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Yes Definitely!

Dr Barroner and her staff are so kind and helpful. I need my daughter for her tooth removal. They made sure we understood everything and that there were no additional questions or concerns. The office is bright, extremely clean and comfortable!

Tooth extraction

Walked into the office and everyone working there loves their job. I had a tooth extraction and was very nervous , I didn’t feel a thing . It was the best experience going to the “dentist” that I ever had ! The Doctor called at 6:30 to ask if I’m ok . I would recommend this practice for everyone !

I Highly recommend

I would recommend Elevated Oral to everyone! I needed all my teeth removed, a nasal lift, bone grafts, implants and dentures! I went to another surgeon first and went away terrified. We found Dr Barroner and I am SO GLAD we did. Through the entire process every one in that office treated me like I was the only patient they had. They took great amounts of time to thoroughly explain my options. They didn't push anything onto me. Anytime throughout the process, if my husband or I had a question they answered with patience and respect. They were kind and gentle. The atmosphere is clean and serene. All that would mean nothing if they weren't skilled. However, I found Dr Baronner and her staff to be meticulous in every aspect of my care. I had no complications and I love the results. If you have to have surgery, this is the place to go!


Dr. Meghan Barrone, Kind and Incredible Oral Surgeon :)

She did amazing work on all my dental work with such skills and compassion. She took great care and attention and she is the first dentist that calls personally to find out how her patient is doing after each surgery. She is really dedicated. She did her follow ups. I had a very good experience with the surgical extraction of my molar tooth and bone graft and followed by my root anchor implant. She made sure I had minimum discomfort. You can be assured this is your BEST Oral Surgeon. You are in good hands.


Dr. Meghan Barroner and her assistant, Rose provided excellent care. I had my tooth extracted yesterday and have suffered no residual pain. I was a little nervous at first but they were very calm and reassuring. The office was also very pleasant and relaxing. I highly recommend.

Great Experience

I was very anxious when I arrived at the office for a tooth extraction. The receptionist, Rose immediately put me at ease with her friendly approach. Dr. Barroner explained the procedure thoroughly and I liked her immediately. Everything went so smooth I had to say "is it out already". Hardly felt a thing. Total experience 5 Star!!! Highly recommended.

Apprehensive patient

I had a molar that was beyond help & needed removed. My past memories from other dentists were not memorable so I was very anxious when I came in . Dr Barroner & staff were very patient & helped me feel very comfortable & answered my questions & made me feel at ease . I was very impressed when the next day I received a follow up phone call from Dr Barroner asking me how I was feeling! She asked me questions & asked if I had any questions & she was more than happy to answer them. She didn’t rush me off the phone -she was took her time. I was very impressed & if/ when I need oral or implant surgery I know exactly who to call.

Excellent treatment

Had a tooth extracted and returning for an implant consult in the future. The office is lovely, very happy, everything is fine!

Dr.Barroner and staff

I had a memorable experience at Elevated Oral Care Surgery. Dr Barroner and her staff were professional and friendly and made me feel welcome. They took time to explain my treatment and follow up care. The office was inviting and relaxing...just what I needed to calm my anxiety. The procedure was painless!! This certainly was gentle surgery. Thank you Dr. Barroner????

Dr.Barroner and staff

I had a memorable experience at Elevated Oral Care Surgery. Dr Barroner and her staff were professional and friendly and made me feel welcome. They took time to explain my treatment and follow up care. The office was inviting and relaxing...just what I needed to calm my anxiety. The procedure was painless!! This certainly was gentle surgery. Thank you Dr. Barroner????

Absolutely Phenomenal

I put off getting my wisdom teeth out for 10 years because I thought I had to go under to do it. I had lots of questions and concerns and Dr. Barroner and her staff patiently and kindly answered them all. She was direct and honest with me and didn't load me up with drugs afterwards. She took everything I told her into account and didn't treat me like some generic patient. During the actual procedure, she was gentle and consistently checked in with me to make sure I was doing okay. Her and her staff followed up with me several times after the procedure and I recovered quickly. I was so apprehensive about the procedure, but her and her staff made it as easy as possible! Also, if you're having a mad debate about whether to do laughing gas or anesthesia, just do the laughing gas and avoid the anesthesia aftermath. Laughing gas makes you feel sleepy and drunk without any hangover effects and you're numbed with local anesthesia anyways.

Elevate your care ...

Dr. Meghan Barroner will exceed your expectations in every way. Her impressive credentials are amazing ... she will provide the excellent care you deserve. I can't say enough about the comfortable, trusting, at ease feeling I had throughout the procedure. Communicated with me every step of the way to make sure I was OK then personally made a follow-up call. Dr. Barroner is simply the best Oral Surgeon you can see ... I strongly recommend her services for any Oral or Implant Surgery you require -

Excellent all the way around

My son had his wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Barroner. Rose kindly scheduled his evaluation one day and the surgery the next because he lives out of town. The doctor, Rose and the rest of the staff were extremely accommodating, friendly, and made what could have been an overwhelming procedure go smoothly and without complication. I am very thankful to have chosen such a professional and skilled office. Highly recommend.

No Pain! Excellent Care!

Had a tooth pulled and had a full mouth x-ray...that showed all my teeth....They answered every question while I watch on the big screen of every tooth I had a question about. The tooth came out very easy...I never had pain after the extraction...NONE...didn't even need an aspirin. Maybe that was just me but why look elsewhere, she is the best as well as her staff. Finally a dentist who walks you thru the procedure and a dentist I CAN TRUST for all my dental needs.

