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Karissa is an amazing doula and acupuncturist! 20 Aug 2019

Karissa is a wonderful doula and acupuncturist. We started working with her early in my pregnancy and she was always available to answer questions and would reach out to her large network for resources. She was very thorough in asking me what kind of environment I wanted when I was in labor and asked about things I liked/disliked so she could plan for how to best support us. We were planning a home birth and Karissa came over to the house when we were ready for her help and she was a calm, gentle support as labor unfolded. When things weren’t progressing, she gave me ideas of things to try to get labor started again. She gave me a gentle acupuncture treatment that worked well to get the contractions going again and used her essential oils to provide a relaxing environment as well as an oil on my abdomen to help get the contractions going. When we ended up transferring to the hospital, she stayed by my side as I was put on Pitocin and was a knowledgeable advocate with the OB and nurses as well as a continued support for me as I was scared and exhausted. She stayed with us for over 55 hours of labor until they took me in for a c-section. She stayed in contact in the days and weeks after our son was born and even brought a nourishing, home-cooked meal to us at home. I can’t recommend Karissa enough and am so thankful we had her by our side as we navigated a long, difficult labor and delivery.

17 Jul 2019

Karissa was such a loving and amazing doula for my pregnancy and home birth of my daughter. Her passion for birth, Chinese medicine and all things natural shined throughout our prenatal visits and most especially during the birth! She incorporated her skills as an acupuncturist and essential oil guru to calm and ease my labor!! It would not have been the most amazing and relaxing birth without her gentle guidance to me as well as to my husband. We cannot thank her enough for her essential role in helping us bring our daughter into this world!!