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30 Day Challenge Changed My Eating Habits!

My name is Derek and I'm 27 years old from East Brunswick, NJ. I'm currently working in the fitness industry for 3 years and counting and have always enjoyed working out throughout my lifetime. My eating habits definitely needed work though. My attitude for the longest time was "I can eat pizza/donuts or whatever. I can just work it off after." At that time, I was okay with my body but always wondered what I could do if I really focused on eating better more consistently. Once September rolled around, I found out about Michelle's 30 Day October Challenge and decided to try it out for fun. I'm glad I did! Working with Michelle on the importance of tracking macros and food intake really helped with my self-discipline and consistency cutting out junk food. I learned about the importance of nutritional value with my calories consumed. Definitely happy with the results as I lost 7 pounds, got leaner, and saw my stomach get flatter. I also felt the effects physically with more energy during my workouts. Speaking of workouts, I've learned a couple of new moves from this program as well that can help in the future. Super excited to continue this lifestyle change. Thanks Michelle for running an awesome challenge!

30 Day Challenge Gave Me Accountability!

I am a 27 year old from Portland, OR who works for a non-profit as a bilingual youth and family therapist. My job is very emotionally draining and I find that prioritizing my health and fitness is my favorite form of self care because of the physical and mental benefits. The 30 day challenge helped give me the accountability and motivation to push myself to the max and see what my body was capable of accomplishing in just one month with hard work and dedication. I have always loved working out but would often dread having to figure out what my workouts would be. The 30 day challenge workouts made me look forward to going to the gym! I lost some stubborn pounds and gained muscle and toning in areas that I never have before. Thank you Michelle for your energy and passion as a trainer!

Confidence Builder!

Michelle's training & exercises helped me to gain the strength & confidence I needed to land the gymnastics tricks & stunts that I was trying to achieve. Her guidance made me believe in myself. Although I was new to the sport, Michelle helped me to achieve my goal of making it onto my high school team.

Excellent Trainer

Although I've belonged to a gym for many years, Michelle taught me that a clean diet combined with circuit weight training would provide the quickest results that I had been searching for. In addition, Michelle taught me about the proper schedule for alternating cardio and weight training in order to achieve optimum results. Michelle provided detailed written exercises that explained my training schedule. She also provided written exercises that I could use when I traveled for business & even on the sand for beach vacations. Michelle advised me to track my macronutrients. This resulted in a huge shift in thinking for me in terms of increasing the accountability factor in my diet. Michelle also shared daily meal prep ideas & healthy snack options. She can improve anyone's health and wellness routine regardless of their fitness level. Michelle's advice and strategies will make a profound impact on your life!

Most Hands-On Online Coach EVER

I have been working with Michelle digitally for over 5 months now. I have tried many different online coaches (because I don't have access to an in-person coach right now)- and they were all too uninvolved and never really seemed to care about me. Michelle is 100% worth every penny I have spent on training. She provides in-depth customized programming for me, nutritional guidance, and constantly checks in with me to see if I need any help. She has updated/adjusted my program mid-month if necessary to help me see the best results. Since working with her I have lost 15 pounds, 8% of my body fat, and gained a whole ton of confidence. Everyone should experience this type of online coaching!

Best Investment I've Made!

Michelle is fantastic. I started training with her back in January and the only workout experience I had was with some machines and weights. My main goal was to lose a few inches on my waist and maybe run a marathon one day. Michelle introduced me to circuit training and proper conditioning so I would be in better shape to run. Since then I have lost inches on my waist, had a huge increase in energy, less pain in my legs, ran my first HALF Marathon in April, and have signed up for another half in September. And I have Michelle to thank! When I invested in Michelle I invested in myself and my health. Best decision I have made.

Works Well with Injuries and Problems

Michelle is an incredibly empathetic and knowledgeable trainer. I started working with her because I was having shoulder problems and needed to fix the pain. She has worked with me to improve my shoulder function and has me doing exercises I couldn't do before without pain. She is extremely professional and makes exercising fun for me! I actually want to show up at the gym and train now. Thanks !!

What a difference a caring trainer makes !

I am a 61 yr old male, and I have been to gym's before and never stuck around long enough to get much out of them. Both my doctor and my wife strongly suggested I get off my ass before I couldn't. Ok to me barbells and dumbells reside in the gym, one picks up the other- so this was under duress, however my experience with Michelle has really started to show improvement. Yes she put up with my initial attempts to rest more than i worked, but she kept at it - never pushy - never condescending just there to move me from one exercise to another. We started out simple with things that I can do anywhere, and have now progressed to various machines. Which if I had to be fair I could have used myself and done wrong. The bottom line here I approached it wrong thinking that I could do it, when in reality I have gotten to the point where I had to be shown how . Michelle showed me in simple terms how to get started – things to do between sessions and how to work groups repetitively. And most important when things were too hard I said so and we just did something different – the goal here is to make progress not to do more damage than good. In simple terms – smart – patient and considerate and I am seeing results after 6 months of once a week with her and homework in between.  I am very impressed !! 

Highly Recommend Michelle

I am 63 years old and have been training with Michelle for a year. She works according to age and ability and has been able to help me work around being overweight with a bad knee. I've lost weight, have more energy, move better, and I am stronger. Michelle pushes you to do what you think you cant do! She is excellent. Highly recommend her. If you are older and never exercised, or think you can't , call Michelle. You will be surprised at what you can do. Do it for yourself. You won't regret it!

Works GREAT with injuries!

When it was my Senior year of High School, last year dancing with my company as Captain and first year attending the Rockette Summer Intensive Invitational Week, I sprained my ankle quite badly. I was on crutches and had to sit out of all of my dance classes leading up to show season and the Intensive. I was very nervous about getting out of shape so my mom and I decided it would be best to get a personal trainer. Michelle was absolutely amazing! She gave me exercises that were effective and avoided stress on my injury. She pushed me to my limits and kept me motivated. Because of her, I attended the Intensive and survived show season in amazing shape even though I was out of dance for 2 months. I highly recommend Michelle, I don't know what I would have done without her!

Michelle is wonderful!

Michelle is wonderful! I trained with her for three months. This was the first time I ever had a trainer. I learned so much about strength training, cardio, and nutrition. She was a super positive influence that always encouraged me and helped build my confidence in the gym! I lost 15 lbs and 3% body fat. For the first time in my life, I am consistently going to the gym and living a more balanced lifestyle. It's been a year and half since this change began, and I have Michelle to thank.

She is the best personal trainer I could have asked for.

I definitely recommend Michelle if you're looking for a personal trainer. Michelle really helped me when I started to work out again after so long. She helped me get stronger and kept me motivated to keep working out. She understood the pace that I could take and encouraged me to keep getting better. I lost inches and body fat thanks to the exercises she taught me. I feel so much better about my body and look forward to working out because of her. She is the best personal trainer I could have asked for.

No Nonsense PT!

Incredibly empathic, super disciplined, no nonsense PT who will KEEP YOU MOTIVATED. I've been training with Michelle since February. I've lost pounds, inches and body fat and have kept them off because she has me doing things the right, healthy way. No gimmicks here! If you're serious about making a lifestyle change and getting healthy--and, important this, STILL ENJOY ALL THE FOODS YOU LOVE--then this is the person you want to work with. Personalized attention at its best, highly recommend!