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The Reconnection: Dynamic Breathwork session 25 Feb 2024

Katrin is a true teacher in every sense of the word and I am so grateful to have attended her Dynamic Breathwork session on February 17th at Vyana Yoga Studio in Manlius, NY. We began with Qigong and then went into a continuous breathwork cycle before relaxing at the end with a beautiful sound healing session with the crystal bowls. There was and continues to be a positive shift in my energy system. I am calm, clear headed and aware of the shifts in my body, mind and emotions. I am truly grateful for Katrin's offering and look forward to attending more of her healing sessions.

Review 19 Feb 2024

I attended The Reconnection: Dynamic Breathwork for Clarity yesterday. Katrin Naumann is a wonderful facilitator and led the group with ease. We began with a few Qigong exercises to move the energy in our bodies and followed with 28 minutes of deep open mouth conscious, continuous, circular breathwork. The process aids in releasing tension and built up emotions. We ended with sound healing. Afterwards the effect was immediate as I felt light and unburdened. Today, I had incredible energy that has lasted throughout the day and as I write this. ~Kristine R.

Breathwork Uncovered Path to Self-Love 19 Feb 2024

My first Reconnective Breathwork session with Katrin was a truly transformative experience. Two days later I continue to find it takes less time to focus, center my mind and calm my body. Physically the session was more intense than I had anticipated. Katrin’s skilled guidance and well-crafted wording guided me through a journey of emotion and release, leaving me balanced and light. The greatest gift of the experience is this newly uncovered path to self-love. I sought, and so I found. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Katrin. ~ Katie P.

Incredibly Transformative One on One Breathwork Session 19 Feb 2024

A recent Reconnective Breathwork session with Katrin had a substantial impact on my recovery and was incredibly transformative. I'm certain my ability to go within and access past trauma came easier because of her efforts - she ensured the room setting was warm and comfortable, she explained in specific detail exactly how the session would work and continually checked my comfort level at multiple intervals. Most importantly, she provided a safe, trusting environment for me to do this work and as a trauma survivor - this was critical. I felt her comforting presence throughout the session and am certain the positive outcome I had was due to the gentleness, tender care and concern Katrin provided. ~Erika G.

Dynamic BREATHWORK for Release 19 Feb 2024

I attended The Reconnection: Dynamic Breathwork, lead by Katrin, and, indeed, I did experience a powerful release of trauma pain trapped within me. It is truly remarkable how this special mouth breathing process, guided by a calm & balanced spirit (Katrin), who creates a safe, open & supportive energy environment, opened my spiritual essence to release yet another layer of stored trauma from my being. I have no control over it other than opening myself up to release & then it just bubbles up & pours out mightily. I always feel such clarity & lightness of being following a breathwork session & each time I notice a more lasting shift within. Thank you, Katrin, for your loving healing presence & spiritual guidance. 💛✨️🙌🏽💫🕊 

Home Energy Cleansing 10 Jun 2023

I recently moved into my new home and it was clear to me that there was some negative energy occupied the space. I contacted Katrin to help me usher out the spirits that had not moved on. When she arrived with the things we needed and explained how the ritual cleansing would unfold I felt safe and understood as to my experiences. As we organized we placed candles to light in each of the four cardinal directions. I was holding a sturdy glass with a taper candle and placing it in the final north direction in the corner of my living room when the bottom of the glass exploded! It was clear to me that the ceremony guided by Katrin was going to be powerful. It was an incredible experience to be guided and held as I claimed my space. I felt empowered and certain that the unwanted souls had transitioned to the other side. The shift was palpable and immediate. I am so grateful that Katrin gave me the tools to set boundaries not only for my physical space but tools to create healthy boundaries in all other parts of my life. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Gratitude 28 Aug 2022

I have experienced several of Katrin’s modalities. I began with VISION work, as I was feeling stuck and challenged with clear direction and what I valued most in my life. The process brought new abundance and vitality into my business and relationships. I was able to see clearly what mattered most in my story of life. I went on to explore Qigong Therapy, Raindrop Technique, Past Life Regression, Astrology and Tarot sessions with Katrin, and each time I have experienced an energy shift that allowed me to engage with a deeper awareness of myself; a more healed version! Katrin’s peaceful, meditative energy is inviting and sets you at ease right from the start. You can let go and open up to whatever wants to come forth for your unique journey. Her intuition gently guides you. Each time I leave a session, I feel opened into a new level of self-reflection and a cleansed self. An opportunity with Katrin may be one of the best gifts you ever give yourself! Much gratitude Katrin!

