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The instructors taught me so much more than expected! 11 Jul 2019

“As a former Navy Chaplain and seminary graduate, I thought I knew all I needed, until attending Crossroads School of Chaplaincy to earn professional CPE credits. The instructors taught me so much more than expected! They have contracts with real clinical facilities, which gave me access to earn clinical hours in a medical environment, and national certification to make me qualified for Veterans Administration hospital chaplaincy. Until you have CPE, you won't be considered for high-paying hospital chaplain staff jobs. Sign up for this school, and earn your real certification. Without it, you don't yet know what you don't yet know.”

CCS has opened a great door of ministry. 11 Jul 2019

“CCS has opened a great door of ministry. As I had been in discernment with my husband in the summer of 2018, we were looking for answers and direction of serving the Kingdom of God. After about thirty days of prayer and focus on God's plan for our lives, I was awakened at 3AM to email Kay and asked when the next information meeting was for the Chaplaincy School. Of course the usual questions and obstacles presented themselves, (wrong time, not enough money...) but I knew that if God wanted me in Chaplaincy school, then that is what I was to do. Regardless of the challenges put in my path, major surgery, unexpected financial trials and family difficulties, I stayed on track and God provided. I was able to finish Unit 1 and registered for Unit 2. Just prior to the start of Unit 2, I received calls for two different interviews to become a hospice Chaplain. I was offered a position as a PRN hospice Chaplain at a very professional facility. I am able to rely on the training from both Units 1 and 2 to adequately perform my job as a hospice Chaplain. I was told after the hire, that I would not have been interviewed for the position had I not been enrolled in the Chaplaincy school. The best part of my testimony is now I am in a position to impact individuals with the love of Jesus Christ who have been give six months or less to live. The individuals are in end of life, which I am able to tell them as a believer, this is not the end, but the beginning.”