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Great Translator! 13 Dec 2017

Chuanyan Nie is a good professional, always meeting our deadlines and quality expectations. The communication is very good and is always open to provide detailed feedback when needed.

Postal Historian 09 Mar 2017

Every time that I have 'tested' Chuanyan with a manuscript or printed text to translate, I have always found that he accepts the challenge and produces excellent results. Getting the correct nuances is difficult enough when translating, and so to achieve accuracy when the source material is a hastily scribbled letter, for example, is particularly praiseworthy. I have no hesitation in recommending Chuanyan. His expertise is also backed up by excellent communications. 

Director, Project Management 29 Nov 2016

I would highly recommend Chuanyan to anyone seeking efficiency and professionalism. We have been working with him for quite some time and he's proven himself to be a confident professional who truly loves his work and is confident in his abilities. He has a very positive attitude, very open communication, and on-time delivery, which makes life as project manager so much easier. Chuanyan is the ideal translator.

Head of Communication for Compost Revolution 06 Sep 2016

I was impressed with the quality, reliability, professionalism and fast turnaround of Chuanyan. As a translator, editor and project manager, I am familiar with the difficulties of meeting - let alone exceeding - expectations in the translation industry, but Chuanyan did it. I look forward to working with him again soon.

Project Coordinator of the London-based NGO Saferworld 11 Aug 2016

Chuanyan has done a great deal of excellent work for us. He has a talent of communicating the source language in a way that flows with the forms and styles of the target language. This distinguishes him from many other translators. He is very good at tackling technical content on a wide range of topics, and pays great attentions to details. On a personal level I find him very professional, reliable, and very easy to work with.