No Drama

This passed March, I had a surgery done by Dr. Barroner at Elevated Oral Surgery. The procedure envolved the removal of 2 wisdom teeth, bone implants and endosteal implants to house two new teeth on the back of my lower jaw. Of course I was expecting to suffer but for my surprise, there was no drama at all. It has been an unbelievable experience. I’m still amazed with the degree of professionalism and craftsmanship of the service it was provided to me. Everything about my experience under her care it’s been absolutely awesome! The clinic is beautiful and very clean!! The professionals, the personalize attention , the cleanliness, precision and care was beyond believe. The pain was to a minimum and the discomfort last 3 days ( eating time ). Also I didn’t even needed pain medication after all! It was the best experience I’ve ever had at the dentist. I absolutely recommend her clinic and expertise!!! She is THE BEST!

Outstanding service

I don't know how to express how awesome this doctor/office is! The office staff is so caring, the office is pristine clean and the surgery from Dr. Barroner has always been excellent! I highly recommend this doctor!

Thanks for the great care and allieviating the pain!

Anyone looking for a great oral surgeon need look no further. This is a team that truly cares for people, provides great service and does all this at a great price. My brother was in need of immediate care for a badly infected tooth. We had no connection with Elevated Oral and Implant Surgery except a friend recommended that we give them a call. They stayed late to help the day we called to make sure that his pain was dealt with immediately. Of course the follow up care was outstanding, but it was simply a continuation of their care for people. I am truly grateful for their help and highly recommend them to anyone in need

Wisdom teeth removal

I was referred to Dr Barroner by my dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed. I had been nervous for months about getting the procedure done. After my initial consultation I felt 100% ready to get the surgery done. Dr Barroner thourouly addressed any concerns that I had. The staff is very friendly and caring. I received excellent care and would highly recommend this practice.


I was referred to Dr. Barroner by my dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed. I was nervous about having the procedure done, but after my initial consultation I felt very confident that I would have a good experience. The staff is very friendly and caring. Dr. Barroner will thourouly address any concern that you may have. My surgery went well as well as the recovery. I highly recommend this practice.

Excellent care

I was referred to Dr. Barroner by my personal dentist for an extraction and possible implant. The support staff and Dr. Barroner were very kind and helpful with information concerning my procedure and aftercare. Everything was fully explained to me, and all my questions were answered. I would certainly recommend this practice.

wonderful experience at Elevated

I was really nervous coming into this but the people here calmed me down greatly and gave a general since of comfort. They also know a great deal what they talk about. Dr. Barroner was amazing in her help and I appreciated her explaining to me what was going to happen and the treatment options. Thanks for a great expirence

Excellent experience

The entire experience of getting implants couldn’t have been more positive and painless. Everyone in the office was extremely friendly and professional. Rose is a great asset to the office always helpful and kind whenever I called. Dr. Barroner spent as much time as I needed to explain the procedure and answer questions. She is gentle and soft spoken and truly took away so much of my anxiety. I would highly recommend her.


Let me start off by saying I waited an hour and when I finally was seen i was numbed and then the dr left and attended to another patient then after another hour she finally removed my tooth I was walked out and the dr showed where to put my follow up(which I didn’t go to) but the dr didn’t even let the staff member make the app she told her where I should go and my thought was if she is hired for this and you think she can’t do the job why is she working here. Then to top it off some man with a fussy baby who was talking right in front of my to someone very loudly. Not happy.

Extractions and Implants

Recently had two tooth extractions and one implant. Second implant will come later this year. All three procedures have been fantastic with little or no pain and Dr. Barroner follows up the day of the procedure. Her and her staff are very professional and the culture at Elevated makes you feel like family. Two thumbs up to everyone at Elevated.

Son's tooth extraction

My young teen was having extractions related to orthodontist recommendations. Dr. Barroner thoroughly explained exactly what would happen and gave him opportunities for questions. He did not feel well following anesthesia and the doctor and her staff could not have been more amazing. This practice did an outstanding job for us.


Very nice staff. Dr Barroner is an incredible person and very accommodating. I’ve been to elevated for several procedures and it has been a very good experience every time.

Outstanding & compassionate

Highly recommend! My daughter had her wisdom teeth extracted. Dr. Barroner and entire staff were very thorough before, during, and after. Thank you!

Exceptional treatment

The office staff and doctor were very professional yet personal enough to make the trip there less painful. Thank you to all.

Exceptional treatment

The office staff and doctor were very professional yet personal enough to make the trip there less painful. Thank you to all.

Wonderful experience!

Would not go anywhere else other than Elevated Oral!!!

From the moment you walk into the door you feel like you are part of the Oral Care Family. Rose at the desk is the best and makes sure the whole process is a flawless one. Dr. Barroner's assistants are there to keep you calm throughout the whole experience and are there to answer as many questions you may have. I went in so nervous about my tooth extraction and future implant that i was sweating prior to the procedure. After Dr. Barroner came in showed me my xrays and explained the many options and best practice to continue with I was not worried at all. I honestly can't wait to go back and get my implant because you are felt and treated like family. Dr. Barroner and her family and staff are the best in the business and you will get the best treatment for your dental health.



