread to her brain. I spent the time reflecting, crying and praying that she would be taken quickly, and then fighting the anguish and guilt for thinking that... there is nothing worse than watching someone you love suffer so much and not being able to do a thing about it! Even though I do believe that we as energy just change form, we continue to exist once we shed our bodies, it's a life changer when you get a message "from the other side"... Sabrina I didn't tell you this but I asked my mother that if she comes through, to please let me know she is happy and at peace.... You described her to to a "T", and have seen her image throughout the day before I even got there... you said she had the biggest smile on her face and that she was so happy! That was my answer, my confirmation! She told you in detail good memories I had forgotten. You confirmed that my mother is around, that she is aware of current things in my life, and shared examples... You also mentioned the initial "S" for one thing and you also asked if I had a small dog, which I said no.. you then asked why you keep seeing a small dog coat? I have a small granddog though...then I remembered I recently bought a small dog coat for a cat I recently rescued who's name is Snoops... which was the "S". Snoops will be exactly 6 months old Christmas Day! About 10 or so yrs ago I developed a passion for dowsing, lately I have not been doing it much... my mother mentioned this to you, and she told you she wants me to do it more often!!! This all proved a few things to me... you are the real deal. your gifts are fact! And that my mother truly is around and aware, and I find the greatest joy in knowing she is happy and I am finally at peace. I apologize for all the detail and length but if someone reads this who can relate in anyway, I highly recommend having a reading done. With deepest Gratitude and Oceans of Blessings!

Our Reading 11 Mar 2018

Hello Sabrina I would like to thank you again for our Reading yesterday. You have brought closure and peace of mind to myself and my family and for that I cannot thank you enough. I never even realized that I had not actually grieved the loss of our loved ones until that reading. I am not sure what I expected, but I am absolutely so grateful for what I got. How accurate it all was, I am still in shock. Thank you again for your time and for your wonderful gift. Until next time.... :) Maja K.