Grateful 11 Aug 2022

When you meet Katrin you immediately sense her calm, welcoming, balanced spirit. She radiates spiritual wholeness & well-being. I met Katrin a few years ago when she taught qigong to veterans at the VA. I took lessons too & it was calming & centering. I have had readings by Katrin which were very insightful. Most of all I have done VISION (vibrant imagination shapes intentions offered now) work led by Katrin when I retired. That experience was transformational, revealing, affirming & exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Katrin in all capacities!

This work will change you 09 Aug 2022

I sought help from Katrin after experiencing a health scare that left me suffering with severe panic attacks. I had never explored this kind of work before, but I knew I didn’t want to rely on medicine to numb what I was feeling; I wanted to overcome my situation. What I appreciate most about Katrin is that her methods empower you to take control of your own healing. She is so passionate about helping you help yourself and she is always supportive and encouraging. She has a very special ability to make you feel comfortable talking about the things that bring you discomfort. I have been fortunate enough to explore a variety of different strategies with Katrin and every session gives me more confidence in my own potential. To anyone who feels what I was feeling 5 months ago - helpless, afraid, and overwhelmed with stress - I would invite you to give this work with Katrin a try. You will be thankful you did.

Deep soul level understanding and healing. Spot on, and amazing. 28 Sep 2021

In Rochester for 1 night - the morning I was set to leave I noticed a psychic fair setting up in the hotel. I had been grappling with an energy shift, entering a new phase in what I would call my souls work here. I have access to many great psychics and had consulted with them. There was a missing piece I needed to understand better. I saw Katrin in the far corner of the room. I felt a push to go to her. As soon as she began our session I knew she had the connection, I knew it even though she was still finding the stream ( it took her all of 30 seconds!) I was so excited I kept saying "You got me!" She confirmed EVERYTHING I'd been experiencing, mentioned details from a conversation I had with my own guides. Then as if it was an afterthought, she asked me about one other detail in my life which I did not connect to my issue. Katrin did and explained it in a way I was able to grasp in a profound way. This information she channeled was not only providing clarity, but set me on a new level of deep healing and understanding of what my soul is here to achieve and how to move forward. She has given me a very important key to not only understanding my souls progress, but lead me to a very profound healing. I am grateful to Katrin!

QiGong healing still reverberating positively 31 Dec 2020

Thank you for being you Katrin ! 31 Dec 2020

I have known Katrin for some time. My experience with Katrin has been in Tarot readings and yoga classes. I have always been in awe of her skills and insight into so many levels of the universe. Readings always delve into what is in the forefront of my challenges, and the clarity, as a result, warms my soul. Her guidance seems to come from another world and leaves me with many thoughts that always lead me to the path towards the light. She is a special being, and I would recommend all of you who are questioning to reach out to Katrin.

Tarot Reading 06 Aug 2020

I had a Tarot reading with Katrin and it was very helpful. I found great guidance and comfort from the way Katrin delivered the message with honesty and kindness. It was good in that it brought me to a more positive frame of mind about a decision. More to the point, I made the decision, based on the present moment, not worrying about what may happen in 3 years time. I am now more able to trust in the process. ???????? I was worried, knowing it was going to be done over zoom, however it turned out great. I will definitely be using Katrin in the future, when I feel at a crossroads with my life.

Tarot Reading 24 Jul 2020

Katrin has done two readings with me, years apart and I appreciated her advice on both occasions. She helpfully explained the meanings to the cards at a level I understood. I would recommend Katrin to anyone looking into their soul's purpose and journey ????????✨

Exceeded My Expectations 15 May 2020

Katrin has many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge with Astrological Birth Charts. She was very thorough and took the time to explain the process step by step and answer all my questions about the results. She exceeded my expectations!! I highly recommend her if you are interested in getting your birth chart done.

An Oracle Of Our Times 14 May 2020

Katrin is other worldly in the most Divine of ways. She is truly an Oracle of our times (& most likely other times). I immediately felt understood by her, which I believe allowed us to jump right into the thick of the spiritual work.  Katrin's gifts strike a perfect balance. She creates and holds space with her nurturing nature, allowing me to transmute into an evolved version of the soul who entered the room not too long beforehand. I am deeply in gratitude for the positive shifts in flow & abundance I have witnessed within my life. The moments of awe keep coming long after a session. I absolutely recommend Katrin to anyone looking to uplevel their energy. Namaste

wonderful experiences 22 Apr 2020

Regardless of whether Katrin is teaching a Qi Gong class or doing a Qigong Therapy session, the quality of her presence radiates toward and heals each person she is working with.

