Petal Plate 05 Oct 2019

I fell in love with these when Rachel Jane posted pictures from the Sunflower Festival a while back. I wanted one to go in my kitchen that is a sunflower theme. It is perfect. Thanks do much. I love it. This is my second purchase. I bought a mug a while back and I use it every day.

Custom #1: Petal plate

Love! 04 Oct 2019

I just received my bro stein from Rachel and I’m obsessed. This is my 3rd mug from her and I love them! They are very well made and beautiful. The ugly sweater collection is my favorite! I’m looking toward to adding another to my collection. I highly recommend her products :).

Custom #1: Bro Stein

Another amazing pottery piece! 04 Oct 2019

I love my newest hillbippie mug. It is beautifully crafted and designed. I expected a perfect mug since my tallie, sipper, and trinket plate are perfect. But I was still pleasantly surprised at how fantastic my new mug is. 100% amazing!

Custom #1: The three snakes mug #3

Review 04 Oct 2019

Amazi ng! 04 Oct 2019

Rachels work is absolutely stunning. The sunflower areived quickly snugged safely in it's packaging. Love love love it, cannot wait to collect more Hillbippie pieces!

Custom #1: Sunflower

Just Beautiful 16 Dec 2018

My two mugs arrived quickly, safely and in the most thoughtful packaging! Rachel is sooo talented & creative. Love her style. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Custom #1: Ugly sweater mug in Ironstone & Dark rainware mug

Beautiful and functional 24 Jul 2018

I already had a tallie from the last update, so I decided to go for the Surprise Listing. Well if one is good, two is better, so I chose numbers 7 and 13. Much to my surprise and delight, they ended up being a matching tumbler and trinket dish. Even more amazing is that they matched the tallie I already had! The precise craftsmanship of all the pieces is astounding. The forms are so perfect, machines would be jealous. I love having these in my collection. The surprise option was a really fun idea.

Custom #1: Surprise Listing

So awesome!! 24 Jul 2018

I am so excited about my new pieces. I feel in love with my Wooly Pig mug and HAD to have more. I added a Tallie and can't wait to use it. AND I added surprise item #17, ????!! Hillbippie items may be my new small obsession.

Custom #1: Earth Trine Tallie, and item #17

Suprise listing wine cup 24 Jul 2018

Drinking wine out of my Hillbippie cup as I write this! This is the first item I've bought from Hillbippie and I adore it, I loved the idea of the suprise listing so I went for it hoping for one of the wine cups so opening my package was a huge joy! Feels great, looks great and I love looking at and using other potters pieces. I throw and feeling/using other peoples work is really inspring for me. Thankyou for a beautiful piece!

Custom #1: Wine Cup

The ladies loved them! 23 Jul 2018

I purchased the ring holders as gifts for card club! The ladies loved them! I also have a few plates. Love the designs! Wanting to purchase some mugs,with the new design befor they sell out!

Custom #1: Ring holders and plates

Awesome. 23 Jul 2018

I try to buy something everytime Rachel has a sale. I dearly love her things. Shes very good at what she does and very dedicated to what she does. Very creative ,always trying to find something new. She's the best.

Obsessed 23 Jul 2018

I have a hillbippie obsession. Not just with my ware but with the artist behind them. I love to hear how she comes up with inspiration and her stories behind her pieces. So be sure to follow her on Instagram too see all the behind the scene stuff! I have too many mugs to count. Not only are they gorgeous but super durable. I always pack one for overnight outings;) Her packages always come sweetly wrapped too!

Hooked! 04 May 2018

LOVE every piece I bought! Vibrant colors, sturdy, gorgeous glazing and love the variety of sizes. Every piece was well packed and shipped fast. Rachel responded quickly to any questions I had. So sorry this review is late, cant wait to purchase more.

Custom #1: Tortoise Shell Mug, Tortoise Shell Crock, Tortoise Shell Wine Cups, Horizon Mug and Aqua Grunge Ware Mug

Awesome! 13 Apr 2018

I love my new mug! It’s the perfect size for my hand and holds just the right amount of coffee! Thank you so so much!!

Custom #1: Ohio Iron Mug

OMG!! 09 Apr 2018

How could I not fill in ALL the stars in my last feedback?? Well, we are going to take care of that right now!! Love all my pieces to pieces!!!

Custom #1: Just purchased the Sunny Day mug to add to my growing collection.

Absolutely in love 05 Apr 2018

Rachel makes such gorgeous pieces! Each piece is always beautiful and so lovingly designed and crafted. I have built up a little collection of items and love each and every one. The pieces always get complimented, even by those who have seen them before, which I think says something. Every piece is a winner, and it's always such a treat opening a new parcel of beauties. Would definitely recommend adding some Hillbippie Clay into your life!

