* Medical Issues Thyroid, PCOD, Hyperacidity Resolved. Lost 22 kg. MBA. Senior Manager. 31 Aug 2020

I highly recommend First Eat Right to everyone - not only as a weight loss solution but for an extremely nutritious and healthy lifestyle. While weight loss is their core competency and they excel at it, this is a way of food consumption everyone should adopt - healthy, simple and completely home made. I really don't call this a diet because I have never eaten tastier and healthier food before. I have lost a total of 22 kgs in 9 months and it has been done in a healthy way and most importantly - painless way. Honestly, I have had cheat weeks as well - I went for a 3 week vacation, attended weekend weddings and strayed a few more times but just with their diet and walking (no gyms or crazy workouts), I have managed to shed the weight. I am so excited and feel so light and happy with myself and my body - something I have never felt before. Thank you Dr. Nafeesa for coming up with such an easy and natural solution for people struggling with weight loss. Thank you Jessie for always answering my queries and helping me out, whenever needed. When this was introduced to me I was sceptical but I am so grateful for walking down this path. I really recommend this to everyone for not just weight loss but to maintain a healthy lifestyle!!

* Medical issue of ACL resolved. Lost 12 kg weight also. BE - Electrical Engineer 31 Jul 2020

Dr. Nafeesa came to my rescue in weightloss program like a magician or must say ek Farishta. I underwent an ACL surgery in last december and post that looking for weight loss. I tried many dieticians including the top notch from India but all in vain. I met doctor through a recommendation and she was very patient in listening to me. We started the program 1 month post my surgery. I was barely walking then but as soon as the program started, I started seeing results in a month's time. I lost weight in double digits and jnches too. I extremely strongly recommend her. Attaching my before and after pic. Her team is pretty supportive. Her diets are not fancy at all but just they make you eat right.

* Medical Issues resolved. Lost 10 kg. B.Tech Engineer. 30 Jul 2020

Even though I finished my program, I am still following the diet and losing more weight. The best thing is they create diet chart according to our daily eating habits. I didn’t stop taking any food. I ate all kinds of foods and lost weight. I didn’t give up my favourite South Indian food rice, dosas, Sambhar :d :) I ate all days :) No fad diets or supplements which I liked most. All you need is dedication, commitment and will to change your lifestyle. I already recommended this place to all my friends who wanted to lose weight in a healthy way. I am glad I went to Dr. Nafeesa and her team. My sincere thanks!

BE, MBA - Project Manager. Joined For PCOD Hypothyroid & Weight Loss 26 Apr 2020

First eat right is the right place to go if you wish to lose weight in a healthy way. The diet plans are all customized to your eating habits and are easy to follow. The medical condition was accurately understood and Dr Nafeesa was extremely patient in hearing out my concerns and providing a well balanced diet plan comprising of normal home cooked meals and absolutely no fancy supplements. The team at first eat right are extremely responsive and helpful in answering all queries i went to them with during the whole program. I was successfully able to lose 12.5 kilos with the program. Definitely helps you learn to " first eat right " :)

MS. Software Engineer. Joined for Weight Loss. 25 Apr 2020

I had tried every diet out there (Herbalife, ideal protein, Atkins and etc) and had little to no progress. Dr. Nafeesa helped me realize that I can lose weight just by eating my favorite meals. She will listen to you and ask for what you crave the most. Then she will create a great flexible diet where you feel like you are not restricting foods out of your life. She will guide you through the whole process and changes until you have achieved your goal!

B Tech. Lecturer. Joined for Thyroid & Weight Loss. 18 Apr 2020

Amazing team...thank u to Dr.Nafeesa and the team for constantly motivating me and supporting me whenever i was in need... I have followed all the diets ,name it and I have followed it.. But this is the one diet which has changed my lifestyle..I am surprised to see the change in me..Thank u a ton from bottom of my heart for having changed my mind and my lifestyle...My view towards eating has changed...Thank u all for making me realize that we can reduce weight by eating the right food at right time... ????????????Thank u is just not the word to express my happiness...

BE - Software Engineer - joined for PCOD Infertilty 07 Mar 2020

I was trying hard to loose weight but was not getting any results.I was always thinking, avoiding rice, sweets and doing heavy workout is needed to loose weight. But this is not so true. I never thought I would need help to loose weight. Then I was trying to find out in the Internet on the effective ways to loose weight then I found about First Eat Right clinic. Read about the reviews and found impressive, so I visited the First Eat Right clinic and met Dr. Nafeesa for the advice. First impression of the doctor was very nice, doctor was listening very patiently to all my problems and my intent of visit and gave me hope that I can loose weight with just eating right. Doctor suggested me for the 6 months program but I was little skeptical if I can follow the diet and will I be able to loose weight. When I received the diet chart, it had all the items which I normally eat but the items were timed correctly and asked me to just do 1 hour walking which helped me to loose weight gradually. During my program, I met doctor for couple more times. Every time doctor was listening to me patiently and was giving advice and hopes. After meeting the doctor, I always used to feel very relaxed and confident. I was interacting with the doctor’s team member Sofia over Whatsapp. Sofia was helping me a lot with all the queries. Whenever needed, she was calling me to provide guidance and suggestions on the the items which I can eat. At times, when there was no reduction in the weight, she used to explain me the reason and was making me confident that I can loose weight. I was feeling relaxed after interacting/talking with Sofia. Eating right things at the right time along with some physical activity would provide amazing results. I lost around 10 kgs in 6 months. It was a wonderful experience and journey in the First Eat Right clinic. This will make your dreams come true.

MBBS (Student) Joined for Thyroid & Weight Loss 28 Feb 2020

First eat right and Dr. Nafeesa were incredibly helpful in my weight loss. The regime she set up for me was catered to my specificities given my age and my work load. Her team was always available for any concerns or doubts and was always encouraging my progress. I would definitely recommend first eat right to anyone who is looking to lose weight in a healthy and permanent way. :) Thank you so much to everyone involved!

BE - Software Engineer - Joined For Cholesterol & Weight Loss 30 Jan 2020

Excellent. The good thing about Nafeesa's program is she thoroughly understands your eating habits and patterns and tries to suggest the diet plan around that. So weight loss program is not a burden and it looks very simple. Of course one should be disciplined & follow her instructions. She is available for any consultation during the program and this is an added advantage. She is very knowledgeable, approachable and friendly which helps to discuss our concerns very openly. More over the program is well structured with a good support team in place and regular monitoring to review our progress. The service is genuine and excellent. Thank you!!

MS - Engineer - Joined for Medical Issues + Weight Loss 25 Jan 2020

Dr.Nafeesa's diet was very helpful. I lost close to 15 Kgs over a period of 5 months. I had a lot of doubts in mind when i started. It took me a week to get adjusted to my new diet pattern but i followed it as per the suggession along with the workouts. The best part of it was that all that was prescribed was from what i could make at home on a regular basis based on our cuisine and culture & i think thats what made it sustainable as i didn't have to make anything different for myself. I come from a vegetarian south Indian family which has lots of festivals & sweets as part of the custom but i was guided on how to be able to balance it not having to give up completely too. I only wished the doctor was available over WhatsApp too but however she would patiently respond to our queries over mail within a few days. She has a team of nutritionists who would be available over WhatsApp for any day to day queries during working hours. Overall, helped me understand my body, it's nutritional requirement & how to manage it. I hope i'll be able to maintain this in the coming years too.

BE - Software Engineer - Joined for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss. 22 Jan 2020

The doctor listens patiently and makes us understand the issue related to our physical fitness. She guides with the treatment which is required based on our health condition. Post maternity I gained weight, and I was able to lose approx 13 kg in 5 months... The motivation starts from the first week itself when the scales show reduced weight. One important thing, there is no medication involved,but dedication is a must. Doctor can only guide us, the activities we need to perform. Apart, the food advised is easily available and the diet is revised on monthly basis according to the body requirement. The team is easily accessible if any help is required. Even they are there to share the recipes if you don't know one. I am highly impressed. Now I have a good food habit and a better way to live.

* Senior Software Engineer. Joined For Healthy Lifestyle & Weight Loss. 20 Jan 2020

I thought weight loss is a myth, till I met Dr. Nafisa. I had tried many diet plans and many suggestions for almost 4 years but none of them worked. Then i thought of giving a try with professional Dietitian and found First eat right rated well in many online reviews. I met the doctor and opted for 3 month support plan for 17k, which they have mentioned in their website too. I started the diet and results were unbelievable. First 2 weeks I lost 4 kg and subsequently 1 KG every week consistently. I did have few non-diet weeks due to travel and gained weight in those weeks and compensated in the following weeks. My program ended on 9th Jan. I lost total 12 KGs in 3 months and I hardly felt that I was on a diet. Doc gives the food chart according to our food culture, so almost everything you love is included in the diet plan, which makes it easier to follow except when we are in front of some extremely tempting food items. ???? During this whole program, I not only lost weight but also gained back my charm and looked 5 yrs younger (as per feedback from my friends ????). Walking and proper food, really helped me gain back my confidence and fit in my old dresses. Results were miraculous. Even the Dietitian supporting us in WhatsApp was very helpful and patient. Understood my cravings and situations and also she was well versed with different types of food we consume in our routine. That helped me clarify my doubts even faster. E.g in North Karnataka, we eat a chutney powder called Agasi chutney which is not familiar to other parts in india. But my Dietitian was aware of that and that gave me confidence about her study. ???? Overall it was a great experience. I even recommended 2 more friends of mine and they are seeing good results too.