Great staff and experience

My son was seen by Dr. Barroner for wisdom teeth extraction. Dr. Barroner and her staff took the time to answer all of our questions and explain the procedure. On the day of the procedure my son was very nervous and they talked him through the procedure so he felt very comfortable. At any time we felt that we could call the doctor with any questions or concerns we had. Dr. Barroner and her staff are very professional and caring. I would recommend them if you need to have oral surgery.

Great staff and experience

Dr. Barroner and her staff were very attentive to all of our questions before and after the procedure. We were a bit nervous but they took their time and explained everything that was going to happen. Following the procedure Dr. was available for any questions we had and called to check on us the day after the procedure. Even though all went as planned I felt that we could call the doctor with any concerns or questions. I would recommend Dr. Barroner for any oral surgery needed.


I loved the customer service and when the surgery was done was back on my feet within a few hours.

Great expeerince.

I had a wonderful time with the Dr and her staff they were very efficient and pleasant!


The dr and the staff were amazing though the gentleman I dealt with was very pushy into me scheduling when I did not want to yet and went in a circle about the insurance.

Great Treatment

Been happy so far- everything planned for implant treatment. All is well. 5 STARS to Elevated Oral and Implant Surgery.

Professional , compassionate and efficient extraction.

I had a very positive experience at this office with all the office staff and the surgeon. I got in very soon and was impressed with the surgeon's technical skills and communication skills. Dr. Barroner explained everything well and listened to my concerns. I spoke to her post surgery and received additional information that helped me understand the recovery process. I would highly recommend this surgeon and her practice.


Very courteous, very patient and answered all of my question. I will come back if I need a surgeon in the future

First Class Exceptional Care!

Honestly Elevate your care to a higher level and treat yourself to this exceptional surgeon. Dr. Baronner is meticulous not only about her waiting room but about her approach to Patient Care from her kind, compassionate manner to her excellent delivery of her skill level while explaining everything in detail and really listening! Her assistants are exceptional as well. During my dental implant surgery last week, Alex was the assistant and was extremely compassionate and professional at all times as was the other female assistant during a tooth removal. Rose the office manager has years of experience and knows how to approach patient questions in a comprehensive, knowledgeable and efficient manner. Having had two teeth removed this year and a dental implant last week, I can say that my fearful expectations were unnecessary given not just the way the procedure occurred but the lack of expected swelling and pain I thought that I would have afterwards. Although I am an older educated professional, when it comes to dental work I often have had anxiety. I definitely required Special Care in terms of answering multiple questions and patience waiting for me to move forward with the dental implant. This practice took care of all my needs before and during and after the procedures. They are also available 24/7 after procedures should you need them. Thank you Dr.Barroner and Elevated Oral and Implant Surgery!

Impressed & Highly Recommended!

After being referred by my dentist to Dr. Barroner, at Elevated Oral & Implant Surgery, for a tooth extraction, I was EXTREMELY nervous and full of anxiety. Rose, and the rest of the staff, were warm, polite, and very professional in the first few minutes of my visit. Once I met Dr. Barroner, and her assistant, Nick, I have to say, I became very comfortable. They both asked questions, really listened, and explained procedures very clearly. Before I knew it my tooth was out! It's been a few days since my extraction, and I even received a follow up call to see how I w as doing. This is a professional service through and through, and I highly recommend anyone who needs oral surgery to give them a try …. I sure am delighted to have been directed to them ! Thanks to the staff for treating me so well :)

Down to earth, wonderful people!

I had a really great experience from the second I walked in the front door to the moment I was leaving. Every person on the staff was friendly and down to earth. Any concerns that I had were addressed and immediately put to rest. I'm not joking when I say that Meghan and company were the absolute best oral surgeon office that I have ever been to... BY FAR. And these are not mere words- I've already scheduled my next appointment! You will not be disappointed!

Awesome service

We were recommend by our family dentist. First our son went an got his wisdom teeth out. When we called we spoke with Rose and she was awesome! Then we went in to meet the Doctor. Meeting Rose and she made us feel so warm and welcome. We met the Doctor and then next was his appointment to have his teeth removed. What an awesome group of people. Next, I had to have some dental work that wasn’t easy. Working again with Rose, she was again amazing helping me. The day of my appointment I was nervous, but the whole staff was great and making me feel comfortable. My follow up appointment was just as great. Walking in Rose welcomed me by name! Any kind of surgery makes one nervous, but these people make you feel safe. We are having our daughters wisdom teeth removed here. We trust these people with our kids. We would highly recommend them!


My dentist recommended Dr. Barroner because I was so nervous about getting my tooth pulled. Her staff made me feel at ease and Dr.Barroner was understanding and made me feel comfortable throughout the extraction by telling me in advance what she was going to do. She is wonderful and I was relaxed thru the whole ordeal. I highly recommend her for anyone who is scared about a dental procedure.

Wonderful Experience!

Dr Barroner and her staff went above and beyond to help us. 3 years ago my husband had received a filling from our family dentist. Turned out the tooth was cracked and he had to have it pulled. So he went to see Dr. Barroner when she was with another practice in Butler. It was virtually a pain free experience! Then a year or so ago he had to have another filling--and yup! another cracked tooth occured around that filling shortly after it was filled. So we tried to go to Dr. Barroner again, but she was no longer with that practice. So we went to another oral surgeon in Butler and had a horribly painful experience! So last month my husband had another filling---and shortly thereafter the pain got worse and because we had been through this before, we googled Dr. Barroner and found that she had her own practice (Elevated Oral and Implant Surgery) over and hour away from where we lived. So we called and Rose, the front desk administrator(?), was kind enough to fit us in two days later. She was EXTREMELY professional, kind and helpful. At the appointment itself, there was virtually no wait time. We felt welcomed and comfortable from the time we stepped in the office. It turns out the tooth did not need to be pulled. It needed a root canal that Dr. Barroner does not do. So Dr Barroner and her staff did not let us leave the office until they found somebody that could see us that same day because my husband had taken only that day off to fix this problem. Because there was 4 hours before that root canal appointment, Rose even gave us ideas where to go and what to do in that side of Pittsburgh while we waited! I can't say enough about Dr. Barroner and her staff. They really went above and beyond!