Custom #1: Tortoise shell mug, Ugly sweater mug, Timber souper mug, Grunge mug, Timber pitcher, Aqua grunge mug, Tortoise shell crock

Functional art for life! 04 Apr 2018

Hillbippie pottery is quality functional art that is sure to beautify your coffee experience and your kitchen cupboard! Checkout her fun spunky style and process videos on Instagram!

Custom #1: Grunge ware (straight side)

Love it! 03 Apr 2018

This was my first piece from Hillbippie, but it certainly will not be the last! Solid, large mug with a great earthy look. Could not be happier!

Beautiful 03 Apr 2018

Custom #1: Mugs

Loving this pottery 03 Apr 2018

I Love every piece that I have bought from Rachel. She puts her heart and soul into every piece she does. Very talented and I will continue to buy every chance I get

Custom #1: Pitchers,mugs,vases ,glasses,bowls

Addicted 03 Apr 2018

I am so addicted to Hillbippie Clay products! Just got myself a tortoise shell mug and it is beautiful. I love to display all my Hillbippie treasures where everyone can see them. Can't wait to see what she turns out next! Keep up the good work Rachel.

Custom #1: Tortoise shell mug

Love Hillbippie Clay awesome one of a kind products! 03 Apr 2018

I like my Marble Wine Cup, which actually is sitting at my bathroom sink. I also really like my Flowing Lotus Wine Cup. It's beautiful.

Custom #1: Flowing Lotus Wine Cup, Marble Wine Cup

Amazing Mugs & Customer Service!! 03 Apr 2018

This is the 2nd mug I have bought from Hillbippie. I bought the beautiful Aqua Grunge mug and the USPS broke the handle in transit. I contacted Hillbippie right away, and she was so amazingly helpful! We worked it out, and I got another mug! It came beautifully and so well-crafted. These mugs are art. You can definitely tell she puts her heart into all of her work. It is microwave safe, dishwasher safe . . . My new favorite mug! Thank you so so much!

Custom #1: Aqua Grunge Mug

LOVE MY MUGS! 03 Apr 2018

I absolutely love my Hillbippie mugs. Each one is a true work of art that I not only use, but also have on display. In fact our youngest daughter is moving to Washington (state) and I asked her if she would like to take some pots and pans to set up her kitchen. Her reply? "No thanks, mom, but I really would like to take that tortoise shell mug!" So, the mug is on its way to WA and I will be ordering another one! I am so extremely proud of you, Rachel!

Custom #1: Grunge mug, Ugly Sweater mug, Deep Waters mug, Coffee and Cream swirl mug (I call it), and I will once again order the tortoise shell mug.

Feedback 03 Apr 2018

Oh my gosh I just love my floating lotus mug.....It is just gorgeous and the size is perfect.....It's my fav mug.....Thank you sooooo much for sharing your talent !!!!!!

Custom #1: Lotus mug

Love my mug 18 Feb 2018

I purchased my first mug about a month ago and have used it a lot. It’s very well made and I love the colors. I’ve ran it in the dishwasher and warmed up my coffee in the microwave many times with no issues. Can’t wait to see new pieces and purchase more.

Custom #1: Mug

Mugs, Tumblers and Vases 26 Jan 2018

We have purchased 6 items from Hillbippie over the last couple years and every piece has exceeded our expectation! We love the fact that each is an individual made with love. The shipping is always quick and the packages expertly filled to protect the precious works of art. We use our tumblers and mugs almost daily without any quality issues, and the vases are always full of flowers on the table or in the window for all to see. We are already discussing what to get next!

Custom #1: Mugs, Tumblers and Vases

Mug collection 25 Jan 2018

So far I have 3 mugs from Hillbippieclayco and I love them all! Rachel does beautiful work and ships them so nice too. She always includes little treasures with each order which is so fun.

Custom #1: Backwoods beer stein, diner mug and cashmere ugly sweater mug.

Art 25 Jan 2018

Yes, the pieces are practical and useful, but they are beautiful works of art too. Made with an artist's passion. I have both pieces I use and pieces I have given as gifts. Love them all.

Custom #1: Lotus mugs

Cashmere Sweater Mug 25 Jan 2018

I love this mug! The glaze is so beautiful and I love the little sweater patterns. So much attention to detail. So happy I was able to snag one of these. Thank you!! :)

Custom #1: Cashmere Sweater Mug

Tree Bowl 25 Jan 2018

I love my pretty tree bowl! It was made so well and the shipping was very fast! Thank you so much!