BE Computers. Software Eng. Joined for Lipid Profile & Weight Loss 15 Jan 2020

Fantastic Journey with Dr. Nafeesa and her team in bringing healthly diet in my lifestyle. I feel fit, energetic and managed to reduce my weight by 10 kg. I was very convinced with her approach on becoming healthly by making some changes in our day-to-day meals & lifestyle. No medications here. Very good support and follow-ups through out the journey. Thank you Dr. Nafeesa and team!!

BCom. Finance Professional. Joined foe WEIGHT GAIN & IMMUNITY 31 Dec 2019

I consulted first eat right to gain weight and grow healthy, with 3 months diet plan along with exercise gave a good result. The Doctor and the team is very supportive in clearing all your doubts and help you lead a healthy life I recommend this place, if your looking for a simple and logical diet plan to improve your health and immune

MS Mathematics. Joined for Post Ortho Surgery Medical Issue & Weight :Loss. 14 Nov 2019

Am the proud mother of 3 wonderful kids and had my left knee fracture during the postpartum period of my 3rd kid after which i gained a lot weight. Doctor Nafeesa helped motivated me. She explained to me the imbalance in my life and diet. Her advice helped me to finish 6 month program successfully. Thank you so much and may God bless you doctor and to all her supporting staffs

Entrepreneur - Joined for Lifestyle Correction & Weight Loss 11 Sep 2019

Don’know where to start and how to thank Dr Nafeesa .She is simply awesome and a great Dr.i had weight issues and was not able to reduce inspite of walk and food control. Finally after all failed attempt I wanted to take help of dietician but was not sure about the right Dr. After going through online I found Dr Nafeesa and saw many positive reviews. Something I felt hard to believe yet went a head and got an appointment. I met Dr in Chennai tenampet branch.Dr Nafeesa gave me ample time and listened to my issues very patiently ,still that smile on her face never came down even for a Sec. After analysing all my routine she came up with a diet which I couldn’t believe yet again because there was no fancy fruit r vegetable included and no fancy salad r food.Just normal home cooked food which every house hold follows but made sure to include every thing required for my body to function effectively .i must say I never craved for any sweet r snack in my entire diet period Nor I felt lack of energy, infact I had more energy to do workouts.i felt lot more better in terms of my health.I got my weight down from 90 kg to 78 during the course and slowly over a period of time got it to 73Kg..The best thing is u will not gain back all the lost weight if u follow a normal eating habit.Dnt have to starve to maintain ur weight and no need to get a fancy gym membership.Dr Nafeesa just asked me to walk and nothing more. Again I am Starting a course with Dr Nafeesa to get my weight further down as I know only she can help me.She is an angel.Just follow her advise and everything will be taken care off and u will feel lot better.Right now I am in Singapore and still it’s easy to talk to Dr and get all the support required.I also thank the entire first eat right team as they support u in your journey by answering all your doubts and trying to motivate u to stick to ur diet. Thank u Dr Nafeesa soo much and my journey with u is going to be a Long one. Loads of love to the entire team of First Eat Right. Thanks and Regards Mansi

MBA . Joined for an overall Healthy Lifestyle Correction. 12 Jul 2019

* A big shout out to ‘First Eat Right’ and Dr. Nafeesa for not only helping me to shed those extra kilos but also showing me the direction and guiding me to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We often live with a misconception that with extreme exercise, we can lose weight and get the perfect shape. However, the fundamentals of weight loss lies in balanced and healthy diet, required portion size and adequate exercise. By following the diet prescription (with some cheat days in between) I was able to lose ~16kilos in 6months. However, initially it look tough to follow the diet routine but gradually you get used to it and it becomes a habit for you. The best thing that happened to me was that the diet prescription helped me overcome my cravings without much of an effort. I have always been skeptical of visiting a dietician, but now I can proudly say that enrolling with ‘First Eat Right’ was one of the best decision. When you start losing weight right from the first week of following the diet prescription you automatically get motivated and can feel the change in yourself. Once again, Dr. Nafeesa thanks a ton for making the weight loss journey so effortless!

LLM. Lawyer. Joined for Diabetes, DVT, & Weight Management 08 Mar 2019

* Extremely well organised. Diets were tailored to suit both tastes and other requirements. Great level of responsiveness. Excellent experience overall.

B.E (Software Engineer) Joined for PCOS / INFERTILITY 06 Mar 2019

My weight has increased by 20 kgs in 10 years and i was facing several hormanal issues. I have consulted Nafeesa Mam, the diet suggested is very easy to follow and with an hour of brisk walk i could reduce 6-7 kgs in 2 months. I got conceived naturally second time, which doctors told it is impossible in the beginning of the year. I am healthy and having good eating habits at the end of 3 months session and i will be surely continuing the course to reach my ideal weight after delivery. Thanks to Nafeesa Mam for being so freindly and shown the way of weight loss to be more simple with healthy eating habits.

PhD. - Joined for Chronic Kidney Disease. Hypertension. Renal Cortical Cyst. 08 Feb 2019

Please find below my feed back. “I am about 70 years old and an overweight person. Recently I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. I read several articles and learnt that eating right food and change in lifestyle are the only available ways to protect my kidney from further deterioration. These two factors are important since there is no medicine to cure the chronic kidney disease. I started looking for web to find a well educated, experienced and registered clinical dietician. Finally I found that Dr Nafeesa fits in very well as dietician/ Nutrionist to guide me to eat right food in right quantity. Hence I contacted her. Dr Nafeesa analysed my medical reports, my food habits and daily routine activities. Then she provided me with a very easy and practical diet plan. In the first diet plan of three months I have lost more than 7 kg body weight with a significant correction in my medical condition. I am so happy with the outcome of first three months that I have taken up another three months course of diet plan. Dr Nafeesa I would like to convey my sincere thanks for changing my life and making me believe that I can reduce my body weight and can also stop further deterioration of my kidney function. Her staffs are very supportive and friendly.

BE. Computers. IT Professional. Joined for Weight Loss 05 Jan 2019

From last cpuple of years i had been putting on weight and even after working out regularly it was bot working. With Dr. Nafeesa s diet plan i am aboe to brrak that plateau within two months. She s extremely good and kistens with patience and her counselling really helped. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking out for a good dietician. She is very good.

MTech. Software Engineer. Joined for Hypothyroid. Diabetes. Weight Loss. 20 Dec 2018

I approached First Eat Right's Dr.Nafeesa for guiding me with a balanced nutrition plan that would help me in long-term health and also in losing weight & maintaining it at that. The sheer simplicity of her approach towards right nourishment is mind-blowing. Yet another biggest strength of her program is that - it's designed exclusively for each individual based on our health requirements & lifestyle, only using routine everyday native food, so nothing fancy & absolutely no starvation of any kind of nutrient. There was nothing drastic in the nutrition plan that made me wonder at start - "Am I actually on a diet ?" :-) IMO, that's the biggest advantage. Their simple and effective plan motivated me to keep following it, even when I went off-track for a day or two due to travel or work. At the end of my 3 month program, First Eat Right and Dr.Nafeesa have not only helped me with losing weight but also have enlightened me a great deal on how a balanced food intake can do wonders in physiological & intellectual aspects !

MBA (Marketing) - Marketing Manager, Joined for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss 05 Dec 2018

* I found Dr. Nafeesa on Practo & there were so many positive reviews that it looked too good to be true, but that’s also the reason I wanted to check it out! Dr. Nafeesa is very friendly & puts you at ease on the very first meeting. It’s not one of the fancy set ups which intimidate you and that’s the best part about it. They make sense! I went for post pregnancy weight loss on a 3 month program & was able to lose 7.5kgs! Their program is a sustainable one, I could do it with an infant at home, and 3 trips!

B Tech. Software Engineer. Visited for PCOS, Weight Management. 02 Dec 2018

* I visited Dr. Nafeesa for weight loss advice. I had followed other diet plans before, but they did not seem sustainable, as following them was a chore and it was too easy to get out of track. The diet plans by Dr. Nafeesa were so customized, that I did not feel like I was on a diet plan at all and I enjoyed following them, despite being a huge foodie. I lost around 8 kilos in 3 months and my irregular periods became regularized in just a month of following the plan. I now know what a sustainable lifestyle change looks and feels like and I really regret not having met Dr. Nafeesa before.

