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I had the opportunity to take Christie's Re-Imagine Your Life program and am SO grateful that I jumped in. I have been a professional photographer for 15 years and LOVE my business and my life. I work with amazing people and am blessed with staying in business for all this time. However, inconsistency was creating financial stress. I had taken tons of workshops, courses, coaching programs and done tones of inner and outer work without seeing consistent results or any momentum. I felt there was something on an unconscious level that was blocking my success. At times I was afraid to dream big because of previous disappointments. The first session with Christie she really listened and opened my mind, heart and soul to possibilities. I felt if I could have three consistent months I would know I had broken through whatever it was that was holding me back. Almost immediately I saw an increase in my bookings! After three months I wondered if I could keep the success and progress going. It has now been six months and my bookings and orders have continued to grow. I have booking three months down the road and my confidence in my business has definitely skyrocketed! If you are "working hard" and not getting where you want to be I would definitely invest in Christie's Re-Imagine Your Life Program! Shatter Old Patterns! Now I want to Re-Imagine my WORLD!


My sessions with Christie were life changing! Christie works to build safe and caring relationships with her clients and brings curiosity and humour to the therapeutic journey. I would and do recommend Shatter the Pattern!