Custom #1: Tree Bowl

Mugs! 25 Jan 2018

LOVE my Ohio mugs from Rachel! I think they're gorgeous and they're my favorite to sip coffee or spiced wine from.

Custom #1: Ohio outline

Love me some Hillbippie! 25 Jan 2018

My best friend sent me a mug from Rachel last summer and I’ve been hooked ever since. Her pieces are beautiful and durable and are probably the coolest thing to come out of Coshocton County in recent years. Just bought another mug for my husband because he kept stealing mine. Moral of the story? Always buy two. ;)

Love 25 Jan 2018

Call me a crazy cat lady, but when I saw she has a tortoiseshell design and I have a tortie cat...Well! Serendipity! I absolutely love it. It’s beautiful, feels great in hand and I swear it makes my coffee taste better :) I will be ordering another mug/piece from Hillbippie for sure.

Custom #1: Tortoiseshell mug

Superb! 25 Jan 2018

I purchased a mug for my coffee lover husband for a gift and he absolutely loves it! Top notch quality and craftsmanship. Rachel takes great care with each piece from start to finish, right down to the packaging. My hubby even says it makes his coffee taste better! I cannot wait to get a mug of my own!!

Custom #1: Iron Mug

Functional Art 24 Jan 2018

Drinking coffee is now an art form with my earthen mugs. Hillbippy4Life!

Custom #1: Two mugs - 1 depressed and 1 swirled

love LOVE LOVE!! 06 Jan 2018

I bought the "ugly sweater mug" and the snow man cup. I just absolutely love them both. So freaking adorable. Rachel is pretty awesome if I do say so! She emailed back FAST when I thought I missed the sale and was panicky. Thanks girl!

Custom #1: snowman cup and ugly sweater mug

Love, love, LOVE Hillbippie Clay Co!! 03 Jan 2018

Rachel asked for a testimonial. Here's mine: I loooove my Hillbippie Clay Company things! I use my mugs daily and my bowls and pitchers are so beautiful, they have to be on display. It would be a sin to keep these in the cupboard. And if you're looking for a more enthusiastic, creative, and professional potter, you'll find none. When her stuff gets posted for sale, buy it immediately because you just shouldn't be without a Hillbippie mug, bowl, pitcher, or "tallie" in your hand!

Custom #1: Mugs, bowls, pitchers, more!

Mind Blowing Top Quality 30 Dec 2017

I've bought several pieces from Rachel including 2 coffee mugs, a crock, a medium sized bowl and a momma's wine glass. I honestly can't say enough good things. Shipping never takes long and there is always a sweet note inside. I use my crock daily for my kitchen utensils and my mugs for anything from coffee to ice cream. The quality is amazing. What you see is what you get. All of the items are heavy and well made. I have put everything in the dishwasher and they are still good as new (even the stain). If you're thinking of buying from her but aren't sure, I just have one thing to say... stop thinking and buy already! She always adds little sweet treats in the packages as well. I'm a customer for life now.

Top-notch! 30 Dec 2017

Hillbippie is the best! Awesome goods, ooak perfection

Custom #1: #2 marbled collection

My poodle 29 Dec 2017

My daughter in law had you make these for me for Christmas. I love them so much..

Custom #1: Kalie Wallace

This is my Potter, I go to her for all my pretty little pieces- she’s fabulous and creates beauty with every spin of her potters wheel 29 Dec 2017

I will be adding more beautiful pottery to my signature collection.

Custom #1: Pottery Crocks

Just my style 29 Dec 2017

I purchased the back woods beer stein and the cashmere ugly sweater mug. I love them both! The ordering process was so easy and they arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Thank you Rachel for the wonderful craftsmanship.

Custom #1: Backwoods beer stein and cashmere ugly sweater

My pottery 29 Dec 2017

I have ordered quit a bit of this pottery and love every piece of it Rachel is very inspired and everything she does has a special meaning behind it. She's very inspired and special. THANK YOU RACHEL

Best gift 29 Dec 2017

I have in laws that can be difficult to buy for. They have what they want and/or need in life. So while shopping for them this holiday season I was trying to think of something that was custom, creative and usable. My great college pal took great care of me with her Ohio state mugs. My in laws being huge buckeyes fans and love their coffe these were the best gifts. Rachel even customized them by adding their names to the handles. She directly shipped it to them for me. And added a cute little note and Ohio ornament. Couldn’t have been a better gift! Hands down great customer service as well. I revived confirmation of my order and email when my order was shipped! Will most definitely shop again!