B.E. Software Engineer. Joined for Cholesterol, Acidity, Weight Loss. 16 Nov 2018

* Perfect choice for Weight loss and medical conditions. Dr. Nafeesa is very friendly and will listen to us with patience. Lost more than 10Kg. Before starting this program cholesterol level was 198 and it came down to 158 within 3 months. Diet program is pretty simple and can be followed by anyone. At first, they will collect all the details about our food habits and lifestyle. Later, Diet prescription will be provided with the foods which we eat in a balanced way for all meals in a day for a week which has to be repeated for 6 weeks.Based on individual personality, weeks or months program will be suggested and it is our wish which one to choose.Following the instructions strictly will give the results quickly.I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for weight loss or medical conditions to visit this clinic once.

B.Ed. Teacher. Joined for Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOS Mangement 08 Nov 2018

After pregnancy I gain too much wait , that time I was 91 kgs . For that I faced many problems like body pain , leg pain , pcod, thyroid , even diabetes ( all these problems I never had before , got after my delivery wen I gained so much of weight.. I decided to meet with doctr nafisha , after reading so many good reviews in practo . She is very good , bubly nature , nd friendly . I JOINED the 6 months diet progrm , coz my weight was in the higher side that time. She sended her diets my mail , I religiously followed the diet , it was a 7 days diet plan ,her diets r not very difficult to follow nd not boring also and everyday she ask to walk for 1 hour . Sometimes I did eat outside also when I was unable to contrl my cravings . Even I can say Wkly once I use to had outside foods , coz I m foody person.. but that didn't increased my weight at all , coz hee diets were so perfect , balanced and calculated . Hats off really .. she won't asked me to eat something extra ordinary . She gave very common things , maximum was already in my kitchen , that's the plus point of her diet , rice , roti fish chkn everything I get to eat . And when ever I get any confusion I msg to the support team , they r also very helpful , always got a perfect solution of my problems. Even when ever I sended mail to doctr ,even frm there also got regular rply. .. doctr nafisha and her team is going a great job , when I start the diet that tym My weight was 86 kgs , after 6 months I m 62 kgs . Plus my pcod , thyroid , sugar , body pain everything going like magic after 2 months of diet only .. I m completely out of medication . Thanks to doctor nafisha nd her team.. really "thanks " is a very small words to say you. . My best wishes for you all ..

M.Tech - Joined for Infertility. 17 Oct 2018

Visited First Eat Right for weight loss and getting fit. Dr.Nafeesa was very friendly, took details of previous history and food habits. She has provided simple plan for diet and workout.The diet included all items I used to have and workout was also not rigorous. To my surprise, the diet plan is such that am not missing anything from my regular diet and loving it. There was constant guidance if I had any doubts. Within four months l have reduced 10.5 kgs. I am feeling light and flexible, energy levels are increased too. Thank you Dr.Nafeesa.

MBA Roorkee - Marketing Manager. Joined for Weight Loss 09 Oct 2018

* First thing first - she’s awesome, you’ll definitely reduce weight if you follow her suggestions & you would actually be eating all things you’ve actually been eating since your childhood (as someone also mentioned). Now a bit about my personal journey. I have reduced closed 9 kgs in 3 Months of time by following her diet, which involved eating at every 2-3 hrs of Interval & this keeps me full all through the day. While actually starting the diet i thought this diet is actually making me overeat but frankly that worked because i stopped binging on food in one go. Earlier, when the gap was huge, i used to eat a lot of food in one shot but she has a really different & practical approach. She took note of all that i eat & basis that only gave me a diet plan. The only thing additional was that i need to necessarily walk/jog for 45 mins a day, which helped me burn extra calories. I never thought that eating itself, but in the right way, will help me lose weight. I have been overweight since a long long time & nothing has ever worked but First-Eat-Right. I wanna thank her for the valuable guidance & motivation she provided to keep me going and her team as well for following up with me every week to motivate me & take note of my progress. I had never followed up anything so seriously & for such a long duration (3 months) in my life. But the diet plan she gave was nothing different from what all i was already eating, just that she took care of its timings, portions, water intake & exercises. Now that i am taking a break from her schedule, she has given a maintenance chart as well for me to continue on my own. Thank you Dr. Nafeesa, a long awaited dream of losing weight & looking my own better-self in mirror has started taking shape!!! To all - without doubt, just go & try. It’s a life changing experience. Just devote 3 months & you’ll come to know.

Lecturer. Joined for PCOS, Infertility, Conception. 13 Sep 2018

* I am Manjula. My weight increased from 64 to 78 within one year after my marriage. I was working as lecturer. We thought to plan a baby in December 2017. But after seeing my weight, thought to first reduce the weight before planning the baby. I was searching in internet and found some tips (Only eating vegetables, having fruits and fasting) to reduce weight. I followed some tips, but it did not work. I left my job in February 2018. Finally, I found first eat right clinic. I verified all the feedback in Practo. We took an appointment and met Dr Nafeeza. Doctor verified BMI and explained about diet. She suggested me 6 months course. As we initially decided for 3 months course, we took some time to think about 6 months course. Finally, I decided to go with 6 months course. My course started on March 15th, 2018 and ended in September 15th, 2018. I reduced 14 kg in 6 months without affecting my regular activities. We met Dr Gayathri Kamath (gynacologist)fortis hospital in October month. She appreciated about weight reduce and diet chart. I am very happy to say that I am conceived. Thanks, Nafeeza Madam.

Joined For Post Pregnancy Weight 21 Jun 2018

I would like to share my experience about my experience in lossing my weight. I have lost 13kgs of weight after visiting Dr. Nafeeza mam in first eat rite clinic. I got to know about doctor from practo, by seeing very good positive reviews i have decided to meet doctor. Thats When i met docor and explained my situation about my over weight. with doctors support, help and very good diet plan i could reduce weight of 13kgs in 6months, main thing to note and highlight is that there are no medicines subscribed nor any kind of medical treatments, its only with food control " first eat rite" and good body workout she made me acheive my dream. Doctor was very friendly and very approachable, when required she could assist us by changing the food diet plan as and when required based on our food habits. First eat rite clinic has done a very good job in following me up for weight every week and in answering to all my doubts on timely basis. Thanks to nafeeza mam and first eat rite clinic. I would strongly refer and confidently suggest to reach out to Dr. Nafeeza mam in first eat right clinic as there are no medicines adviced

Mechanical Engineer. Industrialist. Joined for Health & Fitness. 23 Feb 2018

* Dr Nafeesa at First Eat Right is a whiff of fresh air in a world filled with quacks. She is the epitome of integrity in the nutrition and weight loss arena. I and my wife joined her program and we are both extremely happy. The core of the program is their customized and tailor made diet plan which seeks to improve all of your health challenges through scientific nutrition. This program is (a) very easy to understand, (b) very easy to follow for the rest of your life, (c) even if you get off track due to traveling or busy schedules it is very easy to just get back on, (d) and most importantly does not give you fad diets, pills, powders, super foods or other junk. You are eating what you have always eaten from childhood. There is an extreme focus on your most loved and least loved foods so the chances of sticking to the diet are very high. It is so easy to do that after about a week you will not even realize you are following a diet! I highly recommend Dr Nafeesa and her team without any hesitation to anyone who is looking for a scientific method to lose fat or resolve health problems through targeted nutrition. You can read review after review but please take action and book a consultation immediately. Your body will thank you for it.

* Software Engineer - Joined for PCOS and weight loss. PCOS resolved. 25 Jan 2018

* I had went to Dr Nafisa at a very low phase of my life where my weight was stagnant and was not reducing in spite of trying out different diets and exercise with different other dietitians.After exercising hard and in a strict diet it would reduce hardly 1 or 2 kgs and would return back in no time. But with Doctor Nafisa's guidance I could reduce almost 8 kgs in 3 months.The diet was not restricted to only proteins and was easy to follow with all vegetables.The exercise was also easy to follow.The best part is that I could regain my confidence back and also conceived naturally while I was in the diet. My gynecologist had told that if a small percentage of weight is reduced that would help me conceive naturally.Previously I had a history of a failed IUI and was not able to conceive because of my weight for last 4 years.The word "Thanks" would be a very small word to be expressed towards Dr Nafisa for helping me out in a very bad phase of my life. I would recommend Dr Nafisa and her team for anybody struggling with weight issues.

