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Akashic Records & Reiki 06 Jul 2019

The doctor called me this morning. I'm pregnant!! It was funny how 4 and 6 I looked back to our akashic records piece of paper because I was sure those were important numbers somehow lol. 4 was the number of assisted cycles it took and 6 was the month it happened in. I thought I'd share with you since you helped me get here. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Akashic Records Reading 01 May 2019

I had an Akshaic Records reading with Richelle. From the moment I first met her online during the reading, I felt validated in my current timeline, as we were both wearing the same shade of royal purple- her shirt, my leggings! (Which she never saw.) While the real time aesthetic was synchronistic, by her description of my room, there was no doubt the information she was seeing was correct. I appreciate this beautiful soul and am grateful to have had the opportunity to further enhance my soul's healing and my purpose validated. Thank for sharing your gifts with the world, my friend! Much love! ❤️

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level I & II Training 28 Apr 2019

I saw Richelle for appointments and later trained with her in Holy Fire Reiki levels I and II. Each time I am around her, I feel such safety, warmth, and love and a deep knowledge that I am being supported by her energetically. I always feel more clarity after our meetings. Training with her increased my sensitivity and knowledge of how to work with this energy, and I look forward to empowering others in the future with what I have been taught.

Energetic Healing 16 Apr 2019

Energetic healing is for anyone who is unable to express themselves to a doctor, counsellor or physiologist, as you can go for 3, 6 to 10 treatments till you feel comfortable to express yourself with Richelle it’s one session. With energy healing work, you don’t have to express yourself as she sees, feels, hears and knows everything while you are in silence and while receiving the benefits of healing and releasing what is needed at that time. When she talks to you after the session you are left with an emotional release from tears to the thought of that someone actually heard my soul calling for help without needing to use my voice. It is also for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable to express to a stranger, family, friends, counsellor, due to fear of judgement, been hurt, reactions from others that took their voice away.

Akashic Records Reading 03 Aug 2018

I bow my head in gratitude. Richelle has a rare gift that she is willing to share with the world. If you haven’t had a session with her yet, you are missing out.

Reiki to Akashic Records and other Spiritual Healings 03 Aug 2018

Richelle has been a huge blessing to my mental and physical wellness. From Reiki to Akashic Records and other Spiritual Healings, I have found peace and comfort with several difficulties from my past, things I may have not even thought of for years that were an underlying root cause. Every time I leave my treatment with Richelle, I am feeling zen and light. Richelle is very humble and goes above and beyond for her clients. I highly recommend Richelle as she is genuine and I find comfort and trust in her. Thank you for everything you do Richelle!

Akashic Records Reading & Reiki Healing Bundle 26 Jul 2018

Richelle is awesome, authentic, and her readings are spot on. My husband and I have done past life regression in the past, we are both very spiritual. I had never, prior to Richelle, done a Reiki or Akashic session. Richelle was spot on with her Akashic access, so much so that she identified my guides, exactly as others have visualized them, provided the same understanding of the relationship between me and my husband over time, and a number of other things. I never alluded to any of this prior to our reading. I also gained the insight I was seeking. She also, in a group Reiki session, simultaneously saw my father (to her it was just a person) interrupt her to deliver a message to me. As this was occurring I almost apologized to her for his interruption, but didn't say anything until after it was over, to see if she would mention it. And she did. I 100% trust in her connection, her good heart, and with access to my world. These were "distance" sessions, which I was hesitant about, but the distance is not a barrier in any way with Richelle. I would highly recommend that if you are considering a session, to just do it!

Energetic Healing 26 Mar 2018

Absolutely incredible! She is truly connected to spirit xo

Akashic Records Reading 07 Mar 2018

Richelle is a truly gifted spiritual super star! I had an Akashic Records reading, and mini healing session with her yesterday. Everything she said resonated with me and the healing totally washed a warm, loving sensation over my body. I absolutely needed to hear what my guides said to her and feel like I’m on the right path in life now. I cannot thank her enough and fully with all of my being recommend her services. She is genuinely a beautiful soul and I thank the Universe for putting her in my path. Soooo much love Richelle!!

Akashic Records Reading 05 Mar 2018

I had a Sneak Peek message Akashic Record reading from Richelle which resonated with me. Later that week I booked a hour long reading with her. I was seeking answers on where and when did my anger and depression begin. I found the answers I was looking for. We then followed with some healing. Wow the experience was intense but in a good way. Richelle is very easy to connect with. Even though we were going over some tough memories not once did I feel uncomfortable always safe and free from judgement. There is so much love and light within the session and experience. Each day I feel more content and calmer. I never thought a healing like this was possible. I highly recommend R3 Magical Essence. I look forward to more sessions and healing. THANK YOU RICHELLE