Tarot Reading 21 Apr 2020

Katrin and I had a very inspirational and honest tarot reading. I really enjoyed it being my first one ever. Katrin has a beautiful voice and is calm in her work. I highly recommend any time you can spend with it!

Intuitive Astrological Reading 01 Feb 2020

Amazing Intuitive Astrological Reading that read me inside and out perfectly! Thanks Katrin for expanding my awareness of the positives in my Character so I can use these to Aspire to be the best person I can be so I can help others even better with the WISDOM that I received from this reading. Absolutely Incredible! Thank you so much!

Intuitive Tarot Reading 13 Nov 2019

I contacted Katrin for a intuitive tarot reading during a time my life felt very unsettled and needed some direction. She was able to tune into specifics happening in my day to day life. During the reading, many things were put into perspective for me with her calm demeanor and guidance from our guides. She offered many suggestions on how to achieve what is possible for me and how to get past what is holding me back. I would highly recommend recording the session since there is so much information to take in. I definitely left feeling calmer and more confident about what is ahead for me. Thank you!

Well Balanced Insight 24 Sep 2019

Im a "middle of the road" type of person in that I believe in and entertain the spiritual and non-material world, while simultaneously holding fast to the scientific, psychological, and measurable. I met Katrin for a tarot reading, and it was the most well balanced and informative reading I've ever had. I went in expecting the same type of experience I've had in the past with tarot readings from other people; and even though I was focusing on specific things I was looking for answers to, what I recieved was a great deal of quality information which strongly resonated with me and extended far beyond what I was originally looking for. Before we started, Katrin offered me the opportunity to record audio of my reading via phone, and I wish I had! (I highly recommend doing this). I didn't because I thought I would remember everything, since I never had so much valid information come out of a reading before. I will definitely be going back to her for guidance all things astrologically and spiritually related. Her style is unique, refreshing, and well grounded. Some people end up talking about themselves more than about you, and some people just throw a lot of cards at you. She does neither and is very professional. Thank you again Katrin.

Thank you Katrin! 05 Sep 2019

I had a Tarot card reading with Katrin and my main goal was to understand if I'm pointed in the right direction with my business and a newly forming business. Katrin has a calming way about her and her soul shines through and brings peace and love to whomever she is around. Katrin was outstanding in what she was able to tell me. I am super pleased with my reading and would highly recommend Katrin for any service she may provide. She is a gift for us to behold!

Wise Council 07 Aug 2019

Katrin's compassionate access to human nature and the stories of our lives as revealed through the tarot is a humbling and worthwhile experience. Her ability to speak directly to her clients' needs and their own unique experiences, coupled with her natural kindness, means that you will walk away from your reading rejuvenated, with a greater sense of yourself and your purpose.

Katrin is magical! 07 Aug 2019

I initially met Katrin through Center of Grace for a tarot card reading and then began Therapeutic Qigong and private Qigong classes with her. I also attended a class on essential oils with her and learned quite a bit! Katrin is so patient, kind, calm, passionate and knowledgeable. She is extremely skilled in everything that she does. I have been to many healers and Katrin is the real deal! She holds so much ancient widom and her calm energy always leaves me feeling grounded and at peace.

Right on - Tarot Reading 04 Aug 2019

I had a tarot reading with Katrin and was inspired by how accurate she was in reading me and the cards. Katrin was very warm and kind, she gently told me what the cards were telling her, things I thought I was hiding pretty well from the universe, but not from her! It was a very moving experience, I cried. It was also interesting to hear her metaphors about the cards, their meaning and how they pertained to my life. I think some people (sometimes me!) think of psychics or healers as fortune tellers, but it wasn't really like that. It was more a grounded conversation, with sage advice and an honest look at my current state and emotions. If someone is looking for advice, counseling, healing or general spiritual guidance I would 100% recommend Katrin.

Excellent Practical & Focused Reading 12 Feb 2019

I had an excellent reading, with many practical and focused points that directly pertained to me. There were many comments that I am incorporating into my life's path. Very useful information was imparted to me that is helping me on a practical level. Well done!

