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MATES is an incredible organisation to be part of and doing great work within the community. I highly recommend MATES Cafe 1/1 crisis support meetings for any person going through personal challenges or crisis for emotional support and encouragement and to find new direction in life.


Men are notorious, including myself, for just hiding in our caves and hoping that our problems will go away but most of the time they don't, we just bury them. Mates has given me a supportive environment where I can unload what has been going on. I know a lot of men just need this environment to help them through. I've found a problem shared has been a problem halved.

Great Technique

This technique has so many applications. I thought that my awful relationship with my partner’s daughter was going to destroy our own relationship. We just couldn’t get along. I started applying the Emotional Reset Technique and so far it has worked! It’s made it easy to get along with my step daughter and the best thing is that it’s improved my relationship with my partner too.

Thanks a million!

Thanks so much for your advice today, it's been terrific - thanks a million!