Testimonial #76

Charming staff, fast and very friendly service. I found the staff to be most helpful and the doctor was the best I have ever encountered. Highly recommend!

Wisdom Teeth

Dr. Barroner was very kind and understanding of me being nervous before getting all 4 wisdom teeth extracted. The consultation was very professional and she was able to go through every method of extraction with me and the pros and cons. The day of the surgery her and her assistant were able to talk me through everything and let me know what they were doing. This was my first time getting put to sleep ever since I was a baby and she made me feel very comfortable. They talked me through the healing process and helped to make sure I had a speedy and simple recovery. Her office was very clean and comforting. I would definently recommend Elevated Oral for anyone.

Great Experience All Around!

Dr. Barroner removed all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth. The entire experience from the consultation, booking the surgery, and the surgery itself was great and stress-free. Dr. Barroner and her staff are very professional, thorough, and informative. I was a little nervous about the procedure and the anesthesia, and they made me feel very comfortable and calm. Dr. Barroner called me herself a few hours after the surgery to check in and gave a great list of instructions for after-care. I would definitely recommend this office!

Anxiety Relief

I have several ongoing medical issues and when my long-time dentist advised that I needed to see an oral surgeon, I thought, "Not another one..." I was very, VERY impressed with Dr. Barroner and her staff. I was able to make my initial contact via the web and got a very prompt callback. I was also able to fill out the patient history, etc. online and that was a great time-saver. Arriving at the office, I was greeted cordially and by a receptionist who was familiar with my information and actually knew who I was and what procedure was scheduled without consulting the "files." The office was very clean and pleasant without the usual "medical office" look or smells. The pre-surgical work was quick and carefully explained. Dr. Barroner completed the procedure quickly and with virtually no discomfort. I was surprised (and pleased) with a follow-up telephone call later in the day to make sure that there were no problems following the work. All in all, it was as stress-free as they could make it and I am healing very well. I thoroughly recommend Dr. Barroner and her staff to anyone - especially those suffering anxiety with pending surgery.

Of no help with billing

I had all upper teeth removed which needless to say was a trying experience. The doctor and her staff were very friendly and professional. My issue was after the surgery and I was billed an additional $800 with no prior notice. I called and was advised that the additional anesthesia would be absorbed, which I very much appreciated. The other balance of $600 I would have to figure out by calling my insurance company. First of all it is not my job to get the office compensated for a procedure. They pay people to do that. Second, I was advised that the office bills my insurance as a courtesy. ??? Really, like I am an actuary in the medical insurance field. What an arrogant answer !. I was also advised that insurance companies do this all the time and the patient very seldom wins an appeal. So now I face an outstanding balance, which I cannot afford, and basically I'm advised that it is my problem. If they knew of billing discrepancies up front then why did they not call to verify that the estimate was correct ??? Definitely not my job as a patient. I am not a billing expert. Obviously as with any other business it's about the money not the patient. What a shame !!! Avoid this place unless you are paying out of pocket and/or can afford to get suprises in the mail !!!

Review from Facebook #1

Had to take my daughter for a tooth extraction and we were really nervous. But Dr. Barroner and all the staff are so friendly and nice. They made us feel so comfortable. We had the best experience there. Absolutely recommend to everyone. Great place and great service.

A little nervous at first - but what a wonderful experience

Whenever I experience something for the 1st time - especially something I think is really going to hurt .. I tend to worry .. a lot -- but my experience with Dr. Barroner, her facilities, her staff .. and the professional and caring manner with which I was treated -- went way beyond my expectations .. my treatment entailed removing 2 teeth (a mollar and a wisdom) - then replacing 1 with an implant .. during my consultation Dr. Barroner not only explained in great detail every step of the procedure to follow .. and then but took the time to answer all of my questions .. never hurrying or making me feel rushed .. I'm now at the back end of her treatment - teeth are gone and implant is in .. with both the time needed to complete her work and the pain experienced (which was very little) were just as she had explained during my first visit .. simply put, I could not be more pleased with Dr. Barroner and her practice and I've already recommended her highly to a few of my colleagues and friends ..

Review from Facebook #3

I didnt even know the tooth was out of my mouth and they said it was already extracted.

Review from Facebook #4

The team at Elevated Oral and Implant Surgery took great care of me for two root canal extractions. The level of customer service that Rose provided to me when I needed to get in an emergency was impeccable. Very caring and thoughtful. I'm glad I found your practice.

Testimonial #67

Fantastic Service

My dentist recommended Dr. Barroner for a tooth implant. During my initial consultation, Dr. Barroner spent a lot of time discussing not only the implant procedure but the pluses and minuses of alternative treatments. I opted for the implant and, during the procedure itself, Dr. Barroner continually saw to my comfort and talked me through the extraction process as she performed it. Her entire staff was friendly and happy to address questions and concerns I had both prior to and following surgery. I cannot say enough good things about them. I am very grateful to my dentist for recommending Dr. Barroner and would readily recommend her!

