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Smart, Caring and Creative - That's Jessie 01 May 2018

Jessie, my favorite personal trainer, has been quite an inspiration to me and everyone that has come to know and work with her. She truly cares about helping others get healthy. Her cooking abilities and creativity go far beyond anything I have ever seen. She is dedicated and committed to everything she does. You can be sure, if you work with her and follow her instructions, you will see immediate results. She has a big heart and will always go out of her way to help anyone achieve their goals. Give her the opportunity to help you and you will understand why I think she deserves way more than 5 Stars!!

The best nutritionist and adviser you can find! 29 Oct 2018

Jessie is absolutely amazing! She really learns about your needs and helps you through everything. She doesn't mind if you ask the same question a million times, each time you ask she will sit and explain to you the answer. She is always there to help and support you through the ups and downs. But the greatest thing is even if you miss step and mess up she doesn't make you feel bad or look down on you. She holds your hand and asks 'what can I do to help you get past this? What can we do to make sure this doesn't happen again?' That to me is the best thing about fitBITE and Jessie. I highly recommend Jessie to anyone that wants to get healthy or just needs help getting back on the band wagon. She is amazing!