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My Brain has been pumped

2 scoops is just the right amount of energy I need for my lift. It doesn’t make you itchy and it doesn’t leave me dead tired a few hours after.

Great focus

Usually when taking pre I’ll get distracted or off track in my workouts but with brain pump it was different. I simply got lost in the music when I take this supplement, simply amazing

Top Tier

About 10 minutes after taking this a wave of focus hit me that I’ve never experienced from any another pre. I was locked in and motivated to perform. I had a distraction free hour long workout but easily could have gone for twice as long if not more. Afterwards I had zero crash or shakes which I usually experienced from other pre workouts. Genuinely one of the best pre workouts on the market. The formula is great, taste is amazing, and the performance was beyond my expectations.

Definitely worth it

Brain Pump is amazing! The taste is very good, but not to strong like a lot of the other pre workouts on the market. It’s a little more mild, which I love. It’s does exactly as you need it too, it’ll get you hyped for your workout and put you into the zone. No other pre workout I’ve had gives me the same level focus Brain Pump does. This focus last all day long and there’s no crash after your workouts, I find my days to be much more productive after taking it! Definitely worth it.

10/10 Pre-Workout

I give it a 10 off the simple fact I took two scoops and my stomach doesn't hurt at all. Good focus feeling. caffeine gave me no jitters, did not itch, I did tingle only because I took so much, flavor wise it's honestly the best pre-workout I've tasted I can drink it without holding my breath.

Amazing Pre-Workout

First of all the taste is amazing! I would certainly say it is one of the best pre-workouts I have tasted. I will say i don't know too much about pre-workout but i can say that this one has made me feel the best in the gym. Brain Pump kept me motivated in the gym and didn't make me feel shaky or even sick like other pre-workouts have made me feel in the past. I felt great through my entire workout. I would recommend this product to others.

Incredible motivation and focus, no headphones needed, and no more throwing up on leg day

With brain pump, you can expect a significant improvement in mental state. Brain pump makes me feel more connected to my muscles, and it makes the process of lifting more satisfying than looking at the numbers after I'm done. I've also thrown up before on other pre-workouts, I've never had this issue with brain pump, likely because of lion's mane and CBD's effect on gut health and nausea. So, if you want the same motivation you had when you first started lifting, you don't want to throw up and feel sick, or you want to enjoy the process more than the end goal, I would highly recommend giving this preworkout a try.

Fantastic Product!

I loved the pre! Usually there’s something I don’t like but I honestly couldn’t find anything to complain about in any way. The flavor is great not overpowering, no bad after taste and the focus and pump was great! Definitely going to keep this added to my pantry.

Best pre-workout I’ve tried

The first time I tried it I had the music in my headphones, I was so focused that I wasn’t even listening to it All I can say, if you want to be really focus an insane pump and no crash Hempire suplement is the best!!!

Great pre-workout

I have tried just about every pre-workout there is. This is at the top of my list for the best out there. The amount of focus and pump I got with it was unlike anything I had felt previously, with the added benefit of not crashing after, I highly recommend this!

Best Pre-Workout I’ve Tried

This is by far the best, most well-balanced pre i’ve taken. All of the ingredients complement each other extremely well! The 4G of Beta-alanine kicks in hard, along with the focus ingredients. Usually when I try a pre-workout, it makes me end up in the bathroom… This was NOT the case with this pre. A huge bonus on top of this was the flavor, it was honestly perfect. I’ve never had a pre that tastes this good.

Workout of a lifetime

Holy shit this gave me the workout of a lifetime. Had so much energy and was so focused. Lifted for 90 minutes and had a killer pump going the whole time. Literally didn't want to stop lifting because of the energy. Overall, it tasted great, gave me the complete energy I needed, and had me in the zone during my workout. This pre is worth every dollar.

Insane focus and no crash

I tried a sample of the Miami Vice, the flavor was amazing. I’ve never been so keyed into a workout like I was after I took it. The pump was good and there was no caffeine crash during or after my workout.


I didn’t feel any type of caffeine crash after the workout, I also felt extremely focused with no upset stomach.

Taste is phenomenal

I tried a sampler and holy crap the taste is amazing on this stuff, during my workout I also felt great, no stomach issues and the pump had my arms looking like a map with all the veins, I would highly recommend, I’ll be copping a tub once the full product is released

Great preworkout

I’m personally not big into pre-workouts but this one specifically gave me a great workout. I felt extremely energized the entirety of my workout and was in a great mood because of it. Not to mention the taste which was very good. Definitely plan on continuing to use this pre-workout.

I was shocked to say the least.

The focus was insane and I wanted to keep working out even though I finished my workout. The pump was incredible. One thing that really stood out to me was the mind to muscle connection I loved that part. Taste was great. Everything about this product was great. I will definitely recommend this product to friends.

