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The stuffed chicken, the burritos, the tilapia.... All so good! Highly, highly recommend.

Delicious dinner

The tilapia meal tonight was really very good, compliments to the chef! Wish I had tried the first two weeks as well. This meal service is a blessing, thanks so much!


The meals are delicious. So nice not to have to cook.

Eating well while doing good

Ordered a meal for my husband and I, and another to gift. The food was so tasty, well portioned, well priced, and included dessert! Will definitely order again. It felt good to eat well while contributing to good. Thank you!



Ordered meals for my son and I and it was really good! Plenty of food, one serving is enough food for 2 meals for me. Will definitely be back next week. Thank you!

Tasty, and a great idea

My first meal was very good! The people at the pickup location were great. Also I was really happy to see compostable takeout containers used (though I do understand the plastic bag to prevent leakage - I re-used it.) This is a great way to support folks in our community while also taking a break from cooking and meal planning. I will definitely order again.

Great Meals!

I ordered two meals for myself and donated two. The meal was excellent and I saved the second one for lunch today. Definitely will order these again!

Community Meal

I ordered the meal for 1/19 and also contributed a meal for someone in need. It was a chicken with fresh veggies and rice dish with a mild creamy South American kind of sauce. It was tasty and I enjoyed it. I'd consider doing this again.