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Very Fortunate to have access to mobile RV repair

Grant came to the shop. He Replaced our 12v converter quickly, professionally and for a reasonable cost. I heartily recommend his mobile services for any Rv repair or maintenance issue. No doubt he can fix it!

Above and Beyond

We feel so lucky to have found Grant. He has come to our RV several times for routine maintenance. He goes above and beyond. We always have him do a roof maintenance as well as other items. He will take off the fans from the roof and hand them down so I can clean them and then he puts them back on all for no extra charge. He is great to work with and his prices are very reasonable.

Thanks Grant

Grant has done many repairs for me with the latest being a replacement of a Schwintek slide system for the second time (faulty design from the first not Grant’s fault). He is fast efficient and does quality work even if he had to create fixed for the situation. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs rv repairs

Thanks, Grant!

We've had Grant come out to Picacho Peak RV Park twice in the past month to have wheel bearings repacked, some brake work, the roof checked, and a leaky propane hose replaced. The work was done quickly. We were very pleased with the price, the professionalism, and Grant's pleasant attitude and willingness to explain exactly what he was doing and why. We'll definitely call him any time we're in the area and need work done, and for annual maintenance.

Heat pump

We have a heatpump that has not worked since we bought our 5th wheel last June. We brought it to our dealer last November for repair under warranty and they told us it was fixed. They failed to diagnose and fix it properly. I Had Grant come and look at it and he was very thorough and discovered that the unit had the wrong control box installed from the manufacturer. After the new part was installed it worked perfectly. Thanks so much Grant

Slide out

Grant did a top knotch job with not only replacing the slide out system he made sure it was perfect when done and I was taught a lot about the system as well . Yes grant also took the time to explain how it works and what not to do. We also have a black tank valve replaced for third time and as well grant made sure it was not binding and working smoothly. Grant is how Rv techs should be

May the truth be told

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the finest RV repairman on the planet, bar none! His name is Grant, truly a one man band, the sole owner/operator of Atlas RV R&R (repair and renovation). He has a mobile unit and can take it right to your home or place of business in Tucson Az and surrounding areas. His shop is in Marana AZ and you may take you rig there if you prefer. Our story: My wife and I moved to Tucson two years ago to find a place to park and live in our Lazy Daze motorhome. Although it is the perfect size (22’) for vacationing, it wasn’t exactly practical for us to be living in full-time so we looked around and found a 36’ Bounder motorhome with slide-outs and purchased it. We bought it for pretty cheap because it needed renovating. That was not exactly our field of expertise so we headed out to find someone with a good reputation for restoring and upgrading this rig to our specific needs. We eventually found an established and very reputable RV repair facility but they were booked in repairs for a significant amount of time. The owner of that repair business, understanding that we were anxious to move into our newly purchased, roomier rig ASAP but also, she understood that we were very picky about the knowhow of the person who was to be working on it so she very proudly recommended Grant and she told me that he was the best there was and that he operated a mobile RV repair business and could probably come out to the location where it was. She then gave me one of his business cards that she so proudly displayed right on her counter top. I have been so grateful to her ever since. This is probably the first time I had ever had a repair facility recommend another repair facility and tell me basically that there was no repair facility that was better than Grants. I must have overstretched the fact that I was probably looking for an RV-genius and that possibly my standards we’re just a bit high. My first thought was OK, she’s obviously getting a kickback the way she built this guy up. After knowing and befriending this fellow for the last 18 months I find that he is such a righteous person, that he would not stoop so low as to pay someone for referrals to him. Although he is a good friend now and we shoot the breeze once in a while because that’s the way he is, very friendly and actually very knowledgeable on a very wide range of subjects. Unless you have plenty of free time, don’t get him started talking about his RC airplane hobby of which he flies, religiously, every Sunday because that is his one day off. By the way, he’s so good at what he does that he custom mixes fuel for his fellow flybe’s Grant does not work on RV drivetrains (engines, transmissions, differentials etc) although he obviously could, he knows them and he understands them and can give you pointers but he focuses on everything else RV, inside and out! Our Bounder RV needed almost everything either to be serviced, repaired or replaced. He fixed everything that was wrong with it and even upgraded it with (2) remote-controlled, swing-down 55 inch big flat-screen TV sets! He has literally saved us thousands of dollars by repairing what was actually wrong with a particular item instead of replacing the whole unit when the whole unit did not need complete replacing as Camping World or any of the other RV repair facilities would do. He repaired a generator with a little gadget that he made on the spot, instead of telling us that the whole unit needed replacing. He repaired our roof air conditioner instead of telling us that the whole unit needed to be replaced. Obviously, there are sometimes when the whole unit does need replacing but if he can just fix what’s wrong with something he will definitely do that and save you tons of money. He worked on the water pump, the Ice-maker in our refrigerator, the built-in washer/dryer, he laid new tile in the kitchen, replaced all the light fixtures with LED’s, worked on the bathroom plumbing, installed an accordion door, worked on the hydraulic levelers, cleaned the air conditioning systems with a special spray and cleaning tool. By the way he has a special chemical spray for removing carbon in gasoline powered engines without having to disassemble the engine and it’s not Sea-Foam. This stuff really works and Grant may still have a bit left. The original formula is not obtainable anymore because it’s so strong and so dangerous. Grant preforms a 300 point (more or less) inspection on RVs and it is very thorough. It’s 13 pages long. You can literally take an RV that has been through another, cheaper inspection and he will find things that need servicing or repair that another place has overlooked. It’s always best to take a RV to Grant for an inspection if you’re thinking about purchasing it and the seller may discount the needed repairs and servicing from the asking price of the rig that you’re thinking about purchasing. That’s something I’ve learned in my 73 years and it has always paid off for me. You will probably get all your inspection money back and then some if you decide to go ahead and purchase the used RV after you find all the things that are wrong with it. All the things you could never have found yourself in a lifetime. Every single dime I’ve paid Grant has been money very well spent. Look no further for an RV tech, because you will not ever find a better one, honestly! Grant is your man! 101% Honest and trustworthy. You already know that it is rare to find an honest repair person in any field! Thank you Grant for all of the fantastic work you have done for us so far. We feel extremely safe after Grant works on our RV. You will not find a better man than Grant to work on your RV. PS, We are charged the same after 18 months and this good sole is worth every penny. My name is Grant and I approve this message. (Just kidding) We’re Gary & Gail and we’re very verifiable: 310.650.8233 Text Please (bad ears) 6AM-6PM

Excellent Job Grant!!

I couldn't speak more highly of Grant's ability and willingness to fix our issues we had with our RV. We were staying at the Western Way RV resort Tucson. If we are ever in this area again and attention is needed to our RV we're calling Grant of Atlas RV repair

Thanks for what I feel was exceptional service

Just wanted to tell that you'll like Grant from Atlas. Good guy and honest fair prices. That's all I needed. Thx Grant ...

Exceptional Service

Grant is an great mechanic. He came out by appointment the first time, second time was able to save me with only a few hours notice. Work was done right the first time and in a very timely manner. Got complete diagnostic, and I will definitely be using Atlas Rv. to do the work.

Repair of furnace in Coachman Motor Home

I was in need of motor replacement and they came today and performed the repairs and cleaned the wasp nests out of the burner area. I am pleased with the work performed and the furnace runs very quietly. I have some other things that need to be done and will call Grant when I am ready to have them done. They were very professional.