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"I have been working with Jules for just over 6 months now. I first went to see her when I had a sudden change in my personal life. I was at a point where suddenly everything was uncertain and I didn’t know where I was going or what was happening in my life. A good friend suggested that I see Jules, me being me I was 50% sceptical and 50% ‘what do I have to lose’. Within 5 minutes of sitting down together Jules had fully tapped in to where my life was. At a very delicate time for me, not only were her words insightful and practical but also delivered with an amazing softness and warmth. I have now seen Jules several times and she now helps in all areas of my life. As a guy who runs his own business, I have found Jules’ advice invaluable on many levels. I have now found someone that I can go to and sound off knowing that not only am I being fully listened too but that I will get back some golden nugget of advice (not always what I want to hear) but wisdom that cannot really be argued with. I always look on advice given to me by people on its results, considering how traumatic my life was when I first met Jules just over and where it is now, while I could not explain how it works the evidence before me clearly states it does……on a subtler note…..with Jules its not just the words given but how they are imparted, even when dealing with big ‘life issues’ her words are given in a very gentle & loving way but they do carry great power… when I go to Jules with a problem, I always somehow leave with a smile."