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Jeroen's Diary 10 Jan 2017

This book changes the way I read. I've now read and followed several of Ellie's work, and I must say, I've never once been disappointed. In fact, I'm very selective with what I choose to read, and I can confidently say "Jeroen's Diary" is well done and well-thought out. With Ellie's work and her storytelling style, there's a natural fluidity and flow that makes it easy to read at your own pace. You will appreciate a great deal of research and history combined with a nice balance of creativity and imagination. I've never thought I would say this, but I'm excited to read the next 200+ pages and find out about the ending.  

Science Fiction with Substance 02 Dec 2016

I think Ellie’s writing is phenomenal. Some science fiction is very rudimentary and not at all challenging to the reader. Ellie writes with precision and purpose and I consider heady, much to my liking. I’m a cook so I process Tsumani as an appealing appetizer to what will be a great main course.

Feeling it at the core of the universe! 02 Dec 2016

As a filmmaker, the visuals I get from reading Tsunami take me inside the story at the sensory level that I almost could feel the temperature, breath the air, and hear the music. The story sparks a lot of artful images, scenes, shots, compositions that I can immediately be connected and engaged to. "Tsunami" makes me want more and I'm looking forward to what is coming next in "329 Years Awake" !

Tsunami 26 Oct 2016

This is a wonderful story, so entertaining and so clever in how it is written. The mixture of history with fiction as well as the giant scope of the universe it creates is brilliant. I love it and can't wait to read the full novel when it comes out.

Great Beginning to New Series 18 Oct 2016

Thought-provoking and an interesting blend of genres - beaitifully written. I'm looking forward to the new book now!