5 Star Customer Service

I am a mother living in Louisisana and my son attends College in Ohio, which is close by. My son has a root fracture and our situation is complicated and even further complicated from lack of resources. His situation is urgent as he is losing bone to the affected tooth and his front tooth and has a massive infected area. We referred to an oral surgeon that was further delaying treatment and overcharging me by $1000. When I called this morning, Rose completely understood the situation, handled it, told me how much it would it cost and scheduled him for the next business day to pull the tooth and do the bone grafts. It only took a 10 to 15 minute phone conversation. Very professional staff and customer service. Thank you! I can rest easy this weekend knowing my son is in good hands.

Review from Facebook #1

I knew from the moment I called to make a consultation appointment with Justin that I was making a great decision. When I showed up for my treatment I was very nervous but Dr. Barroner and her assistant made me feel very at ease and talked me through everything. I also got a courtesy checkup phone call from Dr. Barroner herself a few hours after my surgery to see how my recovery was going and if I had any questions. The compassion and empathy that Dr. Barroner and her staff have for their patients is remarkable. She is truly amazing and so is her staff. The world needs more people like her!!


Very pleased with the process. Dr. Barroner demonstrated skill with anesthesia. No pain or swelling following the extraction. Highly recommended.


Dr. Barroner and the staff at Elevated Oral & Implant Surgery are friendly and very helpful. At my initial consultation I received all the information I needed and Dr. Barroner answered all my questions, leaving me feeling confident about my upcoming surgery. The day of my surgery, the staff made me feel comfortable and the procedure was excellently done. My after surgery care was explained thoroughly and all my questions were answered, even though I had to communicate with hand gestures! After having dealt with less than satisfactory offices and doctors in the past, I really appreciate the superior service that Elevated Oral & Implant Surgery provides. I highly recommend them.

Testimonial #61

Had a tooth extracted 3 months ago. Went back today for the implant work. Both visits went extremely well. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr Barroner did a great job with both the extraction and the implant. I would highly recommend them for dental work.

Review from Facebook #19

Very friendly and professional. Will see that your needs are met.

Review from Facebook #14

Had tooth removed this morning by Dr. Barroner. If you need a tooth removed, I would highly recommend the doctor and her friendly and efficient staff.

Review from Facebook #15

I had an extraction today, it went fast and painless. The staff and Dr. Meghan Borroner were very nice, and listened to all your concerns. Great place, I will never go any where else. Elevated Oral & Implant Surgery is the best !!!!!

Review from Facebook #12

I had to have a tooth extracted today. Dr. Meghan, Chrissy & Rose were FANTASTIC!! I got in for an appointment right away! So high tech & very cool office. Great music too!! I highly recommend this office! Thank you!

Review from Facebook #13

My boyfriend had his wisdom teeth removed and everything has gone according to plan! The Dr. and staff are so nice and very knowledgeable of all the pre and post op care needed! The office is gorgeous and couldn't have been a more pleasant experience!

Review from Facebook #10

Implant Surgery's Timeline. May 11, 2017 4:42pm I want to thank Dr Barroner and team for the wonderful experience today. I needed immediate dental care that my regular dentist was unable to perform. He referred me to Elevated O&IS. I called and was lucky enough to be invited to come in right away. They discussed the procedure I was having in appropriate detail, then as they were preforming the procedure walked me through as necessary. They were kind, understanding of my situation and accommodating. I can't thank you enough. (Yes I'm thanking you for dental work! :) ) I will not hesitate to return in the future!

Review from Facebook #11

I had my wisdom teeth removed last week, and I was thoroughly impressed! they saw me right waiting 3 weeks!! Staff was great and professional, and made me feel at ease! I would definitely recommend friends and family to try this practice!

Review from Facebook #8

I like many others have quite a bit of anxiety when it comes to needing dental work but I must say this was the most positive experience I've had. I lost a filling and put off getting to the dentist until it was too late, I needed an extraction of a molar. From the time I arrived the staff was friendly and welcoming. Dr. Barroner was very thorough when explaining the process and made certain I was comfortable throughout the procedure. I will highly recommend Elevated Oral & Implant Surgery!

Review from Facebook #9

There isn't another place I'd even consider. Dr. Barroner is the best in the business!

Review from Facebook #6

My 9 year old had 2 teeth extracted and we were very pleased with the procedure and the office. Dr. Barroner and all of her staff were exceptional and very accommodating. We had a pre-op appointment to discuss anesthesia options and decided together to go with numbing gel and Novocaine but Dr Barroner said gas would also be readily available if our daughter got too nervous during the procedure. Everything went smoothly and our daughter said it didn't hurt at all :). We'll be returning soon for a procedure for our older daughter.

Review from Facebook #7

I was very grateful, and impressed with Dr. Barroner and the staff. Mine was a dental emergency and they reworked their afternoon to attend to me. I would highly recommend them and wouldn't hesitate to go back if needed!