Flavor was banging

Taste is like a strawberry smoothie and fire. Constant energy, no mid workout bathroom pre shits, itch is actually good and I usually take at least double the amount of caffeine. Mood is good, it’s very consistent no big punch in the face at the start no big come down at the end. Overall, Brain Pump was really good. I never had a pre that I didn’t crash from, but this is the first time I didn't crash off a pre. Really good pump and focus, I would definitely take again.

Better than tren

Best pre-workout I’ve ever had. The flavor is second to none, but the focus while working out is the genesis of the experience. After hitting the gym I didn’t get a crash, or nausea like other pre workouts on the market. I even wanted to go back 15 min after for round 2.

Tasty pre-workout and fat pump!!

This pre-workout made me very focused in the gym! It tastes absolutely delicious 😍. It didn’t give me such an intense overpowering amount of caffeine, it gave me energy, focus, and a great pump which was great for me, my after pictures hahah and my routine. I love the CBD added as it has many benefits. I would recommend this to my friends and am going to continue to use!

One of the top Pre workouts

I believe Hempire supplements is one of the top Pre workouts i’ve tried. I didn’t get jitters & the mind to muscle connection was an absolute beast of a pump. If you want a great tasting & No crash supplement i recommend you shop here. CBD infused so I can come down off my pre workout with no crash!! Definitely a fire supplement.

Way better than I thought

When I first heard about this pre-workout, I wasn’t going to try it because I didn’t know what it was, or if it was safe. But I heard from a few of my friends that it actually was certified and it was crazy good. So I tried it and the flavor was amazing. It took about 10 mins for it to kick in but it was crazy, I felt so focused and could really feel my blood moving. The pre workout gives you so much motivation to get the lift done. The most important part was the pump, with this pre I had one of my best lifts and the pump was insane, it really makes your muscles and veins pop out. My main issue with other pre workouts is the bloating stomach pain or the heavy crash after a lift. But with Hempire I didn’t feel sick at all, and you feel relaxed and tired a few hours after the lift which I love.

tastes great

The taste was great. Not too sweet and not too sour. Tasted exactly like a pina colada strawberry daiquiri. Best tasting pre workout I've ever tried

The best preworkout I've ever tried

Brain pump was by far and away the best preworkout I have ever used. I’ve been using preworkout for 3 years and have used many of the best selling brands from the store. The Miami Vice flavor tasted incredible, like a piña colada with hints of strawberry, not too sweet and didn’t have that common preworkout chalkiness. I got tingles after 5 minutes from the beta alanine, which I was familiar with, but didn’t get overly jittery. I felt really motivated to lift, but I was focused on my warmup and felt a really good connection with my muscles. I ended up with a crazy skin-splitting pump too. During the workout I never got anxious or tried to rush through my rest period, there was a constant motivation to complete the next task with perfect form. Even towards the end of the lift, I didn’t really get that tired and still had the mental sharpness I had when performing my first couple sets. I cannot understate how much better this preworkout feels compared to most big brands.

New go-to pre-workout

The taste of the pre workout was something that really surprised me. I never would have expected a pre-workout to taste so good. My energy levels were through the roof but I didn’t feel anxious or jittery. Throughout my pull workout I felt nothing but the urge to smash my workout with everything I had to my limit. I felt significantly more powerful in my lifts and had a greater urge to push to my limits in each and every one of my workout sets. I felt significantly stronger and wanted to tackle each rep with all of my strength. I felt significantly more focused during my workout than I typically feel during a workout. I did not get distracted whatsoever by anything around me, only focusing on completing the sets of each exercise I performed. The pump I had during my workout was absolutely incredible compared to how I usually feel in my workouts. My veins were popping out more than in my usual pump. I felt way more powerful than usual. I had no negative side-effects or crash during or after my workout which is something I was surprised to feel considering I don’t consume pre-workout. Brain Pump will be my first and go to pre.

First time trying pre-workout

The taste was great, it had a fruity tropical flavor and was sweet without having a weird artificial aftertaste. It started kicking in right after my warmup, I definitely felt more zoned in than usual. I came into the workout feeling a bit tired, but it made me feel fully awake and energized, but not jittery. I do not use caffeine often. Ended up getting a great pump, which I did not expect and ended up spending 3 hours at the gym because I had the energy and motivation to rock climb after hitting a pull day. Afterwards I didn’t feel any crash whatsoever. Overall I got a great boost in focus, energy, my mood, and motivation.

One of the best pre-workouts I've ever tried

It tasted like an actual drink, I really enjoyed it and sipped on it slowly. I didn’t feel like I needed to down it fast and it had no graininess or bad aftertaste. I did the full 2 scoop serving so I felt very tingly during my workout, which was great. The pump exceeded my expectations, it delivered and it lasted a while. My mood was elevated the whole time, it never dipped throughout my workout, very positive and uplifting vibes from this pre-workout. I didn’t feel sick during or after my workout either, which sometimes happens with other pre-workouts. I would recommend Brain Pump to both first-time pre-workout users and experienced users because of the 1 or 2 scoop serving size. Definitely one of the best, if not, the best pre-workout I’ve ever tried.