Software Engineer - Medical Condition PCOS - Resolved without medicine. 16 Dec 2017

* After my pregnancy, I was > 10-12kgs overweight, with constant back pain, less or no stamina to even climb stairs, or walk 500m. After I stopped breastfeeding my baby, my weight started going up. I tried a few exercises but to no avail, because of which I lost the motivation, and started binge eating again. Finally, one of my cousin planted the idea of visiting a nutritionist, and there was no looking back. I immediately started researching for a good nutritionist and came across Dr. Nafeesa's profile on practo. I was positive even before meeting her that I will be able to manage my weight under her guidance due to the exceptional reviews she has. And I was right! I was able to lose around 9-10Kgs in less than 4 months. I probably would have lost more, but I had a knee ligament tear due to a fall because of which I wasn't able to do any physical activity in between, in spite of that I saw progress with the balanced diet that Dr. Nafeesa provided. The diet is very healthy and balanced. and the best part about it is its doable with the food and ingredients we buy daily during our regular grocery shopping. Nothing fancy, just regular food but healthy.You feel good after the meals. Dr Nafeesa also explain the benefits of each food type and why its needed in our daily diet, which makes it easier for one to continue the good eating habits as a lifestyle change. I used to be a junk eater, but now after following the diet for a few months, I have become health conscious, have understood a whole lot about good food habits and following it with passion even though I am almost at the end of my program. I am very close to reaching my ideal weight. My back pain has reduced to a large extent. I look good, feel good.. I am energetic, active and have a positive outlook. Thanks Dr. Nafeesa

Software Engineer - Joined for Effective Weight loss program with a simple diet 17 Nov 2017

*The weight loss program has really helped me lose the desired weight in the most natural way. It has not only brought about a change in my lifestyle but also made me conscious of my health. Dr Nafeesa is very friendly and is always willing to answer any of your queries. The support mechanism is also quite good and they never miss out on details. Definitely recommended for those who want to lose weight from a simple diet.

Academician - Visited For Weight Loss 15 Nov 2017

*A big thank you to Dr.Nafeesa and the FER clinic. Weight loss had become difficult for me and I visited the clinic for the same.With her diet and exercise plan I have lost 7 kgs in approximately 3 months.The plan can be easily integrated in my current lifestyle.I feel really good ,light and healthy.The FER team was supportive through out and currently I am on maintenance regime. Thank you very much madam........ Mrunalini Academics and Teaching

Financial Consultant (CA) - Visited for Hypothyroid, PCOS, Weight Loss 10 Aug 2017

* After updating myself on weight loss techniques from the internet and self-help books, I lost up to 11 kg. But the sad part here is, this same weight loss happened several times as I could not maintain my lost weight, was getting back to my previous weight every now and then and the icing on the cake was, I was suffering from PCOD. Never once did I want to take the help of a nutritionist as I strongly believed them all to be phony people. But, I suddenly had a medical condition and the doctor advised me to lose weight without engaging myself in physical activity. Now I was really stuck. Being a disbeliever in dietitians, I was left with no choice but to approach one for help. I struck gold when I met Dr. Nafeesa. An embodiment of patience, she cleared all my queries, gave me hope, lifted my spirits and planned my diet such that I am left with no cravings presently. I was further amazed when she told me that I can eat at a buffet! Guys, I repent for my previous opinion about dietitians and I genuinely feel that every one of you out there must get in touch with Dr. Nafeesa if you are serious about losing weight in a healthy way. The entire team at First Eat Right is extremely supportive, right from the receptionist who takes your weight loss achievements as her own accomplishments to the team of dietitians who guide you in every single step. Further, they equip you to be independent individuals who can plan your healthy diet plans thereon. The team also provides you with plans that you can rely on, anytime you feel that you are falling off the track. We spend lavishly on many unwanted stuffs ignoring our health. Why not try to gift yourself better health and fitness by enrolling yourself for a program with the best nutritionist in town? Am done with all the diet fads and self-help books. Am done with my PCOD after 9 years of continuous sufferings. Am constantly losing weight with no extreme diet changes and strenuous physical exercise. All thanks to my angel, Dr. Nafeesa.

PRO - Visited for Hypothyroid, PCOS and Weight Loss. 06 Jul 2017

Started my journey for weight loss in may 2016 I was 90 kgs when I realised that my health issues got piled up with increasing pills frustrated with my life style I decided to take things seriously I started with yoga and simple cardio and moderate diet Lost 10 kgs very easily In 3 months then the actual issue started I was stuck at 80 tried various work outs personal training , Zumba , high intensity workout no improvement inspite I gained 3 kgs back health issues still same then I read an article where it said the key thing for weight loss which everyone don't take seriously is diet . It said 80% diet and 20 % workouts then I saw Dr nafeesa reviews on practo I was shocked to see so positive reviews about her I thought this must be some kind of spam later after researching quite a some time I went to see her . The first appointment with her gave me confidence that I am going to be fine soon She gave me diet pattern with lot of talks abt my lifestyle , food habits my likes and dislikes The diet is very simple , flexible , easy to follow I started the diet in Dec which is for 6 months for the target of 18 kgs Intially took me sometime to adjust but I want it badly to bring change so I followed as she prescribed , weekly follow ups , she even changed my diet almost 3 times when I asked her , very flexible if any doubts she would instantly reply through email , Many ups and downs but I determined to change myself And the final part I lost 13 kgs and have 1 month more to reach my target I am free from my all health issues , back to my shape , my confidence came back . I am glad I meet Dr nafeesa she is very down to earth and patiently listens to you and understands your issues does research and then she starts her miracle. I will highly recommend to anyone who are serious about their life I would also like to add that determination, discipline, strong desire are must to achieve anything This review sheet wouldn't be enough to write about Dr Nafeesa Thank you doctor for giving my health and confidence back no words are enough to appreciate your work Thank you

Senior Manager - Joined for Nutrition & Weight Loss 06 Jun 2017

* A Big Thanks to Dr. Nafeesa. I highly recommend First Eat Right and Dr Nafeesa Imteyaz for any weight loss. The nutrition plans and exercises offered by her are very doable with minor modifications to your diet and lifestyle pattern thereby making it easy to adopt and practice, both during treatment and even over the long term.

MBA - Joined for Effective and safe weight loss program 04 Jun 2017

* Thank you for making me believe that I could in fact lose weight and stay fit without having to follow an extreme diet or use supplements. I am very satisfied with the diet that Dr Nafeesa and her team have put together for me. I have lost about 13 kgs in 5 months.

Professor - Visited for weight Loss 22 May 2017

* Thanks to doctor Nafeesa for helping me to loose weight. the diet given is very easy to follow and helps one to get fit. I am very happy with their diet program as it has helped me to reduce 13 kgs. now I feel much healthier than before.

Software Engineer - Visited for Weight Loss 22 May 2017

* FIRST EAT RIGHT is the right place for people who want to loose weight and stay healthy.the best part is they help us reduce weight without any supplements. the diet is prescribed based on our regular food habit. Myself and my wife have benefited with a reduction of 10-12 kgs each.

Housewife, visited for weight loss 21 May 2017

* First of all ,Iwould like to thank Dr.Nafeesa and First Eat Right to help me to achieve a goal of weight loss. With her diet chart and exercise , I lost 8.3 kg in just 3 months.Not only I lost weight but also feeling very energetic.She is a very good doctor and continuously guides me.Thanks a lot

Senior Management - Visited for weight Loss 02 May 2017

* IT WORKED! I've always been someone who struggles with weight loss.  There have been sometimes in the past where I have managed to do this but it takes really long.  IT used to take me about 6 months to loose 8 kilos (this is with exercising and strict diet).  However, the diet that Dr.Nafeesa and her team gave me worked wonders.  I was neve hungry and lost about 8.5 kgs in almost 3 months.   I am not done with my wieght loss journey and will continue as this helps me the most. Thank you team for your support.

Bank Employee - Visited for infertility - Conceived without IVF & IUI 20 Apr 2017

* It has been a blessing for me getting treated at first eat right under Dr. Nafeesa. I started my program during July 2015 & lost nearly 10kgs in 4 months of time. The intention with which I joined here was successful. I had PCOS & was struggling to conceive from the past 7 years with lots of unsuccessful treatments & IUI. Without any medications & treatments I have conceived successfully within 4 months of joining. Thank you Nafeesa Madam for the moral support, guidance and a wonderful diet plan.

Senior Finance Manager - Visited for Weight Loss 01 Apr 2017

* Dr. Nafeesa is a very experienced doctor. Her in depth knowledge on nutrition, medical conditions & the human body is very vast. She has the ability to simplify facts making it easy for people to understand. Her dedication towards her work, coupled with the personal attention she gives you is very motivating and encouraging.

Software Engineer - Visited for Weight Loss 20 Aug 2016

* I feel glad to tell you that with your prescription, I have managed to lose almost 6kgs in 2 months. My current weight is 60kg. I feel very happy with the results and your guidance and support. Thank you very much doctor.

Engineer Housewife - Visited fpr PCOD / 18 Aug 2016

* I had the necessity for weight loss hence I was searching in practo app for the best dieticians and I went to Dr. Nafeesa for councilling. It was very essential and it worked out for me.The doctor gave me the diet plan and I followed it strictly. I lost 20 kgs within 6 months. The doctor is very kind and listens to our problems thoroughly which helped me a lot. I will recommend this doctor 100 percent.