Review from Facebook #4

This was a procedure that I had been avoiding since my dentist first told me I needed to have my wisdom teeth out, but I am so glad that he recommended Elevated Oral & Implant Surgery. Dr. Barroner and her staff did an amazing job a little over a week ago when I had my wisdom teeth extracted. I did not want IV sedation for my procedure and she was very supportive and informative when telling me about my other options. I ended up choosing just Ativan and novocaine and it all went very smoothly. My recovery also took basically no time at all! I know everyone heals differently, but in my case I had a very tiny bit of swelling and no bruising at all! The practice is beautiful, the staff is great, but most importantly they took the time to know my case and my concerns. And that, to me, is what makes all the difference to a patient. So thank you, Dr. Barroner and staff for making this entire process go so well!! I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know that needs wisdom tooth extraction!

Review from Facebook #5

I met Dr. Barroner today when she treated my son for an emergency appointment. She was very gentle and thorough. I really appreciate that she was able to squeeze him in even though he was never a patient in the past. I highly recommend this office.

Review from Facebook #2

Dr. Barroner is a truly compassionate doctor! She not only is a gifted doctor, she takes the time to explain everything ,all aspects of treatment and diagnosis, and spends extra time with you to get to know you! She could not have been any kinder with my 90 year old father! The tops!

Review from Facebook #1

The entire team provided excellent care from the moment I called to schedule a visit till I was done recovering.

Great with children

My daughter needed 6 baby teeth extracted due to crowding and for orthodontic purposes. Dr. Barroner and Rose were absolutely great! They informed me of all insurance coverage and options prior to the extraction. My daughter was very nervous about the procedure. Dr. Barroner and Rose explained everything in kid terms and put my daughter at ease. They were very calming and reassuring throughout the whole procedure. Dr. Barroner even did a follow up call on Saturday morning to check on my daughter. I will recommend Dr. Barroner and her staff to anyone looking for a fantastic Oral Surgeon!

Professional, skilled oral surgeon

A tooth on which an endodontist at another practice had completed a root canal unfortunately broke apart while I was on vacation, a few days before my appointment to have a crown placed on it. I was referred to Dr. Barroner by my dentist, and I arrived for an emergency appointment in a rather bad mood. Dr. Barroner and her staff accommodated both my bad tooth and my bad mood, and I immediately felt like I was in the hands of a professional with not only the skill to deal with the problem but the ability to help me feel more at ease. She explained the situation carefully and completely so that we could make the best decision possible. The tooth was removed with only the slight pinch of the local anesthetic, and I did not have the pain or swelling that I have experienced with procedures such as this in the past. At this time I am not a candidate for an implant due to other factors, but if my situation changes there is no question that I would return to Dr. Barroner for this procedure. The office is beautiful and very clean, with lovely colors and modern lighting. I am so grateful that I was referred to Dr. Barroner - she and her staff really helped me to calm down and feel confident that my situation was well in hand.

extraction and two implants

When I came in to Dr. Barroner's office, I was so nervous! I have had a number of dental procedures before, but the implant procedure on two teeth and an extraction all at the same time was freaking me. BUT, I could not have been more pleased with my experience. I opted for sedation. It was a great choice for me. No pain during and no pain afterward. I am one week out now, my surgery is healing well, and I am back for a consult for the next implant! I would highly recommend Dr. Barroner. The staff was friendly and helpful as well. If you are a worrier as I was, relax - you are in good hands.

Thank you so much Dr. Barroner!

I went to Dr. Barroner to have two implants which also required extracting the two roots of the original teeth. She was recommended to me by my dentist and I'm really pleased with that recommendation. Dr. Barroner explained the total procedure to me so I knew exactly what to expect. I had no pain and she did a great job, which is healing very well. Thank you to her entire staff in her wonderful office. Rose thank you for helping us with all the paperwork. Thank you for your comfortable area for family waiting for their family member.


I was referred to Dr Barroner for a tooth extraction. I was so blessed that she was the doctor that did my procedure. She was kind and caring and made me feel relaxed. The staff was great and she has a state of the art office with all top of the line equipment. I couldn't have asked for a better doctor to have helped me. You ROCK Dr Barroner.

Many Thanks

I went to Dr Barroner for an extraction. She is so good at her job. Her and her staff are very caring. She did an excellent job and helped me throughout the procedure. Love her and am glad I went there.

Caring and professional

I was scheduled an appointment within a week for a very painful tooth. The office was easy to find and clean and tastefully decorated. The office staff was very friendly, courteous and professional. The exam room was extremely clean, well lit and spacious. I was having considerable pain and Dr. Barroner continued to administer novacaine as needed. I literally asked her to stop at least 3 different times. She was concerned for my comfort and was very gentle. She extracted the trouble making tooth with great skill. Checking in and checking out process simple and fee was very reasonable. Would highly recommend.

I am grateful!

Testimonial #38

My thanks to Dr. Barroner and staff for the excellent care provided for me. The oral surgery procedure performed by Dr. Barroner was masterful work. The surgery removed a nagging problem and sustained relief. I am grateful to Dr. Barroner and her staff. From beginning to end all participated in making for a curative care.

The most painless extraction I ever had!

This past spring of 2017 I required an emergency root canal in anticipation of an implant. My dentist had told me that there were problems with this particular tooth and its roots and that he wasn't going to attempt it. He recommended Dr. Barroner, and I am so grateful he did. Others that I've had done by other dentists left me very apprehensive b/c of the inevitable pain. I will say without exaggeration that Dr. Barroner was amazing! She took all the time necessary, which was considerable, to make sure I was absolutely numb. She had the tooth and the roots out before I was even aware she was in the process of extracting everything. The best part is that there was no pain or discomfort what so ever during the extraction. She is absolutely the best!

Very Good Experience!

