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Strongly Recommended 24 Nov 2020

I would strongly recommend Tim if you are seeking an honest, knowledgeable, hard working mortgage broker, He is always available to answer questions and keeps you current on on features and benefits of various financial options.

TLD Came To the Rescue 17 Nov 2019

TLD came to the rescue when I needed an honest, reputable and expeditious service, loan brokerage. They are the Best! I was very pleased with the latest loan process, and most def recommend your services should the subject come up

I wouldn't work with anyone else. 05 Sep 2017

Tim Day is great to work with! I had hoped to refinance my home almost 2 years ago but my circumstances made it impossible to complete. I reached back out to Tim nearly 2 years later to refinance and he was amazing. We picked right up and moved the process through to a successful completion. Tim is professional, patient and knowledgeable. I wouldn't work with anyone else. Thanks Tim!

Great Experience! 26 Aug 2017

Had a great experience with TLD Financial. Tim is honest, reliable, and knowledgeable. Above all he was accessible and gave me personal service, treating my loan as a priority. I received a great loan with very reasonable fees. I would use this company again and recommend it without reservation.

A Ninja Broker 01 Nov 2016

Tim is always looking out for our/the best interest and gets in touch with us when there are loan packages that will significantly benefit us. He helped refinanced our previous home a few times over the last 10 years saving us serious money every time. Recently he assisted us with getting a Loan for our new home purchase. I worked with 3 different lender brokers over my lifetime. Since I used Tim, I exclusively use Tim. Third time is a charm. He has ninja lender broker skills that directly affect the outcome of loan applications. He is very knowledgeable about all the real estate loan options in the market and which ones will benefit you most with your situation. He professionally fulfills and simplifies all the overwhelming paperwork that is beyond me. He goes to the extent of working directly with HR reps from my previous employers giving underwriters what they need, he clearly defines what financial documents are needed from me and why. The bottom line is we closed many loan packages together and he is always over delivering and making us very happy with his service and saving us money. He has handled many demanding situations professionally with humble mannerism. Very honest and high integrity individual to work with. The local realtors that I worked with recently to sell me home raved that he is the best lender brokers they worked with. Its my pleasure to vouch for Tim Day and recommend him for any real estate venture your embarking on

THE BEST Mortgage Company 26 May 2016

I have done several loans now through TLD Financial and they always come through with the lowest rates and fees. The last 2 refi's didn't cost me anything AND I got the lowest rate available. The online application was super easy and I could upload all my documents online. I received daily status updates telling me how far along my loan was and what still needed to be done. The closing was great too. I didn't have to go to a bank or title company. They sent a notary to my house. Tim Day at TLD Financial is an honest and knowledgeable broker.

Fantastic job! 28 Aug 2015

I learned more in 10 minutes from you than all the years I was with my former broker. Fantastic job!! You far exceeded my expectations.

Thank you! 28 Aug 2015

Thank you Tim for everything. We are very pleased with the interest rate and very much appreciate your thoughtful guidance through the process. A testament to your expertise is that interest rates haven't been lower than when you advised us to lock our loan. Good job!!

Wonderful Experience 01 Sep 2014

Tim is an outstanding broker. His knowledge and skills are exceptional. He was always there for me to answer my many questions. He takes you under his wing in a world most of us know very little. I had not bought a home in over 40 years and it was a wonderful experience because of Tim. I have recommended him to many friends.