Housewife - Joined for weight Loss 22 Jun 2016

* We came to Bangalore recently , was searching for dietitian,who can help my wife to reduce weight & nutrition advice.We were searching across all Bangalore in Practo, found the profile for Dr.Nafeesa, went through all her details & reviews (Like you are going through it now ) Found JP nagar clinic was nearby to us & consultation available on Weekend.so contacted them & got appointment immediately for next day. As soon as ,we reach to clinic, staff greeted us & given initial form to fill out.It was very straight forward form, kind of medical history. On the 1st consultation, Dr.Nafeesa have noted down complete background , medical conditions, eating habits,etc. Based on the all notes, she suggested 3 months program to reach 51 Kg Mark (from 61). after confirming for this program,my wife started to follow it , from day 1 , team has started to keep record on weight , eating habits & made us aware about these habits. As she started to follow course, every week, weight was reducing around 0.750 gms. Initially it was slow, but later as followed the diet, it was around 1Kg ( after 3-4 weeks) per week. Good thing about this, Dr & Staff was continuously in touch with us to listen to our experiences. Had Dr.'s consultation at clinic during the course , 3-4 times, just to observe medical conditions & clear our doubts. So, at the end of 14th Week, my wife has reduced 10 Kg weight , and her metabolism is also improved, the best part is she has conceived also. We both are thankful to First eat right, for bringing healthier life back in our lives. Please Note: There were no tablets, or pills, or any aggressive physical exercise are suggested here. Its just regular workout & simple food are advised.

Convent School Teacher - Visited for Infertility - Conceived Successfully Without Medication. 16 Jun 2016

* It gives me incredible delight to compose a testimonial for "First Eat Right". I never felt so certain and all credit goes to Dr. Nafeesa. Because of her direction and confidence I could lose 10 Kgs, and I am cheerful about the outcomes and I should say its worth to join. It is a spot where you can get fit normally. What's more, you can stay solid and fit. I mean whatever Ma'am tells about the eating routine is so much normal and simple to take after. However on the off chance that anybody asks me I propose them this is the best place to get in shape and stay fit in the event that you are truly dedicated. As it's difficult to get an appropriate and authentic direction. Dr. Nafeesa dependably listens to the issues and determines it. She is always there to assist. In spite of the fact that I was somewhat hesitant at first on taking after their eating routine administration and work‐out plan, two weeks into it and that kick‐started my certainty of losing 10 Kgs in 3 months. I was truly devoted in taking after the eating routine diagram. All on account of Dr. Nafeesa who was empowering and helped me to develop a positive approach through the course, disciplined me on my food habits. 'In the first place EAT RIGHT' never believes in accomplishing weight‐loss through starvation, yet with a pragmatic and feasible eating routine. Cheers to Dr. Nafeesa and all the specialists there for running this center and wishing them for some more fruitful accomplishments. The Doctor is a brilliant individual gives complete time to comprehend and listen to your issues and after that gives recommendations which are truly pragmatic and possible to do. She guides you to the right program, unlike other places where undesirable things, tests, are recommended just to take more cash from client or patient. I am into the system from most recent 3 months till date it is going brilliant both regarding result and in addition administration from the specialist and her group. My involvement with first eat right was great and agreeable. I achieved my objective weight without compromising important nutrients. Dr Nafeesa gave me exceptionally straightforward typical eating regimen arrangement which was like my eating routine. In the middle of the arrangement I could go out on an occasion likewise as the arrangement made me figure out how to choose what to eat and how much. It taught me how to control on junk food and significance of physical movement in our day by day schedule. I strongly recommend first eat right for shedding weight in right manner. This is right place to stay fit and healthy.

Software Engineer - Visited for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss 11 Jun 2016

* I am very happy and glad that I joined FIRST EAT RIGHT. I lost 11kg in my 4 months programme. The weight loss programme was very easy to follow with a personalized diet and exercise regimen and it has worked wonders on me. I feel so fresh, light and reborn. I am planning to take up another programme to shed some more weight. Doctor NAFEESA IMTEYAZ has become a turning point in my life. So glad and proud that I took up this weight loss program. This program has also improved my mood swings, my period cycle is on routine, I can also see difference in my skin, feel more active. My mornings used to be dull, now I wake up fast. This program also helped to get a good sleep. I had sleepless night due to my excess weight, but now I have a deep undisturbed sleep, Overall my life style has changed, I have changed both mentally and physically and I feel very good and happy. Once again thank you very much Doctor & First Eat Right.

Software Engineer - Visited for PCOS, Weight Loss 09 Jun 2016

* I am consulting Nafeesa Ma'am for weight loss for PCOS since last 2 months . She is very Knowledgable & gives the complete background of weight loss and nutrition , and how exercise and eating right food is necessary for weight loss.I have lost some weight and by following her diet prescription and simple exercise (1 hr of brisk walk prescribed for me) I am confident of loosing all the extra weight that I have .. thank you so much Ma'am. Very Good. Just follow the diet and simple exercise routines, you will definitely loose weight.And diet does not mean starving .It is well planned and well balanced with no artificial supplements etc. and moderate exercise which any one can follow. Thank you Nafeesa Ma'am , for helping me in understanding nutrition and diet :)

Politician - Visited for Diet Correction & Weight Loss 03 Jun 2016

* It was good she suggested me good Diet plan and exercise best is she dosnot recommend any medicine told me about how we have to take food by that for 2 months I reduced 7kg I am happy

Chartered Accountant - Visited for Weight Loss 22 Apr 2016

* The weight loss program has helped me lose weight and achieve an ideal body weight and BMR. The plan was developed by Dr. Nafeesa after careful consideration of my lifestyle and eating habits. The contnuous monitoring over the 3 month period helped me in planning and adhering to the prescribed routine. I lost 9kg weight in 3 months. I would like to thank Dr. Nafeesa for her professional guidance and accessibility throughout the duration of the programme.

MCA Software Engineer - Visited for Weight Loss 17 Mar 2016

* First of all I would like to thank Dr Nafeesa for continuous support and guidance to achieve my weight loss goal. I joined slimming centers & ayurvedic massage centers over the years but ultimately what was promised and what got delivered was totally different. But post Joining at FIRST EAT RIGHT with proper follow up on the diet chart prescribed by the doctor resulted in reduction of 8 kg in 4 months. Initially it was difficult to follow the diet chart because my intake was very high and i was under the impression that i must huge amount of food because i feel giddy with normal eating patter, but with proper support and confidence extended by doctor I can able to manage my food and, very meticulously doing exercise and can able to reduce the overall weight. I feel more energetic even after reducing my food intake. This program helped me to realize that this is about a lifestyle change, not about just being on a diet. Looking forward to lose more weight in this program. Wishing you the best of luc

Zonal Manager - TV Channel - Visited for Weight Loss 09 Mar 2016

* I have always been someone who has believed in physical fitness, and almost most of my life I was focusing on that, but lost focus eventually, I guess it was just that other things took priority. Obviously this was a huge blow to my confidence also. It is then that I approached Dr Nafeesa. Dr Nafeesa, took an interest by listening to what my lifestyle was like, taking notes on the same, and formulated a diet chart, which was not only amazing, but was convenient, easy and I loved every bit of it. Within a period of 3 months, I lost 11 kgs . Not only do I look good, but I feel good, and my confidence is up in the clouds. Dr Nafeesa personally would call/ msg and check how the diet was going, she kept me motivated all the time, and today the place I am in, not only have I lost weight , but am keeping it down and maintaining it. Kudos to Dr Nafeesa, who has been such encouraging to me every step of the way . I recommend anyone who wants to consult a nutritionist should go to her, because the best part about her is, she takes into account your lifestyle, and formulates a plan around it. What more could anyone ask for. So Thank you once again Doc .