I had a terrific experience with Dr. Barroner and the staff at her office. I was in town from Virginia visiting family and had a cracked tooth that needed to be extracted. The doctor fit me in after regular office hours on a Friday and did the extraction quickly & without pain. She is a wonderful surgeon, I highly recommend her!


I had an emergency situation with a wisdom tooth and was in severe pain. Dr. Barroner's office fit me into their schedule THAT DAY! So very thankful! Staff was very professional, friendly and kind. I definitely recommend this practice.


I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed and although no one really WANTS to have their wisdom teeth removed I can happily say that it was a good experience. I didn't bruise at all afterward and my recovery time was not as long as I thought it would be. Everyone here made me feel very comfortable and the office is a very welcoming and pleasant place. :)

Had a very good experience!

Dr. Barroner and the entire staff were very professional as well as kind and considerate when I had a molar extracted. I am going back soon to have another tooth pulled.

Wisdom teeth extractions

Dr. Meghan Barroner and her staff were extremely professional and helpful, explaining everything in detail prior to my procedure. I received a follow up phone call after I got home the day of surgery asking how I was healing. I greatly appreciate how caring the entire staff was and am very happy with my experience here.

WIsdom Teeth Extraction

My experience with Dr. Barroner and staff was more than I could have hoped for. So worth the 45 minute drive from my home for my appointments! I've had very negative experiences in the past dentist visits but the doctor and staff were wonderful easing my nerves. The procedure was quick and there was so much follow up the week after just to make sure I was doing well. Couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thank you so very much!

Removal of ulcer on gum

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction. Dr. Barroner was wonderful. Her staff as well. She is a caring doctor who will take care of you!! Highly recommend!!

Tooth extraction

Procedure went well, very impressed

Amazing experience!

My oral surgery was just a truly painless and easy experience. Dr. Barroner and her staff are just the best people ever, super friendly and knowledgeable, helpful and kind, what a great team! Highly recommend this practice and felling very thankful for them taking excellent care of me.

thank you

I was very impressed when I got my wisdom teeth removed. The surgery went quickly and comfortably without any complications. The staff was very kind and overall I would definitely recommend Elevated to anybody who is looking to get their wisdom teeth removed.

Magnificent Experience

I was referred to Dr. Meghan Barroner’s office by my dentist after breaking/splitting a molar in half. Ouch! I broke the molar, late afternoon, the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. I called the office and was greeted by a very friendly staff member who assessed my situation and then he immediately spoke with Dr. Barroner. I was informed that they would stay open and see me that day. I was told this after I explained - I was at work and I could not get there any sooner than an hour later. Upon arriving at the office I was greeted by the entire staff. I was not greeted in discontent for having them stay late on a holiday weekend but with open arms and a genuine concern for my situation and wellbeing. This was no rush job. I was x-rayed/scanned, taken to a room, and the entire procedure was explained to me very thoroughly before my tooth was extracted. I was given the opportunity to ask multiple questions and they were all answered with understanding and without hesitation. My tooth extraction was painless and flawless. It was recommended that I return to have a dental implant placed in the future. Although, at no time did I feel pressured to purchase services that were not immediately required to rectify my current/emergent situation. The entire experience, from check in to check out, was above and beyond my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a call that evening from Dr. Barroner checking up on me. I also received another call from her office the day after Memorial Day. I have had a considerable amount of dental work performed over the years and have never been more impressed by an office. After the experience I had at Elevated – Oral & Implant Surgery, I recommend them to anyone in need of the services they provide.

Wisdom teeth

Surgery went quickly and was painless! I felt very comfortable during my time there and had no complications after my surgery. I would recommend anyone to go to Dr.Barroner.

Tooth extraction prep for implant

Staff is very professional, yet they make you feel at home and comfortable.Dr Barroner is very thorough and efficient, explaining every detail in a down-to-earth way that makes you feel comfortable and you can understand. Wonderful doctor and staff, I highly recommend this office!

Great Experience

Finding Elevated was an absolute blessing. They were able to fit me in their schedule for a wisdom teeth removal within the week of my initial consultation, which was amazing compared to other offices. The staff were all friendly and genuinely pleasant!

Thankful patient

I was referred to Dr. Barroner by my primary dentist, for the extraction of an infected and painful molar. I was impressed with my entire visit, including the efficient and polite staff; the explanations I received about what needed to be done; and the manner and professionalism of Dr. Barroner.

Satisfied Customer

My dentist referred me to the practice for extraction of an impacted/infected wisdom tooth.  Upon review of the x-ray taken by my dentist and the 3D scan recommended by Dr. Barroner, she discovered that it wasn't the wisdom tooth, but the molar in front of the tooth that was the culprit.  I was happy that I didn't have to undergo oral surgery and that a simple extraction would solve the problem.  Dr. Barroner was kind, gentle and thoroughly explained the process and follow-up procedures. She even called me later in the day to see how I was doing!  I was impressed not only with the professionalism of Dr. Barroner, but also with the kindness and respect shown to me by her sidekicks, Rose and Michelle. Thank you ladies!!

Testimonial #18

I had my wisdom tooth removed last week, and I was thoroughly impressed! they saw me right waiting 3 weeks!! Staff was great and professional, and made me feel at ease! I would definitely recommend friends and family to try this practice!