Tarot Reading 30 Oct 2018

I just had the best reading ever with Katrin!! She is a clear channel and kind soul. She gave me the best reading and knowledge I have ever gotten from a tarot reading. Everyone must experience her. You will not be disappointed. Thank you!!!!! And we are honored to offer her services at Center of Grace in Manlius, New York.

Enlightening Experience 27 Sep 2018

I've had the pleasure of receiving two readings from Katrin, both of which were very inspiring and enlightening. She really helped me find my way, when I was overwhelmed with the changes in my life. I've also had the pleasure of taking a few Qigong classes with her and they were amazing! I would definitely recommend her services.

Fantastic yoga instructor 25 Jul 2018

I live over an hour from Syracuse but wanted my sister in Syracuse and her athletic daughters to get turned on to yoga, especially Iyengar yoga which is more atuned to spinal alignment. My current instructor in the Rochester area recommended Katrin and wow! have I been pleased! My 50+ year old sister who has coached swimming and is quite fit for her age was happily surprised to realize how Katrin’s yoga class could eliminate her neck and shoulder pain. She left Katrin’s class so relaxed and happy! The tenseness in her face was gone...and I wound up laughing with my sister over dinner after the first class just amazed at the transformation. Ongoing stress and pain can wreak havoc in one’s daily life. I am so grateful to Katrin for turning my sister on to yoga! In addition, I loved Katrin’s instruction as well and appreciated all the fine details she gives to help me perfect a pose. I also enjoyed the excerpts she selects to read in class! Katrin is a fantastic yoga instructor. I love how her sequences of yoga poses seem to stretch and relax me so beautifullly. I just wish she’d move to my area!

A timely Message 15 Jul 2018

The experience of intuitive tarot reading came into my life at a time when a lot of change was needed, as well as answers about my career choices and opportunities to move on. Having never had an intuitive tarot reading I was really excited to have this amazing experience. Katrin was able to access her guides, and mine to give insight as to what was next in career life and personal life. I received insight about what was next, in terms of a soul mate relationship. Katrin used her intuition to explore my feelings and perceptions about what was going on in my life. A couple weeks have passed and I have already witnessed some of the transitional shifts that were predicted to take place. Each major message was something that I needed to hear about ways that I can take action in my own life, and be the person that I want to be! Ultimately, I learned that I am the person I am looking for and that I have everything within me to lead the most consciously awesome and meaningful life that I want. As well as enjoying the rebirthing, and awakening process that I am in. I am so grateful for this emotional and healing experience that provided a great deal of introspection for me. My intuitive reading with Katrin was insightful tool in my self-actualization process. I am grateful for this amazing experience!

Something of the Divine 13 Jul 2018

I recently had an Evolutionary Soul Tarot Card reading with Katrin and it came at a time in my life when I most needed it. Transitional times can be times of imbalance and my session with Katrin put so many things into a clearer perspective for me. Her ability to not only see what the cards are saying but to hear and feel the message was something of the divine. She constantly checked in, asking if what she was seeing, hearing made sense to me. There were things she couldn’t have known about me that were either confirmed at the reading, or were confirmed a few days after our session. I am in awe of her gift that she chooses to share with others. Being open to what your soul energy is telling you can be confusing sometimes if you don’t know how to tap into it, hear it, understand it. She was the connection I needed to do this and I am incredibly grateful.

Respect and appreciation for Tarot reading talent! 29 May 2018

I often approach unknown situations with caution, doubt and critical thinking, particularly when it comes to having a tarot reading. And yet, I felt very quickly that I could trust Katrin, as I appreciated her professional approach and concentration. I could see more clearly things in my life I was reluctant to face. And through her gentle guidance and light, I felt the need to act on what had been draining my energy for quite a long time. The next day, I confronted what I needed to do and felt a huge relief and sensation of freeing myself from carrying something that was not mine to carry. I am, as of today, looking forward to what's ahead with much more clarity and confidence. If one is truly and honestly looking to make difference in one's own life, Katrin's non-judgmental energy inspires you to move forward in a safe and caring way. Respect and appreciation!

