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Business association 18 Sep 2018

We are a vendor for Miller Pet Products and have enjoyed our relationship since May, 2017. We enjoy the friendly and easy way they conduct business always with fairness and honesty. This is a good company to work with.

Goats 28 Jul 2018

I am a veterinarian in Weatherford, TX and am interested in your underground dog houses, especially the larger one you are developing. We have 7 dogs, with the largest being our livestock guardian dog. Have you heard of using them for guardian dogs. I worry about either the goats getting in there or snakes finding it to be a good home. Also, I need the dogs to stay with the goats, so I don’t know if they would hide out instead of working. I would be very interested in your product if you woul d let me know when they are available.

Hang in there baby. 28 Feb 2018

Hang in there baby, Your den is on it's way....

Testimonial #7 28 Feb 2018

She made her figured id just purchase one... Much appreciated. Grandparents didnt like that lol.

Not just for Dogs!! 03 Oct 2017

For exotics owners, such as skunks, raccoons, fox, I HIGHLY recommend the DogeDen! Just installed one for my raccoons and they LOVE it!! Thankfully, it's large enough to fit both at the same time, but still considering adding another so they each can have their own ;'room'!

Happy I bought it! 29 Jul 2017

Just received my dogeden and I love it! I thought by looking at other posts it was going to odd in the backyard, or too small. It seems to be perfect size, it does not take up a ton of space, and my pup Charlie also loves it! Highly recommend!!

My dog loves it... 15 Jul 2017

There are so many wonderful things I could say about this product but the most important of all those things would be that my dog loves it. It is very spacious and our dog has plenty of space to lounge. A great buy!

The dog houses of the future! 15 Jul 2017

Excellent product! A couple of friends purchased this product from DogeDen and their dogs really love it! One of them has a dog that was extremely discerning about his past dog houses and always cried when put in them. Not with the 60L Underground Dog House - he said his dog didn't want to leave! He cannot get over it - these are the dog houses of the future!

Am Impressed 09 Jul 2017

I am glad to see that the price has come down from the original offer on Amazon of $199 Plus $14 shipping. I had been following this dog house for the past few months and when the price dropped to $139 With free shipping on the website. I made my move and ordered one. That plus it is Springtime now in my area and it was time to go outside and play in the garden. So I figured since I would be digging in the garden anyway, it would be a great time to install this dog house. So my dog Bink would have a place to go to get out of the horrific heat of Summer around here. Now Binky already had a dog house that I built for her out of wood. But I noticed this product had a built-in anchor on top for a tie out to clip on to. And the cheap tie out that I was using seem to always get tangled up somehow. So I decided to install the underground dog house about ten feet away from her wooden dog house. So she would have a choice between the two.To me it was sort of like knocking out two birds with one stone. I was impressed with a few things about this product. First how fast something this huge could show up on my doorstep in the US mail after I ordered it. And check this out. It came just like you see it on The website. With no box, plastic bag or bubble wrap I had to throw away. That's very eco-friendly if you ask me. I guess they could ship it that way because this thing is so durable.It's built like a tank. I'm not kidding the top of thing is almost 1 inch thick where you clip on the tie out lead and the bottom is over 1/4 inch thick. I feel pretty confident that this dog house is going to last for decades. Now to get the old Bink Aroni to use it for the first time. All I did was toss a piece of bacon in it and that was the end of the learning curve... As you can see from the picture Bink who weights 25 pounds has plenty of room.

Testing Process For The Beta Model With 75 Pound Danger Zeke The R&D Dog 09 Jul 2017