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Excellent Quality 15 Mar 2020

Thanks for the T-Shirts my brother. The sigil for La Santisima Piedra Iman is beautiful. My subconscious mind is charged and I’m excited to continue this spiritual work. Peace always.

Straight up god energy 100 percent guarantee 11 Mar 2020

Whatever energy your ready for or want to deal wit buy any of these products i bet my life youll have a direct spiritual contact or experience...reapect to the god...????

Papa Legba Power 13 Jul 2019

Peace Dayne! Just wanted to thank you for your AWESOME products. I decided to sleep in the Papa Legba T-shirt last night and it was the most peaceful rest I've had in a long time. I’ve been having disturbances while sleeping at night for a while now. I felt a huge difference last night (this morning) and I have tried many things. It’s interesting that even the Medallion from a Spiritual teacher didn’t work as well. Being I’m a Certified Kinesiology Practitioner (Quantum Physics) I tested for the best protection between the Papa Legba T-shirt and the Medallion and I got a much higher score for the T-shirt using my smart stick ( a unique tool I use in my practice). I feel great today, physically, mentally and emotionally. Thank you once again. Can’t wait for the Zarabanda candle.

Loving my shirts! 05 Jul 2019

I recently received the shirts I ordered and the quality of all 5 of them are amazing and they all fit perfectly which I was a little concerned about because I'm someone who likes to try on things or at least look at them before purchasing, But there were no issues what so ever with these shirts. Just wanted to say Thank you! And also will you in the future be printing these sigils and deities on blankets for babies or throw blankets for adults? I would love to have one!

Fast shipping and great fit 05 Nov 2018

was expecting it to take weeks to get to me as I was ordering from the UK but this took 9 days and the Tees fit great and the design... off the chain, I will definitely be ordering more products from this site

Sigil magick 25 Oct 2017

Nyarlahotep,Zarabanda, El Cristo Negro, Baphomet, Wadjet.... These are the Tee's I work with the most. I literally have amazing experiences (multiples) for each one. Nyarlahotep energy took my channels much deeper. Occulteric Tees and brotha Panic hit one out the ball park with this one

The power of sigils 25 Oct 2017

I've been riding wit Occulteric Tees from the beginning. These are more than just slick T-shirts. These shirts do two things very well... 1) attract energy to yourself that you can immediately tap into... 2) sock everybodys subconscious in the stomach with just a glance... I am not a believer, I am a "KNOWER" when it comes to the magickal potential within these Tee's... Thank you for the service you provide

Proof in the Pudding 24 Oct 2017

I own about 20 shirts including the Khalifa, Madre De Agua, Oya, Eye of Tiamat and the Bobby Hemmitt Yall Alright classic. I have washed them over 100 times and they still fit the same and the imagery is still just as vibrant. I have won much money in Vegas wearing my Lakshmi while bringing pain to my foes while dawning the Los Espiritus Intranquilos. The Magick is Real.

Pics of my T's 21 Aug 2017

Fit great!

Feels good! Fits good! 19 Aug 2017

I love the quality of this shirt and its empowerment when I put it on! I purposefully waited for this shirt to come so that I could assess if I ordered the right size. This is a men's shirt fits me fabulously...accentuating my hips and my junk in the trunk!

Testimonial #6 17 Aug 2017

I am now on my 3rd trip to the store and I have nothing but rave reviews for occult terric tees, I contacted Dayne about a shirt that he no longer carried, he was able to have the shirt special ordered for no additional charge and shipped in a timely manner. I can go on and on but thank you for superb customer service, I will definitely be doing some more business with occult terric tees in the near future!!!!!

I got my t's 03 Aug 2017

I ordered 4 tuff shirts, 2 for myself 2 for my wife. They fit perfectly. Look great! Came in a decent time too.. I think it was just shy of 2 weeks.. Awesome! I'll post a pic lata and on ig! Thanks family!