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I can't imagine not using her meal planning services! 05 Sep 2016

I started using Trish’s services four months ago. At the time, I was really struggling with my eating habits. Because I was only cooking for one person, I often was cooking large meals at the beginning of the week and forcing myself to eat the same thing every day to use it up. This inevitably led to me ditching the whole thing mid-week and just order out. I was tired of eating the same things. Additionally, when I was grocery shopping, I would purchase a lot of prepackaged foods, instead of making things from scratch. I felt that preparing my own meals would be difficult and time-consuming. Trish has changed all of that for me. Through her meal planning, I am eating balanced meals from all food groups that contain complete complement of nutrients. She has catered my meal plans to suit my lifestyle and has expanded my food choices, to the point where I now eat foods I would have previously never touched. She has taught me how to make nutritious meals for myself and I have been able to expand my culinary skills, all without large time commitments. However, the most important thing for me is that every recipe she has given me, and every meal suggestion she has provided, has been delicious! I can't imagine not using her meal planning services!

Staple meals we cannot wait to come home to! 05 Sep 2016

As young professionals trying to find a work life balance, we found ourselves with “no time” to grocery shop or cook, therefore, resorting to unhealthy options far too frequently. When it was my turn to cook it was a guarantee that it would be take out or something from a box as I was hard pressed to make an egg right. Thankfully, along came Trish! With T Spoon Cooking lessons, Trish combines two of her passions, cooking and teaching, to provide easy to follow lessons starting with basics. She taught me how to use the tools in my kitchen to create easy, quick meals that would last. Additionally, Trish helped us recreate the boring leftovers into staple meals we cannot wait to come home to. This has saved us time, energy and money in food preparation and allowed us more time to focus on our careers and family!