Banker - Visited for PCOS - Infertility (Conceived without medication) 09 Mar 2016

* One year back, I’m not sure it was my desperation or disappointment that was capturing my mind. I was kind of upset and more importantly not sure what is the direction I need to take. I know I was overweight, and that need to be reduced. The Doctors whom I visited told me that I have PCOS even they recommended to reduce weight, but nobody really given me the way for doing that. As a usual practice, I tried Gym, Aerobics, and some diet control. The results were always being disappointing, after a month or two, I hardly see a variation of one or two kilogram, which easily go back to previous state, once I skip the routine for a week. The most negative part is it tends to go further up sometimes. The next option I have in front of me is to induce more hormones to my body and get a baby, it has been a general practice though, I was always concerned about my health as well as for the baby after this procedure, especially with the type of career I was pursuing. I was ready to anything, which can give me results. All I want is to have a healthy beginning and a healthy family. Then I got an idea about dietitian. In a city like Bangalore, there are lot of people who can help me in this, but this time, I want to make sure I doing the right thing. So when I saw the profile of Dr. Nafeesa Imteyaz It was not an easy pick, but when I started to see the reviews, I was kind of sure that this was something that I was looking for. When I met Dr. Nafeesa, she was the one, who first told me about the importance of eating right. Without maintaining the right eating habits, no matter what you do, the effort to reduce your weight is sure to go in vein. This is something which I learned from my experience. And this is what she explained to me. But the best part is she had a solution for that as well. I took a three months’ program initially, first she tried to understand my present eating habits, and she made changes to that in her program, this made me very comfortable to adapt to the diet, as I have heard (or maybe I was thinking that way, as I have seen few of my friends follow that way) that most of the dietitian suggest some diet prebuilt and make you follow that. Here I was having all things that I love to eat, but just that I was controlling the quantity that I intake. Initial few days was tough, but the encouragement that she provided, and the way she used to follow up with me make me stick to the diet plan, as she suggested, after the initial days I was getting more and more comfortable with this. What I also understood is that If you are eating right you don’t need to put lot of time in gym or any physical exercise. Just 30 to 45 minutes of walking a day can bring in magic to your life. In no time I was managed to bring down 10Kg of my weight. It means, I was getting closer to my target. Eight months after I met her, today I’m at the happiest moment of a women’s life. I don’t know how to express my thanks to the doctor. Without her help and support I think it was impossible to achieve this. My PCOS level is also reduced, and I feel refreshed as if I got a new life. To those who feel PCO’s are your trouble in your life, All I want to tell from my experience and if I can quote Dr. Nafeesa Imteyaz words, this is not at all a problem. It is caused because of the change in your lifestyle. Change that and start eating right. That’s the best treatment for this. I don’t have words to thank Dr. Nafeesa Imteyaz. All credits for her for bringing this happy moment in my life. I don’t think I can ever forget this experience throughout my life. Once again A big big big thank you Doctor. THANK YOU - SAVITHA S Palloor

Software Engineer - Visited for Weight Loss 20 Feb 2016

* I highly recommend First Eat Right and Dr Nafeesa Imteyaz. The nutrition plans and exercises she offers are very doable with minor modifications to ones diet and lifestyle pattern thereby making it easy to adopt and practice, both during treatment and even over the long term. Dr Nafeesa and her team are friendly, very professional and interactions with her and her team are crisp and fruitful. The best part is Dr Nafeesa can be approached over WhatsApp thereby making it simple to offer feedback and seek consultation on an ongoing basis. I am happy that I have experienced positive results and I wish Dr Nafeesa and First Eat Right all the luck and success."

Retired Admin Officer - Visited With Multiple Medical Conditions 19 Feb 2016

* Name: B. Ratan Singh Age: 64 years DOB: 2.12.1951 Suffering with Syatica MRI: report of 18.12.2014 . I had L4-L5 problem. I have taken the Medicines of Neurologist Dr. But there was no use of that medicines to me, because the pain remained as it is. On 4.8.2015 I consulted the nutrition doctor Dr. Nafeesa Imteyaz she has given suggestion & instruction for diet and walking in writing. I have followed her diet and walking instruction regularly w.e. from 4.8.2015 till to this date. Now, I am feeling very good. My Syatica pain from hip to bottom foot of left side 99% got relief. Not only from L4-L5 left side hip to foot pain. I got relief from gas trouble, constipation and other body complaints i.e., cough, cold, fever, head pain & body pain. For this I am very much thank full forever, as this is a life saving effort. My life has been saved and my life has been changes. Once again thanks to Dr. B. Ratan Singh 01.04.2016 Rtd, Administrative Officer, Govt Polytechnic, Warangal- Telangana

Aeronautics Engineer - Visited for Weight Loss 13 Feb 2016

* First Eat Right Review I started working out around five years back when I was in college, I lost a lot of weight initially but my fitness levels were not good at all. I was skinny fat to be precise and could not do much about it as I had no one to guide me on a diet regimen. After I started to work I was going in and out of the gym because of the time constraints, plus a list personal and medical issues hit my workout schedule and I began slowly gaining weight and the lethargic lifestyle began to set it. On moving to another town I began working out again but even this time I had no guidance and relied on online websites, here they were prescribing supplements like whey protein powder, creatine etc. The funny part was protein powders were not just added in smoothies but was also recommended to be added in oats porridge and even chicken curries, they did quote studies whose journals and methods were never mentioned and seem dubious in some cases. Also they were a big fan of the organic/bio movements and me being a man of science started to doubt them as I knew these food fads were just fake and not really healthy nor they were anything beneficial to the environment. Moving to Bangalore and gaining almost 23 kilos in two years of time was a wakeup call for me. I went from being under weight to overweight in no time. The last 8 kilos were gained in 8 months when I quit gym. Not knowing what to do I decided its time I get professional help and to my luck I found one ‘First Eat Right’. After going through the initial assessments of my physical activities, measurements and eating habits Dr.Nafeesa made a personalized diet for me, I was asked to have just a brisk walk of 5 km daily in one hour for the first two months. I was skeptical at first but when she explained to me the scientific basis of this I was satisfied. The diet began and to my surprise I reached the target in one month itself, I had regular checks every week and I was informed on how to proceed with things in case I had broken the diet. They were very helpful especially when the cravings began to set in I was advised on how to tackle them with ease. This was a completely scientific process and had no fancy weight loss supplements or any magic creams just disciplined food intake and exercise. Since I wanted to get back into the gym I was advised on how to increase my protein intake naturally and I’m seeing the results clearly today. Now my fitness levels are at its peak I’m able to complete nearly 7 km in one hour and I’m able to lift weights better than what I used to do before and with more ease. I would definitely recommend ‘First Eat Right’ for anyone who has trouble with obesity and other weight related problems. They are very co-operative and also have a personal touch to your regimen by constantly taking feedback and advising on your fitness levels now and then. Please do not go by magazines or online forums, they did not do much help to me. For a scientific, personalized and easy to follow diet plans ‘First Eat Right’ is the perfect place. I’d like to thank Dr. Nafeesa for helping with this wonderful transformation in my life. ’If you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour. If you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn’ First Eat Right has not just given me a diet for a few months it has thought me to lead a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.

Student 18 Years - Visited For PCOS, Hypothyroid, Weight Loss 21 Jan 2016

* After losing 9.1 kilos I feel more confident lighter. The inferiority complex has gone down. I am more social these days. Also my energy levels are high, as i am a student , i need more concentration in my studies which is improved manifold. The best part is that I can fit into any dress, and I look good in all of them. Basically from childhood I am pretty lazy but now that's not the case. I am active tend to do more work. The mood swings have also come down. Not just the weight, the weight loss has changed my personality. I never thought loosing so much weight will have such a great impact on me. But this feels amazing. The diet also helped in increasing the glow of my skin, I look more fairer. Thank you very much mam for your wonderful guidance and support.

Marketing Manager - Visited for Weight Loss 08 Jan 2016

* Dear Nafeesa Ma'am I have lost 10kgs after attending the course from you. Initially I thought I was eating right and I wondered why I was not loosing weight, then when I consulted you I said to myself that I will follow this strictly and believe in the life style change. I started this journey of weight loss at beginning of Jan 2016 and after 3-4 months I did see a complete change in the result of weight loss. I followed what ever you had suggested from food to exercise and then every week I use to loose about a kilo. I felt really good. I would like to thank First eat right as they did not prescribe something tough to execute. This life style change was easy and necessary and today I see my self as a different person with more confidence in me. My wife and family members are very happy and I am very proud of what I have achieved with right guidance from you. Looking forward for the maintenance instructions from you as I can continue this same effort in future with right guidance. Thank you once again. Ajay Jain

Doctor - Visited for Weight Loss Diet Counselling 08 Jan 2016

* Just a short note to thank you for what i can only describe as a modern day miracle for me.I want to say a BIG THANKS to you for motivating me with my weightloss. I had totally lost the hope of getting back into shape after trying every diet available and just getting disappointed. Being a doctor , a profession where you most of the time sitting in one place with not much moving about and very little activity had made me very lazy and i was following a very unhealthy lifestyle.I always looked for shortcuts for weightloss which i realize now only made me more UNHEALTHY. Research aside, it is still a calculated risk when you choose an expert in an unfamiliar field. I COULD NOT BE MORE SATISFIED WITH MY DECISION of consulting you.I regret in not coming to see you much earlier. When i started off the weight loss program three months back i was dead sure its going to be the most difficult thing to do, because being a big time foodie i was sure it was going to be extremely difficult to control those sinful cravings. But thanks to Dr. Nafeesa she made it so simple for me giving me a customized diet chart for every meal with a little bit of daily activity and she was constantly there to support me every time i felt i wanted to give up. Today i feel really good about myself after a fair amount of weightloss. I feel the confidence back, and that keeps me naturally smiling and happy all the time now. And when people around you tell you your glowing and you look really good now that's an even bigger boost. I really didn't know a small change in your diet with all the natural foods and absolutely no artificial substitutes could make such a good difference. Now i don't even crave unhealthy food i naturally opt for healthy food that's the difference this program has made in my life.Moreover its become part of my life now an early morning walk , lots of healthy food all day... its become a way of life now i can say. Dr. Nafeesa you were marvallous and very professional, made me feel at ease and comfortable. You have my deepest respect maam. Once again my heartfelt gratitude to you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH...!! :)

