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Holy Fire Reiki Training 06 Feb 2021

Thank you Richelle! This weekend was so Magical! I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Goes to show that the Universe always takes us exactly where we need to go. So grateful to go on this path with you, especially grateful for the rabbit holes! Thank you for the gift of your beautiful presence and energy.

Voyance Reading 18 Nov 2020

DO IT!!! A beautiful experience Wow, not sure if there are proper words for this experience. I am still processing all that was transmitted through Richelle to me. You are gifted, and Divine, and Love. I felt supported and loved and well, as if my energetic family visited me. I was having such a difficult time breathing all that day...after the reading it was as if the elephant that was sitting on my chest vanished. I still cant really express the amount of synchronicities that took place! My gratitude and appreciation. Thank you so much.

Akashic Energy Clearing Session 15 Jan 2020

Richelle is a joy to work with. I would give a 5, but it was hard understanding at the end as the speaker was cutting in and out.

Akashic Records Reading 14 Dec 2019

Absolutely amazing! Richelle is an amazing soul and her connection is mind blowing.

Akashic Energy Clearing Session 12 Dec 2019

TRY IT! I really felt the energy with this session!

Reiki Session 04 Dec 2019

It is a place to feel loved and supported, as well as receive healing and relaxation, even when you don't feel like sharing what you're going through. XO

Akashic Energy Clearing with Meditation Session 04 Dec 2019

So amazing, I liked beginning with the meditation then finishing off with the akashic record reading. The vibes from Richelle are amazing, it was a lot different from our last sessions doing the two combined. The intention I had going in was very specific, and my feedback I got from Richelle and my spirit guides was bang on. Absolutely, I believe everyone should receive the magic of Richelle. She is so gently and kind, and amazing at what she does! Especially for those who are in need of support. Thank you SO much Richelle ????

Akashic Energy Clearing Session 04 Dec 2019

I would say its definitely worth doing. Especially if you are interested in energy centers and how your energy is viewed from your higher self. It was very enlightening! The audio on zoom isn't very good so the music came through very choppy. It may be better to have the audio on silent for the actual healing part. Other than that it was wonderful!

Reiki & Akashic Energy Clearing Session 01 Dec 2019

First time I had that experience...and the visions I was seeing, amazing. tingled all over..felt I was floating in water... If you want to change your life....start here...clear the blockages. I am very grateful for my beautiful Richelle Ross ..grateful that she is in this lifetime with me...and I believe past lifetimes....and that it was Richelle that I felt completely comfortable with and allowed her to work on me and gave me such an amazing healing experience

Akashic Energy Clearing Session 29 Nov 2019

You need to go & experience this, it will help you! I could feel the grounding at my feet and I was relaxed.