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Working with Niomi over a number of weeks has allowed me to experience the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming 1st hand and how how it may be applied to both my personal and professional life. It is a large subject-and I feel I have only been introduced to the area. I am attracted to the logical structure, the clear strategies and tools that can be used to address your issues. I feel I am now more confident and better equipped to deal with what life may throw at me and this is just the start of my NLP journey.

Registered Nurse

When it comes to personal development, NLP is an ideal tool with a wide range of uses. In life we all use coaches (teachers) to help us learn new skills or enhance our natural talents. By working with a NLP coach our minds can be put to good use! NLP coach Niomi Reardon is a deeply spiritual and inspirational leader, a clear thinker who is 'switched on ' and her love for seeking the truth is a true gift to humanity. Her skill in nudging you gently, holding you accountable and focused on your desired outcome ends up with you manifesting the results you wanted. I am deeply grateful.