Scientist - Visited for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss 13 Nov 2015

* I have just one Word;”AMAZING” this exactly what I feel about what you all have done to me. My body & to my self esteem to acquire my old body. It’s been a Challenging phase for me , when I first stepped into you premises and went back with a diet recall diary, an instrument chart and loads of hopes.After there was no looking back. As the Figures of my body started their downhill hide, my happiness quotient embarked on a paragliding spree uphill, every week was a new beginning, Every visit to Dr, Nafeesa was a jackpot, (seeing those horrendous numerals, Losing their hundred’s position and upgrading to their ten’s was indeed nothing less than wining Jackpot) and the best part of it being the easy & comfort at which I was able to achieve my target, no crash dieting, no torturing my taste buds! I relished my food & enjoyed my workout sessions. In this diet, the fruit I got out of all this is indeed the sweetest reward. I am Happy, Grateful &more than satisfied with what we gained @ first eat right, from 77.8 to 64.8 kg It’s never the less been a very fertile period of aspiration & exhibrat, I Wish all of you great luck, & a Big big thanks to Dr Nafeesa & her team...

Software Engineer - Visited For Weight Loss with Diabetic Condition 10 Nov 2015

* As everyone aware that nothing is impossible in the world.. Before the consultation / starting the diet plan my weight was 98+ kgs and I don’t have the confidence that I may lose weight.. Now I’ve reduced 14 Kgs in 70 days and boosted my confidence , adding to it my sugar / BP level is in control … My Sincere thanks to the Dr.Nafeesa who helped me to understand the common mistakes that everyone does during the weight loss program and correct them in the right way.. Further for any clarification doctor is available thru phone / whatzapp which helped me to clarify the doubts in a timely manner… A special thanks to my wife who took me to the right person who guided to achieve the target without any supplement or starvation… Finally a proper “healthy” diet and regular exercise will definitely help everyone to stay fit and energetic…

Software Engineer - Visited for Diabetic Hypertensive Mother's (60 years) Diet Correction. 06 Aug 2015

* One of the best doctor I have ever met, I had been there for my mother who needed a diet plan because of some health issue. Visiting her clinic and meeting her has helped my mother a lot to improve her health and also build confidence that she can do it better, her advises has shown immediate results and we are very happy with the consultation. All credits to Dr Nafeesa, again one of the best person who is very soft spoken and a very genuine person , very honest and a reliable doctor .Cheers to the FIRST EAT RIGHT CLINIC!!!!!

Doctor - Visited for Weight Loss 02 Jul 2015

* It gives me real pleasure to write a feedback for Dr.Nafeesa. I met her in a Hospital and was highly impressed by her simple, uncomplicated & polite manner. I had in the past consulted few dietitians but all of them had some or the other rigid opinion about food habits and almost all of them prescribed an instant Diet Plan with very little investigation. The results also used to be little and not long lasting in the past. I was carrying approx 24 Kg extra for almost six years. Met various dietitians in the past. One of the Nutritionists that I met six months back sold approx Rs.15000/- worth of supplements and food items to me, which now I feel was the most stupid mistake of my life. Later on nothing happened I lost 4 kg and gained back 8 kg. When I met that nutritionist again for follow up, she wanted to sell some more nutrition products, supplements, food items to me. I simply dropped the idea of consulting them again. During the consultation which lasted for about 40 minutes, she was very elaborate to explain all the BCA (Body Composition Analysis) report along with all other health issues. I discussed all other issues i.e diabetes, insulin, food, allergy, intolerance, blood reports etc and she listened calmly, patiently and answered all the questions without a sign of haste, inconvenience, and burden. Hats off to this approach. She is charging 600 for her initial consultation, which, seeing her hard work, I will say is not only justified, but it is less. The best part came when there was an opportunity to sell her packages/programme/services. She did not try even once to sell any package. She simply explained my need and explained the services that I should go for. No hard selling at all. I took my time and called her after 10days, after making all research and meeting other dietitians, the best part is that I did not receive any sales call from her clinic also. I choose to take services from her because of her uncomplicated and simple approach. After three months I am a very happy person because I made a right decision to join First Eat Right & I will give five stars to doctor Nafeesa Imteyaz for her ability, skill, experience and simplicity. The most important thing that I have achieved is HbA1C levels that have come below 6. This never happened in past 6 years. This is amazing. This has happened just because of minor adjustments and corrections in my food habits. No supplements, no drinks, no pills at all. This proves that the best way is the natural way. At last I lost 8 kg and I am satisfied with this loss, because I know I can maintain this through out my life if I stick to Dr Nafeesa's instructions. Cheers Doctors. Lots of thanks to team First Eat right which has worked like angels for me through out three months for follow up calls, emails, messages, what's app. Finally thanks to Dr. Nafeesa for all prompt follow up consultations and meetings.

Software Engineer - Visited for Weight Loss 18 Jun 2015

* When I decided to join a Weight Loss Program, to help me resolve my weight problem, I did a lot of research on the internet to understand what clinics & doctors are good in Bangalore. I finally decided to go to First Eat Right and meet Dr. Nafeesa Imteyaz and I think that was the best decision that I ever made. The clinic looked very appealing, warm & colourful. The branding was excellent as they had some very good posters & reading material about their methods. It seemed very genuine & did not consist of taking any supplements or dubious treatments. It simply adopted the technique of “Right Eating with Right & Regular amount of Exercise”. This gave me the satisfaction that I had reached the right place. Dr. Nafeesa was very warm, welcoming & friendly. She had the patience to answer all my queries and questions. She then gave me a good diet chart to follow, along with informing me that I had to exercise regularly as well. She took into consideration all of my medical history, and my health problems and gave me a diet which was very healthy and easy to follow. Throughout the 3 month program, she was there to boost & encourage me, to continue with my healthy eating. She closely monitored my weight, and made changes, where ever necessary. I lost about 8 kgs in the 3 month period, and I was very happy. It gave me a whole new confidence. Thanks to Dr. Nafeesa, who is a smiling, caring & very genuine doctor. She was there every step of the way to make this journey possible. Thank you First Eat Right and Thank You Dr. Nafeesa, you really are a blessing for a lot of people.

Civil Engineer - Joined For Weight Gain. 13 May 2015

* From the day -1 till the end of my program, I enjoyed the time spend at “FIRST EAT RIGHT”. In fact it was so obvious that I would enjoy because I kept getting results I was expecting, every week after week. Before coming here I had tried a lot of things like going to GYM, changing food habits to Gain weight, But nothing helped me. But on the very first day of my program, all my doubts were cleared and I got the confidence to change my self Nafeesa mam, explained me in such a simple and clear manner about diet and guided me on it till the end Which really did wonders? And of course with Sir’s Motivation for the workouts gave me huge amount of push and helped me remain Focused during my Program, after achieving such good results (i.e: Gained -7.5 kg), I am really Glad I took up this 3 Month Program at “First Eat Right” People like me who are looking For perfect guidance THIS IS THE PLACE TO GET IT ………………….

Software Engineer - Visited for Weight Loss 06 Feb 2015

* First of all I would like to thank you Dr.Nafeesa for a proper guidance . Well planned diet and simple physical activity which really helped me to reduce required amount of weight for my big day (Marriage). Dr.Nafeesa is a great guide for health and fitness and very motivating throughout the program. The best thing about "First Eat Right" is shedding kilos' with simple regular physical activity (unlike gym), and an easy diet. .....hats of to you guys for making it so simple for working professionals to shed kilos' and helping us keeping fit.

Film Actress - Visited for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss 06 Jan 2015

* I am an actress by profession and I need to maintain myself. I was trying to lose my post pregnancy tummy very badly but not succeeding, so I came to first eat right with great hope. After completing 1 month program I would say, I am very happy to join first eat right clinic. I was able to lose the stubborn weight on tummy and 4inches on my tummy also. This health center is very nice because it is advising clients to follow good healthy diet and proper physical activity which are very important for good health. My hearty thanks to the Dr. Nafeesa for helping me to reach my goal in a healthy & scientific method.