Infinite Gratitude, Katrin 18 Apr 2018

Katrin surprises me with her innate ability to speak directly to my soul's highest good, more often than not her words ring with exactly what I need to hear. She has helped me so much in such a short time! She truly sees the whole person and works on every level to heal physical limitations, emotional blocks, limiting thought patterns... She effortlessly navigates both the mind and body to pinpoint exactly what my soul is asking for. When I began searching for a qi-gong instructor and found Katrin, I had no idea I would experience such transformation so quickly! After mentioning that I had difficulty feeling qi in my lower body my entire life, Katrin tailored the class to encourage the movement of energy there. In just two classes I was able to recognize the flow of qi in my legs and feet! With each class I find increased awareness, inner peace and appreciation for the breath. She never fails to guide me out of my thoughts and return me to the now. In her restorative yoga classes I feel stagnancies I hadn't even been aware of dissipate as my body releases tension. Even my mother who had been fearful of yoga after her challenging hip replacement loved the restorative class! I also highly recommend Katrin's tarot and intuitive guidance. I scheduled a reading after experiencing a large failure and losing my sense of direction. I stood up from our session and immediately noticed how much lighter I felt, as though weights had been lifted from me. She provided me with clarity and understanding in areas where I had been blocked for months (in some areas, years!). I appreciated that she encouraged me to record the session so that I could continue to process after leaving. Words really can't express my gratitude for Katrin's healing ability and guidance. We are so incredibly fortunate to have her here in Syracuse... Infinite gratitude, Katrin!

Amazing 28 Dec 2017

Thank you Katrin for the amazing Tarot Card Reading. It was beautiful and calming experience and I feel you were looking straight into my soul. I feel many of my life issues and anxieties were addressed and I am very much looking forward to exploring many other sessions that you provide. You are a very special, gifted and beautiful woman .

Yoga with Katrin 28 Dec 2017

I am so thankful for the yoga I have been able to take with Katrin. She has greatly helped me learn to release the tension and stress that I carry around in my neck and shoulders. There have been times I’ve considered visiting a doctor for my discomfort, but Katrin’s individualized guidance has helped me to avoid that. She is incredibly knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her services to everyone.

Energy Refueled 10 Dec 2017

I have been going to Katrin's Qigong classes for over two years and I don't think any class has been repeat! Everyone knows something VERY important has happened to me if I ever miss a class. No matter how I feel when the class starts, I always feel like my energy has been refueled, my mood brightened and every muscle in my body has been touched when it is over. Katrin's calm manner, confident approach and sincere interest in each participant keep me coming back. Thanks, Katrin!

Thoughtful Yoga 09 Dec 2017

Katrin comes to every class well prepared. She has planned every move so that there is a natural flow and congruity to the practice. I don’t know how she does it, but I come away after her sessions feeling that I got exactly what I needed for my body, mind and soul.

Three unique features about Katrin 09 Dec 2017

Interview with Katrin Naumann 09 Dec 2017

A top-shelf, multi-talented, New Age Therapist 04 Dec 2017

I have been in Katrin's yoga class for two years now. She integrates everything she knows from very many fields of study into her class - yoga, pranayama, Qi Gong, energy flow, etc. It makes for a wonderful unique eclectic teaching.

Impeccable & Intuitive Qigong Instruction 04 Dec 2017

I have found the Tuesday night Qigong class very beneficial to my health and well-being. The Qigong exercises and breathing have helped me to control my pain in my left shoulder. Katrin is a very intuitive teacher and her instruction is impeccable.

Vibrational Healing and Tarot Reading 06 Apr 2017

My multi-sensory vibrational healing session with Katrin was truly transformative as essential oils, crystals, light therapy and singing bowls enhanced each chakra balancing. I have had other vibrational healings but none came close to this powerful experience. My mind and body were transported elsewhere as Katrin's skilled hands, intuitive vision, and gentle voice soothed and healed. Coupled with my Tarot reading, Katrin's connection to the Divine Source brought forth the wisdom and balancing I was seeking for a particularly challenging time in my life. I am deeply grateful to Katrin and give her my highest recommendation to all souls seeking healing and light. You are a wonderful gift to the Universe Katrin. 

Tarot reading spirit guidance 22 Mar 2017

I feel that the session was useful and helpful in guiding me through a rocky period in my life. I am open and aware and feel a sense of refreshment. Thank you Katrin. I will recommend these services to anyone:)

Magnificent Melange 28 Feb 2017

In a single session that Katrin was kind enough to schedule on very short notice, I received clear, compassioante guidance, insight and a stellar awakening to much I had known but shrouded with layers of fear and anxiety. Katrin held the candle in my corner of confusion - illuminating the essential pathway of inner intention. I use the term "Melange" as I particularly resonated with the aspects of astrology, tarot and divine direction - which resulted in a comprehensive re-route of my path - emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. This door was indeeed, opened by the Universe and Katrin was both welcoming and wise.