Thank you

   I can't say enough about my experience. First they were able to accommodate me on very short notice, as I was leaving for vacation and was having severe pain. The entire staff as well as the doctor made sure I was comfortable throughout my procedure. Everything was explained in advance without any surprises. I truly appreciate my total experience and highly recommend. Outstanding   

Botox Treatment

I have been getting Botox for the last couple of years. I am in my 50's and have been told that I look 10 years younger. I love the effects that Botox does in dimishing the wrinklers and lines . I had a wonderful experience at the office of Elevated Oral & Implant Surgery with Dr. Barroner and her assistant. I would without a doubt recomment Botox treatment at Elevated Oral and Implant Surgery. Very pleased with the treatment and my results.

Great Experience!

Very friendly doctor and staff. They know what they are doing, Would not hesitate to recommend this great oral surgery practice!

Testimonial #14

 The referral I received through a friend, to see Dr. Barroner, was a blessing. I had been to numerous oral surgeon's  throughout the years, but I've never felt so comfortable and at ease as I did today.  Dr. Barroner explained every step and took every precaution to ensure me that my comfort for a pain-free procedure was her top priority.  Along with it being an immaculate facility, it also had very pleasant and calming environment. Her staff added the additional feature of pleasantness to my experience. Rose was very attentive and made me feel quite at ease as soon as I entered the door.  I wish Dr. Barroner, along with her staff, many successful years in her new practice!   Thank you, again, for a great experience!   

Testimonial #12

By far one of the greatest experience I have ever had at a dentist office. The office is very nice and very clean. The receptionist and all of the staff where very friendly and they all showed excellent customor service. I called them on a Friday to have a tooth pulled because I was in a lot of pain and they were willing to stay late that day so I didnt have to suffer over the weekend! Dr. Barroner even called me that evening to see how I was doing, I dont think I ever had a doctor call me to check in on me! Overall, I had a great experience and I highly recommend this office to anyone who needs oral or implant surgery. 

Exceeded Expectations

I was referred by my friend, who also had a great experience to tell me about, and it absolutely lived up to expectations.  The building is clean and bright, and doesn't feel at all like a doctor or dentist's office.  The surgery isn't too bad at all, and their post op care and instructions were helpful.

Testimonial #11

I got a referral from my Dentist to go to Dr. Meghan Barroner's office for an urgent extraction of a molar tooth that was condemned. She fit me right in, the same day. We called with a lot of pain and she did a superb job. Her assistent and Rose, the lady up front, handled all patients and supplier's that come in. Always with a simle on her face and ready to help. Today I dropped by a little sooner than the scheduled day, but never the less Rose offered me a cup of excellent coffee she prepared for me showing me how to operate the coffee machine. She also gave me awesome news, that I had a refund coming my way. So bottom line, it's a great place to go. I strongly recommend Dr. Barroner's "Elevated Oral & Implant Surgery"

Testimonial #10

Elevated Oral is the perfect place to have any type of dental work done! The people I worked with were amazing and so helpful! I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!

wonderful experience

I went to see Dr. Barroner for dental implants because I have congenitally missing lateral teeth. I have had a maryland bridge for the longest time and wanted a more permanent replacement for the 2 missing teeth. Dr. Barroner is amazing. she recommended  a cone beam CT scan that they do right in their office. the 3 dimensional scan allows the Dr. to digitally place an implant to an exact fit before actually having the procedure done.  She explained the whole procedure with the scan right in front of me. Implants are an investment and so is the doctor that you choose to do the procedure. I must say that it was one of the best  investments I ever made. My smile is so important to me and having such a kind, professional, caring oral surgeon to care for my smile means the world to me. I would highly recommend that you choose Dr. Meghan Barroner and the staff at Elevated Oral and Implant Surgery for all of your oral surgery needs.

Office Visit

My extraction was painless and i was pleased with ease in which my extraction was performed. Dr. Barroner did an excellent job....many thanks for that. Sincerely, Bill Scheiwer

Great Impression

I went to visit Dr. Barroner for the first time today.  My initial impression was excellent.  The waiting room was the nicest I have ever seen at a dental office.  The staff was very nice, the receptionist Rose and hygenist Chrissy were extremely personable and pleasant.  Dr. Barroner was very attentive to my needs in examining my issue.  Everthing was handled expediently but with care and detail, and when she reviewed my x-rays she showed me what she was looking at so I could understand it, rather than just telling me vaguely what she saw.  I hopefully will not need to go to an oral surgeon often, but if I do I will gladly return to her.  I definitely recommend the practice!

Wonderful Experience

Dr. Barroner and her staff are professional, caring and efficient.  My procedure (tooth extraction) was painless and the follow-up care was exceptional.  I would recommend them highly.

Testimonial #5

Had a wonderful experience. Everyone was so thorough. I'm glad I came here.

Testimonial #7

It's been awhile since I've been to an office that is as caring as this one. Dr Barroner listens and explains everything in detail before and during the procedure. I highly recommend her practice and am confident your experience will be as good as mine.

Testimonial #6

mother (91) had a tooth extraction.  Procedure was quick and easily tolerated.  Staff was very considerate.  Overall experience was excellent.   

Testimonial #1

Dr. Barroner and her staff are so personable and friendly. They made my appointment seemless and provided me with exceptional service in every aspect of the process. I would highly recommend this oral surgery practice, without a doubt!

Outstanding Service at a great practice!

I had my wisdom teeth removed in November, and I was thoroughly impressed! Dr. Barroner and her staff were very welcoming and professional, and made me feel at ease the entire time! The facility was top notch, and I would definitely recommend friends and family try this great new practice!