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The Weirdos

“. . .With camera in hand and an eye like an eagle, Dave Flewwelling occupies his well-earned place at the forefront of one of America’s most vital underground music movements, namely, The Muddy Roots Music Festival. Mr. Flewwelling’s Moloich Photography Ltd. captures the action in all it’s glory – the mud, the blood, the sweat and the tears. His pictures jump with color and texture, sometimes lurid but always captivating and unabashed like the music itself. By my estimation these ain’t just pretty pictures, this is photojournalism at it’s best, and the music deserves it! Thank you for being there, Dave!”


Dave Flewwelling knows his shit behind the camera! He had never seen my band preform before we walked on stage at Muddy Roots but the end results after 45 minutes was some of the best photos ever taken of us!!! It’s as if he’d been to 100 shows and knew exactly when to SNAP!!!!! I look forward to seeing what we look like again to Dave’s eye!