I have suffered from PTSD and chronic pain for twenty years.  Katrin suggested I use the Radiant Light Therapy and Essential Oils to assist with my healing.   It has been tremendously helpful!  After only one session I felt significant pain relief.  I have followed with several more sessions and there has been not only a noticeable difference in both my physical health, but in my emotional as well.

Breathwork...Yoga Therapy.. Light Therapy. Healing on the Inside and Outside 27 Jan 2017

Illuminating and surprising experience...opening to a more personal spirituality. I completely trust Katrin and was able to drop into a deep place of stillness to create a more intense opening, as well as release energertic blockages.   Katrin's gift for healing is intuitive, innovative and professional. Katrin is always grounded, and her generosity and giving spririt show up in every session. I look forward to each session.

Holistic Healing for the Whole Self 11 Sep 2016

Katrin has been insturmental in my recovery from Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis and the side effects of traditional treatment.  Her creative and thoughtful compliment of healing methodolgies were instrumental in my emerging from illness into wellness. I recommend her highly.

Powerful Chakra Cleansing Workshop 16 Nov 2015

I attended Katrin’s “Cutting the Ties that Bind” workshop, not knowing what I was in for. It was one of the most powerful workshops I have attended for releasing old energetic patterns. When I left, I was realigned and infused with positive energy. I felt physically lighter and more grounded. I love Katrin’s guided meditations. Her soothing voice makes it easy to enter the realm of pure self. Thank you, Katrin!

A Peaceful Pregnancy 30 Sep 2015

During my pregnancy, I experienced some anxiety, as I prepared to become a parent. I couldn't resolve the feelings, and just kept getting stuck. I felt guilty for feeling so anxious, while carrying my baby. I wanted to be happy and free during such an exciting time of my life! Through visualization and breathing techniques, Katrin was unbelievable in guiding me to understand, process, and grow past the emotions that were weighing me down. Katrin helped me to process my thoughts in a way they now flow peacefully through my mind, instead of allowing them to create such frustration and anxiety. Even postpartum, these strategies are still helping me to remain at peace! Thank you, Katrin!

Vibrational Healing - A Life Changer 27 Sep 2015

Katrin has proved to be a life-changing force for me. When dealing with particularly difficult life experiences, she has helped to guide me towards a road filled with inner peace, balance, and strength. Her advice and counsel have been unimaginably accurate, gentle, and empowering. But what I have really benefitted from are the tools she taught me to continue my progress towards a well-balanced life. Yoga, visualization, breath work, and daily meditation have decreased my situational anxiety. Katrin has an uncanny ability to sense what you need, what you want, and how to get you there. I would not be where I am without her help and I am so very grateful!

A Turning Point In My Healing 14 Sep 2015

I took Katrin's Mandala class when I was feeling completely lost and broken after my husband's death just six months prior. Through the workshop I found all my scattered pieces, and was able to begin to learn that I am not a person who lost her other half, but that I am really whole and complete. This was a virtual turning point in my healing. The therapy of the mandala helped me have a visual of how my mind was working and I was then able to start mending.

Mandala As Meditation Workshop 14 Sep 2015

Katrin Naumann is a poised and skillful teacher. I attended her workshop “Mandala As Meditation” in February, 2014 and left feeling centered and calm. Katrin did an excellent presentation that worked for both beginners (many in the group) and people experienced with meditation and Eastern traditions. Her explanations and images were compelling and engaging. The group was well prepared to try the experiential part of her workshop. The experiential work with Mandala creation in black and white and color gave me a new tool and useful techniques for calming myself in any situation. During most of the workshop, participants worked individually. At the end, the group mandala work brought us together into relationship. It was an excellent way to end. I highly recommend Katrin Naumann and her work. Elaine Mansfield Leaning into Love: A Spiritual Journey through Grief (Oct. 2014) Gold Medal IPPY Award Winner for Aging/Death and Dying

Yoga 08 Sep 2015

I took Yoga from Katrin for a couple of years and enjoyed it very much. I realized how important the little things are and yet again, how insignificant they can be. I benefited from her teachings not only in the practice of yoga but in her wonderful messages at the end of the sessions. Always left with a sense of well being.

