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We highly recommend Dtp! - Kevin is very detailed and able to supply on demand with no questions asked... Answers questions accordingly and doesn't fail when it comes to perfection in the audio department... Check him out; we promise you won't regret it! :)

AMAZGIN WORK 25 Mar 2017

Would like to share my experience with any future customers. I was very lost in choosing which local company to use for my new vehicle. I contact every shop in Kelowna checking out prices and comparing. I even Went on Facebook posting and looking further into which shop was best for what I wanted done, and within the first 10mins I had Disturbing The Peace Car Audio tagged 7 Times. I contacted them once again provided them the information and what I was looking for. ​ The amazing part was these guys were Offering Mobile service, which allowed me to keep my work schedule intact. These guys came down to my office, very polite I might add, the best part was during the whole install these guys kept me in the loop of my vehicle with any issues they came across providing photos during the install, to keep my mind at ease. In the end, I will highly recommend them they have done an amazing job on our 2016 Camaro, they went up and beyond the installation. We went from the lame stock system to upgrading the front doors, doing a full sound deadening in the doors, Trunk, also adding a single 10" shallow mount subwoofer to pick up the missing low bass we so love.