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Massage Therapy that Brings Results 18 Dec 2020

It’s not easy to find a massage therapist with a fluency in biomechanics and the ability to heal. Titus is one of those rare professionals who combines these skills and does it with a smile. He has helped me recover from injuries and learn how to adjust my posture and movement so that I continue to improve. I feel incredibly lucky to work with him and can’t recommend him highly enough.

Intuitive Healing 18 Dec 2020

I feel lucky to have found Titus. Fate is fulfilled when you ask yourself to heal injuries and you find somebody like him. He knows the correct way to go about healing deep, old injuries and the new ones stemming from them. Intuitive, pleasant healer. And a great guy.

I have a whole new body 11 Dec 2020

He fixed muscles that I had no idea were in pain because I was so use to it. I didn't realize how tight or pulled out of place my whole body was. I stood up after and it felt so foreign while also feeling correct. I'm trying my best to make this last as long as possible! It's an incredible feeling.

So professional and helpful! 11 Dec 2020

Titus is more than just a massage therapist! Not only was his massage amazing and completely targeted the areas I was having trouble with, without me even having to say anything, he just knew! But he also suggested stretches, herbs and things I could do between visits to help relieve the pain I was having! When I say he is incredible..... I mean he as a human being is simply incredible! Wow! Best massages I’ve ever had and loved that it was at my own home so I didn’t have to worry about driving home after or anything! He’s so professional, kind, funny, and incredibly helpful, can’t wait to book my next visit every time!

He's a Magic Man 11 Dec 2020

I have tried massage in the past and I feel relaxed after, but am in pain again the next day. Titus really knows how to find the demons and get them out! I have a much better attitude and my stress levels are lower than ever. Thanks Titus