Guidance & Mentoring 22 Aug 2015

After having practiced yoga at a local health facility for a few years, I realized that I wanted a more meaningful experience - so I searched for a teacher and found Katrin and Inner Balance Life Works. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear! In addition to facilitating my growth in yogic breathing, poses and philosophy, Katrin has provided guidance and mentoring while I identify and create my own life vision. As well, Katrin has helped me to consider and strengthen the common threads running through my life while helping me explore new ways to incorporate those threads. Because of our ongoing work together, I live my life with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

QI Gong Taught By Katrin 19 Aug 2015

I am a student of Katrin's and love her Qi Gong class. She is an excellent teacher who has passion and expertise for her subject and her students. She explains theories so well and the exercises are so beneficial for our mind, body and spirit. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to learn under such a talented and remarkable teacher. I would recommend this class to everyone. In gratitude, Margaret Chao

Emotional Wellbeing 31 Jul 2015

I have been attending Katrin's weekly Gentle Yoga class at CNY Healing Arts Wellness Center for almost three years now and absolutely love it. I still eagerly look forward to it each week and I'm continually amazed by how she manages to make each session new and different. I also really appreciate and benefit from how she gently weaves in some spirituality and life coaching elements into the class. It's an added dimension that furthers the restorative nature of the class for me. Katrin if clearly passionate about the healing arts and has deeply devoted herself to the practice. I feel honored and privileged to be a regular student of hers. She has been key contributor to my improved emotional well being over the years, for which I am very grateful. Thank you, Katrin.

Emotional Responsibility 20 Jul 2015

Working with Katrin in yoga, qi gong therapy, and life coaching has profoundly impacted my approach to life. I thought I had my stuff together, but Katrin helped me see how much I was hiding behind excuses and rationalizations. I've learned to take more responsibility for my decisions and opinions instead of passing them off on "people." It's not always super comfortable, I have to say, but neither is peeling off a scab. Sometimes you just have to do it. To free the wound to breathe and heal. I used to react to many things in anger, frustration, or lashing out against people. I used to internalize the anger of others and let myself twist everything up into negative, judgemental stimulus. But that wasn't quite right and just twisted everything up further. Working with Katrin helped me really listen to myself. I can deal with adversity better, and react with a lot less aggression towards others.

Healing 18 Jul 2015

Katrin's presence is one of healing and calm. After working with Katrin I always leave feeling more centered, grounded and with a better focus on what I need to be spiritually, physically and mentally healthy. Katrin has assisted me with breathing instruction, Chakra balancing, and Raindrop Therapy with essential oils. She also prepared for me an Evolutionary Soul Chart (Astrological Chart) that I found shockingly accurate and I refer to it often. It is almost like a user's manual for myself. I'm grateful to have known Katrin for several years now as I am a much healthier person because of our work together.

Irreplaceable 22 Mar 2015

I was lucky enough to study Iyengar yoga with Kat for more than 2 years. Sadly, I left the Syracuse area several years ago and have not been able to find a class that can equal Kat’s. Only Iyengar leaves me feeling as peaceful and fully stretched! Kat’s instruction is absolutely world-class. One class in particular was held in the early morning (6:30 as I recall). We would rise with the sun on those days, feeling alive while warming our bodies. But at any time of day Iyengar can have a positive effect on body and mind. The stretching is very precise and deep (in terms of holding poses for lengthy periods of time), which requires significant concentration. Although it has been years since I’ve studied with her, the effects of her classes are still apparent in my life. I can think of no higher praise for a yoga instructor.

Angelic Energy 10 Jul 2014

I have been working with Katrin for a number of years, doing Yoga and receiving council. For myself, I have found the Yoga very helpful, as my body is growing older. I can see great improvement in my posture and flexibility. Just being in her presence is a healing experience. She carries a tremendous amount of light that she freely shares with all. I find her energy to be Angelic. Her counseling is based in Self. She has a caring Soul. Her mind is clear and bright and I am always uplifted by her energy. Highly recommended!!! David Harry Davis Founder of Seven Rays Bookstore and The School of the New Light, Physician of the Soul,

Mind, Body & Spiritual Alignment 06 May 2014

I have known Katrin for twenty five years and have had the privilege of having many sessions with her. She is very intuitive and utilizes that gift in all aspects of her energy healing practice and spiritual alignment. With her extensive knowledge and ability to read clients, she implements techniques that will meet their needs. Most recently she utilized a combination of energy work, tarot readings and counseling sessions to assist me with some complex issues that helped with my mind and body connection as well as the flow of Qi. I can't recommend her enough!