Custom #1: Ohio coffee mugs

Perfect Potter 29 Dec 2017

Whenever I want that custom piece for that special someone, this girl hooks me up! Always, without fail, creates a masterpiece better than I could’ve dreamed of! She’s made anniversaries, Christmas, and just because moments so special for me by adding her special touch to a high quality and purposeful item of my choice! Not to mention, added beauty to my own home decor! It also means so much to get a personalized thank you after your purchase as well as decal stickers and a surprise piece (ornament, coin dish)!

Custom #1: Snowmen mugs, buckeye stein, fruit bowl, custom grandparent mugs, souper mug

Testimonial #21 29 Dec 2017

I purchased two pieces. I love them! Shipping was supee fast. And she emailed back fast also, answering any and all of my questions. Aweslme wlrk and detail! Cant wait to add some more to the start of my collection!!

Custom #1: Snowman cup and ugly sweater mug

Testimonial #20 21 Dec 2017

I’ve purchased 2 mugs and I love them! Rachel ships fast! Will be buying more in the future.

Testimonial #18 21 Nov 2017

I have purchased 2 mugs thus far and plan to purchase more! Such unique and well done pieces. They make my morning coffee drying rituals even more special.... Many Thanks!!!!!!

Love my mugs!! 14 Nov 2017

I purchased 3 mugs, all different and I love each one of them! Beautiful work by Rachel and she was a gem answering my questions. I can't wait until the next update!!

Custom #1: 3 mugs

Souper Awesome 16 Oct 2017

I absolutely love the two Souper mugs I purchased. Rachel's creations are very original and earthy and appeal to the aspiring hillbippy in us all ☮️

Custom #1: Souper Mugs

Little Wine Cup 05 Aug 2017

Just got my beautiful wine cup! I love it so much. The colors are even more gorgeous in person. The earthy swirls complement that aqua rim so beautifully. Thank you so much! :)

Custom #1: Mama's Little Wine Cup

Love my souper mug! 03 Aug 2017

My souper mug arrived today and I absolutely love it! This is my second Hillbippie mug purchase in less than 2 months and I couldn't be more pleased! ❤️

Custom #1: Soup-er mug

New owner of art 02 Aug 2017

Just got our Lil wine cups today. The colors are unique and no two alike. You can feel the love in Rachel's pottery. Won't be our last.

Custom #1: Lil wine cups 5oz

Fav way to start my day! 17 Jun 2017

With my beautiful mugs, from the ever so talented! Everyone I ever show my mugs to just adore them, and not to mention my new amazing pitcher!

Custom #1: Jaded egg pitcher

Love you, Rachel!! 16 Jun 2017

Love, love, love my mugs and dish!! I am hooked on Hillbippie pieces!!

Custom #1: Ugly sweater mug, Deep waters mug, candy dish

Lovin my lotus!! 15 Jun 2017

I've been eyeing the lotus mug for quite a while now. I finally ordered it for myself for Mother's Day.

Custom #1: May 2017

Love my mug! 14 Jun 2017

I got this mug a few months ago and I absolutely love it! It has such a fun shape and I use it pretty much every day. I definitely think I need the ugly sweater mug next. Rachel does amazing and inspired work, I'm so happy to own one of her mugs!

LOVE 14 Jun 2017

Custom #1: Free flow lotus mug

LOVE 14 Jun 2017

Absolutely love my lotus mug! It arrived quickly and was packaged safely with a nice thank you note and small trinket dish. I love that it was handmade by Rachel in Ohio as this is also my home state, makes it more special! Highly suggest her work to others and will be a returning customer!

Custom #1: Free flow lotus mug

Testimonial #6 14 Jun 2017

I love my Hillbippie pieces! Earthy, calming. Is that ok to say about a mug? So proud of Rachel Jane, she is so very talented

Custom #1: Several mugs and other vessels

My mug! 14 Jun 2017

Love my mug!! Getting to paint it myself was awesome! Thanks to Rachel and Rust Decor for a fun evening!

Testimonial #4 14 Jun 2017

My mug! 14 Jun 2017

Love my mug! It was so much fun painting it myself and the class was so much fun!

Gorgeous pottery! 14 Jun 2017

I ordered a jaded egg mug from your summer collection. It arrived promptly with a few little goodies tucked inside the box! Your beautiful mug adds a little joy to my mornings

Custom #1: Jaded Egg mug

Mug Love abounds!! 14 Jun 2017

We love our mugs!!! They are super handy as both a terrific coffee tea hot cocoa mug or as a soup server!!!! I love having my chili in it on those cold winter days! They arrived safely and fast and they were packed very well Rachel is very thoughtful and nice!! She makes lovely pieces. It fits right in around here! Great color and feel to this glaze!

Custom #1: Souper Mug