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Younique Elixir

highly recommend this product for anyone who hates those dark circles under their eyes…you can see a noticeable difference within weeks!


I received my beauty bars right on time! Every season change my eczema flares and the Honey Turmeric and Lemon bar nipped it right in the bud! I love it, from the rich lather to the sweet smell. My skin is smooth, clear and glowing! Nothing beats natural ingredients, I highly recommend!

Aloe Bae Soap is truly a life-saver.

I've been using the aloe Bae soap for about 3 weeks now and the results are amazing I usually have really dry skin and tons of blackheads so I started using the Aloe Bae first thing in the morning and before I go to bed at night. I started seeing results in a week. I really works.❤️❤️

Beauty Bars

I love love LOVE the beauty bars. I’ve tried the aloe & honey and the lemon my personal faves ???? they leave your skin so smooth. You don’t get that nasty residue on your skin like most soaps leave. I have the most sensitive skins and can NEVER find a good soap for myself until I bought these bars. I’ll never go back to regular soap again by far the BEST ❤️

Aloe and Honey Bar

I loved everything about this beauty bar! I was just complaining about how dry my face felt and I immediately felt a difference after using my Aloe and Honey Bar! My face feels so moisturized and is as soft as a babies bottom!!


I love the soap. The way it lathers up, the smell and the fact that i don’t have to use lotion after my shower. I’ve just recently bought the Turmeric bar for my face. Been using it for 2days and my face is slightly clearing already. Along with the Shea butter. Great product, highly recommend!


I used the honey and aloe bar twice so far and absolutely love it. I love how creamy it is and it’s gentle on my eyelids that get dry from lashes.♥️ also got the fendi lashes and love them too super lightweight and soft but still long and full. I beyond satisfied

Lip Moisturizer

Honey moisten lips. Helps with dry cracked lips. Thanks again for this amazing product.


I absolutely LOVE the Aloe and Honey Bar. It isn’t soap. It’s a beauty bar. The lather is so creamy and rich and it made my skin feel like my 2 year old nephews skin. I’m a person that hates lotion and I haven’t applied any since I started using this bar. Treat yourself. You’re worth it!!!!!