Vibrational Healing 14 Aug 2013

I met Katrin at a Yoga class and was immediately drawn to her. During one session of Vibrational Healing she was able to uncover issues from the past that have plagued me for years. Through a follow up session I was able to develop a plan to deal with these very issues that prevented me from living a life of abundance and experiencing inner peace. I was definitely skeptical at first, but I approached everything with an open mind and I was amazed at the results. If you want to change your life, and start living every day to the fullest, Go see Katrin! She has incredible healing powers.

A Road Toward Healing 12 Jan 2013

My family suffered a tragic loss a month ago. My husband and I were suffering unspeakable grief. I reached out to Katrin by phone and had a session that helped us start on a road towards a great amount of healing. Katrin's words soothed us both. I also felt I was being heard. She has a way about her that calmed and focused me, and my family. Thank you

Insightful Guidance 02 Dec 2012

My brief time working with Katrin has manifested a thousand fold. Her focused insight, gentle truth telling, and radiant love, allowed me to leave our time together, armed with the confidence, knowledge and courage to branch into a new work project, address staffing issues, and most importantly begin resolving old relationship injuries in my personal life. She is gifted, wise beyond her years, and completely dedicated to those who avail themselves of her many tools. My hope for anyone is that they make time to work with Katrin and fearlessly open themselves to her gifts.

Intuitive Tarot Reading 11 Oct 2012

I recently sat with Katrin for a spiritual tarot card reading. Unlike other readings I've had, which only provided general information that could apply to anyone, Katrin really honed in on issues that were central in my life without me having provided any information to her. When, after she finished the reading, and I shared with her how her reading closely mirrored the issues in my life, she was very caring and thoughtful in her recommendations and guidance. The experience was enlightening and cleansing, to say the least. If you are looking for an insightful and thought provoking experience, I would highly recommend meeting with Katrin

Astrological Reading 11 Sep 2012

Since working with Katrin I have become more aware of my personal strengths and weaknesses and how I can better achieve balance in my life. She had made an astrological chart for me that was very accurate. The Life Coaching and Spiritual Guidance have been beneficial in starting my own business as well as in Life.

Knowledge & Insight 05 May 2012

Last year I had to face the ends of my twenty year marriage and an even longer relationship with alcohol. I had the good fortune to work with Katrin, who had the knowledge and insight to help me understand what was happening with my life and to see my way forward. Katrin's guidance has made this difficult time much easier and I see changes in my life as just that, changes, and not tragedies

Qi Gong, Vibrational Healing & Yoga 18 Apr 2012

Katrin has unique qualities to be found nowhere else. She is a true visionary, gifted healer, creative artist, compassionate spirit and peaceful soul. I have been fortunate to have had Katrin in my life during a time of great emotional and physical pain after the untimely death of my husband. Her deep, knowing skills in Yoga, Qi Gong and Vibrational Healing along with her amazing intuitive power have helped me immensely. Being in Katrin's healing presence is a gift to mind, body and soul.

Yoga & Breath 22 Mar 2012

I have studied yoga with Katrin for more than 7 years. I find her to be a patient, thorough, creative teacher. She is a very grounded presence and very attuned to the needs of her students. Since I’ve been studying with Katrin, my breath capacity has increased, my posture has improved (even my chiropractor is impressed!), and shoulder pain, which had plagued me for years has dissipated completely. Practicing under Katrin's guidance has also brought a measure of spiritual calm into my life. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Clarity & Inspiration 21 Mar 2012

“When I met Katrin 5 years ago, She was teaching Yoga at LeMoyne College. My husband and I took her class together and found our physical ailments fading the more we worked with her. As a Licensed Massage Therapist with a shoulder injury, I can safely say Katrin's Iyengar Yoga classes aided enormously in realigning the scar tissue that had accumulated in the joint. I have also had the pleasure of taking her Restorative yoga class, which was one of the most clarifying experiences of my life. I walked into the class feeling stressed and panicky over various work situations but throughout the course of the hour and a half all of that melted away and I left focused and ready to take on the world. Katrin has also been an inspiration for me by educating me on the power of positive language. She explained how words like "trying" imply inactivity. It was amazing to evaluate my speech patterns and see how often I was holding myself back with self-doubt. After discovering this issue and working hard to acknowledge that I'm not "trying" to do something, I "AM" doing it, I've found my life and business progressing forward steadily. In addition to all of her skills, Katrin is simply a wonderful person to be around. Whenever we get together, it's like a breath of fresh air has blown in and I find myself letting out deep sighs to release the tension that has been stored inside me. It is a privilege to know Katrin and have her in my life.