Engineer - Visited For Post Pregnancy Weight Loss 08 Aug 2014

* FIRST EAT RIGHT is the place where I was able to come out of stress and depression. Your personal attention and motivation could help me or anyone lose weight. First eat right is the place where I was able to understand how to analyze my body fat and your diet plan (without changing food habits) fits well in to my life, and I feel I have never been in better shape than now. Now I lost around 10kgs,its because of your regular diet plans and simple workouts really unbelievable .Thanks a lot….. Dr.Nafeesa

MBA Housewife - Visited For Weight loss 03 Jul 2014

* I would like to thank Nafeesa madam for making me believe, that I can reduce weight, her speech is real and & I have lost almost 8 kgs in 3Months which I thought it was impossible .I also like the way customers were treated, and I am sure about to enroll for my further process. Keep up the good work, and wish all success to you guys…….

Architect - Joined for Weight Loss 06 Mar 2014

* This is a testimonial to reinforce how much I benefited from the weight-loss program, I had enrolled with first eat right, where Dr. Nafeesa monitored and expertly guided and encouraged me during a period of 3 months. Along with the program schedule for exercise there was also a very important factor of proper diet without cutting out important nutrition. Thanks a lot Dr. Nafeesa for inspiring me to achieve my desired goal. Cheers to you and your team

Bio technologist - Research Analyst - Joined for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss 02 Sep 2013

* Motherhood brings unparalleled joys. It brings indescribable agonies of body too. And being a fitness freak for7 long years, my whooping 21kgs of weight gain sent me into throes of despondency. I was at the brink of desperation to get rid of those unhealthy flabs. 83kgs was weighing me down, literally. I joined my gym back a year later but a twisted ankle and some silly cysts erupting from my ovaries made my struggle a bit more severe. My distress was growing manifold. My yoga, my dance, my weight training..i missed them all. And more than that, missed my fitness. And then ; I thought "if not now, then never". A newspaper ad took my resolution flying towards 'first eat right'. And there she was, my angel, Dr. Nafeesa. and there was no looking back after that. She chalked out my goals and guidelines to achieve them. She gave me 12 weeks. I gave myself a second chance. And I swore to help myself. To save myself. The most promising part of her diet plans was that it was so very doable. No crash dieting. No supplements. No gimmicks. Plain practical healthy eating with calculated nutritional intake coupled with regular high intensity exercise. Fortunately since I have always been gastronomically very flexible, it was pretty easy for me to modulate my intakes. {That foremost included resisting my son's rejected (but utterly delicious) food primarily consisting of oodles of ghee and calorifically richest ingredients on earth! And the other being my unflinching loyalty to the set of sweet teeth i inherited from my maternal ancestors! ;-)}. As my exercise-loving self gave me an extra edge to grind myself at the gym, those ugly adipose tissues hanging dedicatedly for 1.5yrs started surrendering in defeat. Inch loss! Can anything render greater bliss!! After the first week when I weighed exactly a kg lesser on my scale (i did that thrice to reaffirm the swirl of delight erupting inside), it was nothing short of awe. My resolution doubled up, sleeves rolled up a few more folds and the road ahead-much clearer and closer.Following her prescription till the last punctuation delivered me to my goals.Nutrition and portion control managed 80% of it while my yoga and cycling handled the rest. The subsequent weeks were exciting and extremely fruitful. 14 weeks and 13 kgs down. Whoa! It was something.. I would also add that I ended up annoying and offending a lot of people in those few weeks. I learnt to say NO. Be it outing with friends or family meals or party invitations, I was on high alert. (Since temptations come in the most delectable forms, I suppose I had turned into a saint fighting those tasty sins!) My mental calorie calculator didn't allow me to touch the forbidden! But all the sacrifice reaped the sweetest fruits. And the daily diet diary which I was required to fill not just kept me in check at all times but gave me an extra high. (I have an OCD of documenting everything!) ;-) My secret motivation trickled down from the time I decided NOT to give away my pre-pregnancy clothes. And the moment I managed to slide my 4yr old jeans up, successfully fastened its button, and pulled my old kurti down without exploding out of it, I knew I had done it! Though I was still 65kgs (a little on the higher side of my ideal weight), my hopes were not any lower. I knew I could go further with my hardwork. I had reached my plateau. It was tough but I did manage to break it eventually in 2 months and tumbled down to 61kg by last September, and I still maintain that weight despite all the occasional cheating! My plunge from 83 to 61 was indeed an ordeal and a learning experience. With confidence skyscraping and health regained, I cannot be happier than now. Dr. Nafeesa has been a sweetheart all through. She never gave up on me. Every meeting was informative, corrective, thrilling and fun. Well, a talkative me and a great listener in her was a potent combo indeed. And for enduring my inexhaustible question bank with an untiring smile on her face, she deserves a paramvir chakra! My association with first eat right did end after 3 months, but my connection still remains. A metabolic connection I should say. I am a changed person. No for any cosmetic reason, but for my wellbeing and health. I might cause many eyebrows raised in surprise if Isay that I still eat the same as I used to during those 12 weeks. And that is because it is no more a diet chart for me, it is my lifestyle now. I cheat at times. But my metabolism handles it well. All Thanks to first eat right. That is because I learnt not just to eat to lose weight, but to EAT RIGHT. I cannot thank first eat right enough for what it has done for me. And Dr. Nafeesa, thanks would be a small word. A big big thumbs up to the team.

Post Graduate Housewife - Visited for PCOS, Infertility - Conceived without medication. 16 May 2013

* First of all I would like to sincerely thank you for helping my wife Sunitha to lose over 11 kg in, Just about 4 months, Am sure it will help her to stay healthy & motivate her for many more years to come. Here is my testimonial, What we eat is what we are I discovered this truth when my wife sunitha took a weight loss Program, for 4 months @ “FRST EAT RIGHT “clinic, I wouldn’t call first eat right a weight loss clinic but an Institution that educate you about what, when & how much to eat that helps in reducing weight naturally. I initially shortlisted this clinic because it didn’t involve any fancy supplements etc which are unnatural as well as dangerous. Sunitha managed to lose 11 kgs in about 4 Months in spite of few irregularities because of illness & other issues. All she did was to follow the diet suggested by the doctor @FRST EAT RIGHT & indulge in an hour daily brisk Walk. The results were overwhelming & it wasn’t just in terms of kgs but also involved lot of health benefits .All that I would say is by choosing FRST EAT RIGHT Sunitha has not only lost excess weight but also ensured that all health hurdles like irregular periods, infertility associated with it were also overcome. She conceived our second child naturally without any medical assistance. I’m extremely thankful to Dr, Nafeesa for motivating & guiding Sunitha to achieve this feat, im sure hundreds of you would also take this opportunity & change your lives all the best……

Software Engineer - Visited for Weight Loss 08 Mar 2013

* Yipee!!! Finally an opportunity to express my immense happiness and gratitude for 'FIRST EAT RIGHT' ...After losing hope on many self‐diet programs and gym workouts i decided to give one last try with 'FIRST EAT RIGHT' after receiving a pamphlet of their programme. Though I was a bit reluctant at first on following their diet regime and work‐out schedule, two weeks into it and that kick‐started my confidence of losing 10 kgs in 3 months. I was really dedicated in following the diet chart which became my daily routine even after completion of the programme. All thanks to Dr. Nafeesa who was encouraging and made me have a positive approach through the course, disciplining me on my food habits. The best part is her mantra to maintain the weight after losing it which I believe is not followed by many fitness and weight‐loss centers. 'FIRST EAT RIGHT' never believes in achieving weight‐loss through starvation, but with a practical and feasible diet which could be followed even after finishing the program. As I was also planning for a baby after the weight loss, I could really feel the difference in my fitness level throughout pregnancy. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight and stay fit in a healthy way. Cheers to Dr. Nafeesa and all the doctors there for running this center and wishing them for many more successful achievements.

Doctrate - Visited for Post Pregnancy Weight loss 16 Sep 2011

* It gives me great pleasure to write a testimonial for "First Eat Right". Though in the beginning I was bit preplexed about joining it, so I started with a 2 months program. As after 2 months i lost almost 6.8kg. I never felt so confident and all credit goes to Nafeesa Ma'am & Sir. Just because of there guidance and moral support I was able to lose so much, and I am so much happy about the results that I extended the program for 3 more months. And I must say its worth to join. Before joining "First Eat Right" I have been to so many places. Gyms, Slimming centers, Ayurvedic centers but nothing worked for me. And at the end of the day I felt cheated over all those places. As once you join those places they will tell you pay for some other programs. And i feel that I simply lost my money as well as time. More over that was not natural. "First Eat Right" is a place where you can lose weight in a natural way. And you can stay healthy and fit. I mean whatever Ma'am tells about the diet is so much natural and easy to follow. I am so much impressed by this place that still I can write more. But yes, if any one asks me I suggest them that this is the best place to lose weight and stay fit if you are really committed. As its hard to get a proper & genuine guidance. Dr. Nafeesa always listens to the problems and resolves it. She is always there to help out. Thank you so much Ma'am. By Dr. Malvika Mishra malvikamishra07@gmail.com